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Feb 12, 2014

Look for Dismissal of Club for Growth Complaint Against Law Enforcement Probe into GOP Groups

Scott Walker posed at Operation Freedom
event. Walker's personal aides stole
from this fund meant for veterans. [Note to
Scott Walker: You really want this shot on
a TV spot when you run again for office?]
Update: Wisconsin politico Xoff makes another point for likely dismissal or withdrawal: "So the Club for Growth is now suing in federal court to try to stop a John Doe investigation into whether it and other conservative groups illegally coordinated their activity with Scott Walker's campaign. They could get more than they bargained for if the now-secret Doe material is used in court to defend the Milwaukee DA's office. Interesting that there are five county DAs involved but they are only suing John Chisholm's office. Also interesting that two of the five DAs are Republicans, so it makes the claim that this is some partisan witch hunt a little hard to believe. These are bully tactics by right-wingers who think they have enough money to do whatever they want. Hope they're wrong."

Hey, Eric O'Keefe and Club for Growth, don't get so upset at us because Scott Walker appointed crooks who embezzled from veterans, and then tried to stonewall the investigation into Operation Freedom, money purportedly to be used to honor veterans and their families; not to be promptly embezzled by Scott Walker's longtime aide, Tim Russell.

Reading the complaint filed in federal court against the Wisconsin John Doe judge, prosecutors and investigators one can see that the complaint's specific items amount to little more than whining that the Club for Growth and Republicans are roundly disliked in Wisconsin, so they should be immune from the law enforcement tool known as the John Doe probe.

The heavily redacted complaint reads that District Attorney John Chisholm is a Democrat; Dean Nickel is a Democrat; and so on is a Democrat [no mention is made of the two Republican District Attorneys also conducting the probe) and Scott Walker is intensely unpopular, therefore investigating under Wisconsin's John Doe statute, Wisconsin statute 968.26, is an unconstitutional infringement of the Club for Growth and Eric O'Keefe's First and Fourteenth Amendment freedoms.

The arguments are a joke.

The complaint also asserts that the investigation into Scott Walker's Operation Freedom that found more instances of criminality that led to other criminal convictions and the probe's broadening "exponentially," [the Club for Growth really should look up that word as it does not apply here and federal court is not the forum for hyperbole], even "breathtakingly broad."

That's pretty broad, but it should be noted the John Doe probe gathered evidence and testimony that led to six people being criminally convicted with no claims of innocence on their part.

No argument is made that the John Doe statute has been procedurally implemented in an unsound manner, other the unsupported political assertion that the "Milwaukee County Attorney's [sic] Office Is Biased Against Walker and the Budget Repair Bill (of 2011)."

The complaint is more a long op-ed screed than a complaint in federal court.

Look for the complaint to get tossed even by the like of Federalist Society hack, Rudoph Randa.

And by the way, if evidence and testimony point to possible criminality and lead to new directions as probes do, under the supervision of the presiding judge the law enforcement entity in the John Doe probe can expand the scope of the investigation.

Look at the plain language of the John Doe statute:

968.26 John Doe proceeding.
(1) If a district attorney requests a judge to convene a proceeding to determine whether a crime has been committed in the court's jurisdiction, the judge shall convene a proceeding described under sub. (3) and shall subpoena and examine any witnesses the district attorney identifies. ...

Nov 18, 2013

Republicans Should Show Facts and Evidence as They Smear John Doe Officials

Scott Walker says he won't be distracted by the criminal investigation convened by Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara A. Kluka, overseeing the John Doe proceeding in Wisconsin, reports Dan Bice.

Walker calls Kluka's John Doe probe a "sidebar issue," though the probe is reported to include investigation of possible criminal violations during the Recall elections, including looking at possible criminal fundraising, as the Wall Street Journal helpfully pointed out.

Such is Walker's prerogative, though Walker and Republicans often say they are committed to election integrity, and surely possible criminal campaign violations merit investigation for subverting democracy and betraying our fellows.

What is God telling Scott Walker right this moment, one wonders.
"I looked up and said, ‘I hear you, Lord,’” writes Walker in his new book. "God was sending me a clear message to not do things for personal glory or fame. It was a turning point that helped me in future challenges, helped me stay focused on the people I was elected to serve, and reminded me of God’s abundant grace and the paramount need to stay humble." (David Weigel. Slate Magazine; October 25, 2013)

Christian Schneider, a commissar for the Wisconsin Republican Party, says the timing of the "partisan" probe is suspect, while criticizing Walker's opponents of engaging in innuendo. 

If Schneider really finds innuendo distasteful, how about facts to back up why he calls the probe a "specious review"?  

If Judge Kluka and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz are engaged in a partisan witchhunt, Schneider and other Republicans should make public their evidence supporting their conclusion.

Otherwise, their words are not serious commentary.

Recall that Republicans said the same thing, and made wild accusations about the 2010-13 John Doe probe that resulted in six criminal convictions.

Are we to believe that six innocents were wrongfully convicted? Did prosecutor Bruce Landgraf, and supervising Judge Neal Nettesheim engage in malicious prosecutions?

"It appears the state-related case opened in February 2012," Bice wrote in October in his piece breaking the John Doe story.

The John Doe 2010-13 is over and Scott Walker has refused to hold one listening session with the Wisconsin people answering questions about what happened.

I doubt Walker will hold one listening session with the people he was elected to serve on the new John Doe probe, or least make a public appeal for all GOP contributors and politicians to tell the probe the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and give their full cooperation.

Here's speculation on why Scott Walker won't take questions from the public, as some speculate Walker wants to be president and commander in chief, even with God as his side:
(Scott) Walker set up the annual Operation Freedom as a military appreciation day at the zoo for veterans, who got free admission and food. It was run through the county executive's office. (Walker was Milwaukee County Executive 2002-2010)

(Tim) Russell (multiple felon and embezzler from veterans) was the coordinator of the event and worked on it with Darlene Wink (convicted criminal), another former Walker aide at the county who has been under investigation in the John Doe probe. ...

Later, in 2010, the financial end of the event was transferred to an entity known as the Heritage Guard Preservation Society, Russell told the newspaper [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] in 2010. ...

The Heritage Guard Preservation Society was incorporated for a different purpose as a nonprofit in 2004. But Russell said in 2010 that the dormant firm was shifted to Operation Freedom.

The financing setup for the event drew ethics scrutiny in 2006, when two county Ethics Board members questioned the practice of county officials asking private companies for money for public programs, saying it raised conflict-of-interest questions. Walker said then that he was trying to save taxpayer dollars and that he'd resolve ethics concerns by asking a veterans organization to solicit funds for the event. ...

"Nobody's making accusations about anything here," Russell said then. Bookkeeping errors could ultimately explain the shortfall, he said.

Wink quit her job as Walker's constituent relations director in 2010 after she acknowledged posting political comments on the Journal Sentinel website while at work. She monitored the finances for the program in 2007, but did not collect checks or pay the bills, Russell said. That was Purple Heart's job.

In a May 26, 2010 posting on his county website, Walker said Operation Freedom was a way to thank military personnel and families.

"The picnic, patriotic program and Supermarket of Veterans Benefits are a small way for us to show our appreciation and give back for all our military has done for us," Walker wrote. (Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 5, 2012)
Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

Nov 10, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day, Will Williams.
Your commitment to peace does us
Remember our veterans.

Know our veterans' friends, committed to treating Agent Orange and PTSD.

And our veterans' enemies, who steal from veterans while using veterans as props.

The neocons and Republicans saluting Veterans Day do so with irony, as they keep up their campaign that fraud, lies and 'government dependence' define the veterans' reentering American society.

And to AP writer, Allen Breed; are you still sticking to your story that the VA makes it's too easy for veterans to file claims and is an "open invitation to fraud," in your words?

President Obama made easier it to file and obtain PTSD disability benefits in 2010, and all the GOP hucksters and poseurs came forward.

From the Wisconsin State Journal (May 27, 2010)
In February 2010, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts questioned Assistant to the Solicitor General, Anthony Yang, in the federal benefits-related case, Astrue v. Ratliff (No. 08-1322).

Asked Justice Roberts, "In litigating with veterans, the government more often than not takes a position that is substantially unjustified?"

Yes, he was told.

Roberts found this "really startling."

Mr. Chief Justice, you're right.

What we do to our veterans is startling, and calling their benefits system an open invitation to fraud is outrageous.
Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for
veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
On a local note, how about Scott Walker uses Veterans Day 2013 as a day to hold a listening session to explain the embezzlement from veterans and their families in Operation Freedom.

Straighten out the record, for once.

After all, stonewalling by Scott Walker's office in the embezzlement of funds from Operation Freedom did lead to the John Doe I probe, (Bice. MJS. May 31, 2012), according to the District Attorney's office which requested the John Doe probe in the first place.

Stealing from veterans. Nice.

Is Walker going to mention his buddies, felons Tim Russell (who operated Walker's 2010 Walker for Governor campaign website, and Kevin Kavanaugh, on his new Scott Walker for Governor site, maybe apologize?

Well, I suppose the new John Doe II means Scott Walker will not be taking questions on this Veterans Day.

Oct 23, 2013

Scott Walker Makes Innuendo about Reporting on John Doe II

Update: A reader notes it took Scott Walker only hours to get on the defensive from the secret, criminal probe. It would appear Walker knew this probe was coming.

Amid calls that the John Doe (May 2010-March 2013) probe records be released to the Wisconsin people, Scott Walker has already begun stonewalling the new John Doe probe and casting innuendo about the reporting of John Doe II.

John Doe I began after Walker and his gang stonewalled investigators looking into missing money, embezzled from an event honoring veterans; stealing from veterans was later found to exceed $10,000s.

On "May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event honoring veterans," that was staffed with Walker appointees, reported Dan Bice.

After the Milwaukee DA failed to bring charges against Scott Walker, and the DA implied the John Doe probe was a mini-trial, many wondered what happened in the secret John Doe proceedings to determine whether crimes were committed and by whom.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is calling for release of Walker and his staff's e-mails and other documents.

Throughout John Doe I, Walker equivocated, lied and avoided any answers to shouted questions. Walker only appeared on rightwing radio, and avoided the Wisconsin people like the Ebola virus.

Walker is already trashing John Doe II saying, "We expected that with a new Democrat candidate for governor in the race that there would be stories like this along the way," said Gov. Scott Walker on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's new story on the John Doe investigation. (Murray. WPR)

What the hell does this mean?

Typical Scott Walker: Innuendo, stonewalling and lies.

If something is wrong with Dan Bice's piece on John Doe II, Walker should state it.

Walker still has not held even one listening session on John Doe I. We should not expect straight answers on John Doe II.

Marcus J. Berghahn of Hurley, Burish & Stanton S.C. offers an online resource for what a John Doe probe is.

This is needed because the secrecy of the probe and the stonewalling of Scott Walker make it likely most Wisconsin citizens will not have a clue what is going on, even if criminal charges are filed.

Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

Oct 21, 2013

Another Reason Scott Walker Won't Be Elected: Operation Freedom

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans

Walkers—Rapacious, Mindless Creatures Are Back and in Trouble

Scott Walker might just be looking to establish another criminal defense fund, make that cooperation fund because Dan Bice reports this morning that another Wisconsin John Doe probe has commenced.

"A former top-level assistant U.S. attorney (Francis Schmitz) has been appointed a special prosecutor in a burgeoning, secret investigation into a wide variety of state issues, including possible campaign violations during the recent recall elections, multiple sources said.

"Overseeing the case is Kenosha County Circuit Judge Barbara A. Kluka, who has been used by Milwaukee County judicial officials in past John Doe cases."

A probe to find the truth, and prosecute those who can be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? I'll believe it when I see it.

It would be nice if Schmitz' probe could look into David Koch's money funneled into the Wisconsin recall election. After all, Koch is on record noting that "he took credit for the fact the Republicans maintained control of the legislature in the Senate" recall elections held in August 2011.

Koch said it "was the work our people did, what Americans for Prosperity did and the money spent that enabled them [the Republicans] to keep control in the [state] senate."

Americans for Prosperity to which the Koch brothers have contributed $ Millions is a 501(c)(4) organization and not a 501(c)(3), as had been reported in many media outlets.

There is no controversy that (c)(4)s may legally participate in political elections, but 501(c)(3)s are not allowed to do substantial electoral work. The MacIver Institute, for example is a 501(c)(3), and has advocated for Scott Walker during the recall elections.

Notes Bill Lueders: "Groups registered as 501(c)(3)s can do some lobbying for or against legislation (but not candidates), so long as this is 'an insubstantial part' of their overall activities, a threshold the IRS has not clearly defined. Most groups that engage in issue advocacy opt for a different tax status, 501(c)(4)."

The political world will be looking even more closely at Scott Walker now.

Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

As noted here, the purpose of a John Doe investigation is to determine if and by whom a crime has been committed in a given court's jurisdiction, by statute.

There are a very wide range of causes why a district attorney might request a judge to convene a John Doe proceeding: Conflicts of interest, practical difficulties, and so on.

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans
And stonewalling, like in 2010 when Scott Walker's gang led investigators to conclude that Walker's bunch were unwilling or disinclined to explain why Walker's county executive office staff and campaign ripped money off from military veterans, among other crimes

Remember Operation Freedom, advertised by then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, as "thanks (to) our Armed Forces members and veterans for their service." (July 5, 2009).

Remember Timothy Russell, former and personally appointed aide to Scott Walker?

Russell had no veterans' advocacy experience, no non-profit experience but was appointed by Walker anyway and proceeded to embezzle (among other felonies) some $20,000 from a veterans' picnic called Operation Freedom, sponsored by Walker while serving as Milwaukee County Executive.

Mar 2, 2013

A Statement of Apology from Scott Walker Is Not Sufficient

Scott Walker is still lying to Wisconsin

Only several no-holds barred, question-and-answer listening sessions can clear the air if Scott Walker truly believes he is innocent.

If Russ Feingold were governor, he would likely hold sessions in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

Democrats are calling for a statement and apology from Scott Walker.
Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha): "While the governor was not charged, he must make a statement accepting responsibility for the people he trusted, hired and supervised and apologize to the taxpayers, particularly the veterans, who were cheated," Barca said. (Bice and Umhoefer. MJS)
Reading Bice and Umhoefer's piece, apparently, these two journalists believe that the top executive taking responsibility is extraordinary.

Walker issued a statement reading in part: "As many may remember, this entire matter began when we asked the district attorney to look into concerns we had with respect to Operation Freedom. We appreciate the effort that was undertaken and to bring appropriate matters to justice." (Hall and Spicuzza, WSJ)

If Walker had begun the investigation out of his "concerns," why did then the district attorney seek a John Doe Probe citing Scott Walker's office's obstruction?

Not questions answered in the reporting of closing the John Doe probe.

"Milwaukee County prosecutors opened the secret John Doe criminal investigation more than two years ago after being stonewalled by Gov. Scott Walker's office when he was county executive, according to a newly released record," reported Dan Bice (MJS) in June 2012.

More reporting not mentioned in the closing the John Doe probe.

So, we are not going to get the truth or the questions that any thinking citizen has asked by the press.

The press buried the John Doe scandal. People up north and in central Wisconsin during the recall campaign had never even heard of the John Doe investigation.

If Walker is innocent as he and his allies now claim, why not face the people of Wisconsin in multiple listening sessions?

Stealing from veterans? Using secret routers; directing Tim Russell to take down the secret e-mail system? The legal defense fund contributors. The sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch. There are as many questions today as before the John Doe was launched.

As Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky, United States Army (28 January 1968 to 22 Oct 1970) e-mailed us here: "The following award is being presented to Scott Walker, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell for actions BELOW and INFERIOR AGAINST VETERANS: The Distinguished RAT BASTARD Tail for Thievery and Lack of Accountability."

You have that right.

Dec 11, 2012

Scott Walker Continues Lie on His Aides and Friends Stealing from Veterans

Tim Russell and long-time aide and friend, Scott Walker

Scott Walker refuses to refer to former top aides, all guilty of felonies, by name in interview

In the interview below, Scott Walker calls his long-time friend, Tim Russell, "an individual" whom he refuses to refer by name, and then says of one of the "other people" who ripped off veterans in Milwaukee County, Kevin Kavanaugh, as though Walker has no idea who Tim Russell and Kavanaugh are.

"As Milwaukee County executive, Scott Walker appointed Kavanaugh to head the county Veterans Service Commission. Kavanaugh is the fifth Walker aide or associate to be convicted in a secret probe. A sixth is awaiting trial," notes the AP.

Walker stonewalled the investigation causing the Milwaukee DA to initiate a John Doe criminal investigation because of Walker's stonewalling.

Walker is also pretending he has no idea what Kelly Rindfleisch, another criminal aide of Walker's, was up to.

So, Walker is pretending he doesn't know the aides he personally appointed, personal political appointees, as though these were strangers to him. This is like Nixon pretending he didn't know Haldeman and Ehrlichman, though not even Nixon went that far.

Hey, maybe Scott Walker should run for president.

Dec 8, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Wife Wants Nearly $500,000 for a New Kitchen

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans
Update: Walker "(f)or now, drops half-million dollar Mansion kitchen remodeling from state building commission agenda," notes Jim Rowen.

Scott Walker is some piece of work.

Last March, Walker claimed his wife wants Walker back in the private sector because of his low-wage salary of  $144,423.

"[F]rankly my wife in some ways would love it if I'd go back to the private sector and make some real money," said Walker. (Bowers. Daily Kos)

Now, Greg Neumann reports Walker's wife is not happy with some other aspects of the Governor's mansion:

The Wisconsin Department of Administration is asking the State Building Commission to approve $478,700 in general fund supported borrowing for kitchen renovations at the Governor's mansion.

The request for the revamp of both the first floor kitchen and the second floor private quarters kitchenette originally came from First Lady Tonette Walker.

A few suggestions for the religious right's first family in Wisconsin:

  • Women are no longer consigned to the kitchen. So, stop pushing that antiquated, repulsive notion
  •  Secondly, take that money, forget about the mansion's kitchen and give it the veterans that your buddies ripped off. You remember, "Operation Freedom," that PR stunt using veterans as props that you ran like you give a damn about veterans. Oh, an apology would be nice, since you stonewalled the investigation into ripping off veterans in the first place, you piece of shit.

Nov 30, 2012

Scott Walker's Ex-Top Aide: 'I stole from veterans'

Tim Russell, friend and
former aide of Scott Walker's

Update: "Gov. Walker strongly condemns the actions taken by Tim Russell which took advantage of all the volunteers who worked so hard to honor military members and veterans with an annual recognition event." (Schultze. Milwaukee Journal Story) It was incorrectly stated here Walker did not blast Russell.

Not one word of condemnation from Republicans, Scott Walker and the Tea Party

It's raining out, so keep your head up.

That's Scott Walker's PR strategy now that Walker's long-time gang are entering guilty pleas, as just has Tim Russell—scumbag.

As for Walker, he encourages speculation that he may run for president in 2016.

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans
Stealing from veterans, how low can you go?

No word of condemnation of Tim Russell comes from Walker such as: Tim Russell is a disgrace. My God, what the hell are we doing here?

As has been noted everywhere except in Republican and Tea Party circles:

[I]n October of 2009, Scott Walker inexplicably ordered the transfer of $19,000 in Operation Freedom funds and financial control over to his then Deputy Chief of Staff, Tim Russell who had no experience running a non-profit. Mr. Russell then allegedly stole thousands of dollars from Operation Freedom and used the money to pay for Caribbean and Hawaiian vacations and a political trip to Atlanta to meet with Herman Cain's presidential campaign. Walker Investigations.

Oct 13, 2012

Scott Walker Aide Convicted of Stealing from Veterans' Group

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event,
Walker's aides stole-from fund
meant for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Update: “I think it would be difficult for any experienced criminal lawyer to conclude anything but that the governor in one way, shape or form has some involvement in this investigation,” said Peggy A. Lautenschlager, a former Wisconsin attorney general and a former United States attorney in the state who served under Bill Clinton’s administration. “And likely, alleged criminal involvement.” (Yaccino. NYT) This is on yet another Walker aide who plead guilty last week in the growing WalkerGate scandal.

Scott Walker liked to pose with veterans and steal their valor in his years-long, successful quest for Wisconsin governor elected in 2010.

Then came the John Doe investigation. The probe made the case of among other crimes, Walker aides stealing from veterans after Walker stonewalled the Milwaukee District Attorney's looking into the allegations of Walker's criminal rise to power. Walker told the Wisconsin people before his June recall election that he was trying to "help" the investigation.

The Wisconsin media largely buried the story of Walker's people stealing from veterans, so not so many in central and northern Wisconsin even knew of the criminal investigation. Veterans' slamming this crime was a story also buired.

For example: "The following award is being presented to Scott Walker, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell for actions BELOW and INFERIOR AGAINST VETERANS: The Distinguished RAT BASTARD Tail for Thievery and Lack of Accountability." Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky

Walker and his gang are reportedly under investigation from a federal grand jury as well, and Walker has established a criminal defense fund.

From the AP

 One of Gov. Scott Walker's former associates was found guilty Friday of stealing more than $51,000 that had been donated to help veterans and their families.

Prosecutors alleged that Kevin Kavanaugh, of Cudahy, Wisconsin skimmed the money from bank deposits and phony withdrawals from accounts for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, a veterans service organization.

Kavanaugh was treasurer of the group. Kavanaugh, 62, did not testify at his trial and said nothing following the verdict by the Milwaukee County jury, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The biggest source of money Kavanaugh was accused of tapping were donations made for Operation Freedom, an annual picnic and veterans event at the zoo that Walker hosted while he was Milwaukee County executive.

In 2006, Walker's county office arranged to have the Operation Freedom donations and expenses run through the Purple Heart chapter after being advised by county lawyers to have a separate nonprofit handle the books rather than continue to have Walker aides do so. Kavanaugh, who also worked as a counselor at the Veterans Administration Hospital, had been named by Walker to the county Veterans Service Commission.

Jun 1, 2012

Scott Walker's Office Stonewalled DA Inquiry into Stolen Veterans' Funds

Hired, promoted and stonewalled for criminal aides.
Now, a desperate Scott Walker lies for his criminal aides.
Contradicting repeated statements by Scott Walker that he and his staff instigated the John Doe criminal investigation, a report filed last night (Bice. MJS) substantiates the assertion Walker and top aides stonewalled the Milwaukee District Attorney's office, prompting the creation of the John Doe probe.

The criminal probe has so far resulted in multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, and presents a dire threat to Scott Walker's surviving the recall election on June 5.

The DA probe was begun while Walker was serving as Milwaukee County Executive, and criminal complaints against top Walker aides allege and demonstrate that embezzled money in the $10,000s meant for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families was used by aides to Scott Walker and former operators of the website——to register the website.

The criminal complaints already filed also indicate that part of the embezzled money was used for Walker's aides' taking vacations in the "Caribbean and Hawaii, and a political trip to Georgia to help organize [Herman] Cain's Republican presidential campaign." (Bice. MJS)

Long-time Walker confidante, Tim Russell, said in August 2010 that the embezzled funds were a book-keeping error.

Reported Bice in 2010:

A couple of months ago, Russell said the Walker administration had asked Chisholm to investigate what had happened to $11,000 raised in 2007 for the event. The DA confirmed that his office was looking into the matter.

"Nobody's making accusations about anything here," Russell said in June. "Maybe there are records in somebody's bottom drawer that would demonstrate that money was appropriately spent."
Writes Bice today:

On May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event honoring veterans.

By making it a secret John Doe investigation, Landgraf wrote that prosecutors might get better cooperation from Walker's office, which had been "unwilling or unable" to turn over records and information needed in the investigation. He said he would need to subpoena county records and officials.
Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

The purpose of a John Doe investigation is to determine if and by whom a crime has been committed in a given court's jurisdiction, by statute.

There are a very wide range of causes why a district attorney might request a judge to convene a John Doe proceeding: Conflicts of interest, practical difficulties, and so on.

Another cause is stonewalling.

Writes Bice:

"As part of the pre-Doe investigation, Investigator Jeffrey Doss sought to obtain documentation that would form the basis of tracing the funds from Milwaukee County to the Order, [a veterans' group safeguarding the veterans' fund]" Landgraf wrote in his May 2010 petition. "The Office of the County Executive has been unwilling or unable to provide such documentation. It is unclear at this juncture why the Office of the County Executive has not produced (or has not caused another Department to produce) these records."
Walker has throughout the campaign sought to dismiss the John Doe investigation, and brushed aside questions by saying he just wants to help and cooperate with the criminal investigation, lately calling it a "distraction."

Walker has even gone so far as to state that he and his office asked for the John Doe investigation.

Bice's obtained documents prove that Walker is a liar.

"The idea that Scott Walker did not know what was going in a ten person office…is absurd. It’s not believable,” Graeme Zielinski, the communications director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party said to Salon.

Said Tom Barrett to Scott Walker in the debate last night, "I have a police department that arrests felons. He has a practice of hiring them."

May 30, 2012

Walker Is Desperate, as Rightwingers Slur John Doe Judge

Update: Scott Walker says he hired criminal defense attorneys to be "efficient." And that his criminal defense fund will not be used for his aides, just for himself. Walker admits implicitly that he is being investigated, charged or convicted regarding his crimes related to misconduct in office and illegal campaigning. Meanwhile, the Legal Defense Fund Transparency Act will be introduced in the Wisconsin legislature, as Walker continues to refuse to disclose details regarding his legal defense fund.

Scott Walker's PR machine is, as predicted here in April, slurring presiding John Doe judge, appellate Judge Neal Nettesheim.

That didn't take long; in reaction to the John Doe criminal corruption ads no doubt.

No word from Walker that's he innocent.

No word from Walker demanding that his aides tell the truth.

We did get a vow from Walker that he won't pardon his criminally charged aides—Tuesday, May 29. Thanks, Scott!

But no word from Walker that his aides didn't steal from veterans, and did not use "some of the funds to pay to renew the domain names for several Walker gubernatorial campaign websites." (Bice. MJS)

Can anyone imagine what the reaction in the GOP press would be for a sitting Democratic governor's top aide, hired and promoted by this governor, to steal money from veterans and use the money for registering campaign websites, and taking Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations with his domestic partner? (Bice. MJS) This is just what Tim Russell did.

Will any Republican stand up and challenge Tim Russell for what he did? Condemn stealing from veterans?

Here's a fact sheet on  Scott Walker's criminal corruption.

May 21, 2012

Walker says leveling with Wisconsin people is a distraction

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom
event. Walker's personal aides whom he appointed
stole from funds meant for veterans and their families.
Walker won't offer comment though, calling
explanations to the Wisconsin people a distraction.

Scott Walker's responses to demands that he come clean on the John Doe investigation, and Wisconsin's losing the most jobs in the nation under his watch are repulsive.

Tom Barrett demands Walker release the campaign e-mails from the secret system illegally run out of Walker's Milwaukee county executive's office. Walker refuses, and says the demand is a "distraction." Not even Richard Nixon thought to show such contempt for the Americans he served. Nixon lied, but at least he addressed the question. But not Scott Walker.


As Wisconsin has lost the most jobs in the country, Walker said recently, "Spread the message, the facts and the truth, because the truth is on our side."

Check the truth below.
Criminal probe

Even as Walker's propaganda outlet unjustly criticizes a John Doe investigator for his wife's putting up a recall Scott Walker sign in the family yard, DA John Chisholm offered an open, convincing response of his colleague in a letter displayed below. The letter supporting constitutional freedoms ought to be read by every Republican appointed by Walker. Don't hold your breath.

Republicans Launch Attack on John Doe Investigation

Update: A reader asks if all personnel of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office place Recall Scott Walker signs in their yards, will Republicans and Scott Walker in return stop stonewalling the Wisconsin people and finally answer questions about when Walker knew about the secret networking router in the county executive's office? The GOP may even explain why Walker's top aides embezzled from veterans and their families in Operation Freedom.

Maybe there's a perfectly logical reason for the embezzlement that just hasn't occurred to us. Poor misunderstood Republicans.

In a sign that the John Doe investigation is closing in on Scott Walker, the GOP journal, Media Trackers, has run a story attacking David Budde whom the Party says is the "Chief Investigator in Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office."

The Republican Party organ also has picked up the Charlie Sykes-Journal Communications line that the John Doe investigation is leaking, though Media Trackers refuses to divulge to what leaks it is referring.

Republicans are upset that David Budde's house has a recall Scott Walker sign in the yard, in accordance with every policy and ethical code.

Tellingly, the GOP piece does not point to any policy or ethical code to which Budde would be found to be violating.

So, Brian Sikma's piece is the best the GOP can do? No wonder the Party is so upset.

Walker is in bigger trouble than the Media Trackers flacks know.

Informed sources have said that Scott Walker has also met with federal investigators working with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in a separate investigation looking into criminal corruption during Walker's tenure as Milwaukee county executive.

Several Walker aides are alleged to have ran a secret campaign for Walker's successful run for governor in 2010 and face misuse of public office criminal charges in the John Doe investigation, among other felonies and misdemeanors

Check out GOP piece and note that not one criminal complaint in the John Doe investigation is challenged on the facts.

The John Doe criminal complaints thus far can be found at:  Walker Investigation.

Apr 24, 2012

Today's Shot Back at Scott Walker's Aides' Stealing from Veterans

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event
On Scott Walker's appointees to Operation Freedom—Multiple Kelly Rindfleisch, Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh—as paid employees whose duties were intended to help veterans and their families.

Operation Freedom is not Scott Walker's personal fiefdom to help him get elected.

“It is hard to believe that these two [Russell and Kavanaugh] could do something like this!!! To think we fight, bleed and die so these pukes can financially gain makes me think it’s nut cutting time!!! I have a hard enough time raising funds for our nonprofit without people like these.”

Kindest regards,
Dan Garza
U.S. ARMY Ranger
Founder and CEO
Executive Director
Liberty Manor for Veterans
Tampa, FL 33688