Apr 22, 2017

Central Wisconsin Lakefront Communities Look to Study Blue-Green Algae Prevention

 Lake Camelot in northern Adams County, Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin — Resort and recreation attractions in central Wisconsin are a natural.

So is living in this picturesque region of the glacial sands and white pines. Many retirees call it home.

A broad coalition including many retirees have joined forces to fight Big Ag, and they are winning.

Lakeside communities in northern Adams county, (Wisconsin), the Tri-Lakes, is on the forefront. From a new communication:

By Don Ystad

Remember the lake closures for blue green algae last summer. You may recall that a citizens committee has been formed to work with TriLakes to clean up our lakes and 14-Mile watershed.

We've begun communication with upstream neighbors to bring all interested parties to the table. As part of our investigative process, we want to determine if the soil that was excavated from the lowlands and creek bottoms when these lakes were first built may contribute to our water quality issue.  o do that, we are performing soil tests of lakeside properties to determine the nutrients in our soil around the lakes. We need your help to have a reasonable distribution of tests around our lakes.

If you are a lakeside property owner, we would like you to allow us to do a simple soil sample on your property. There is no cost to you, or risk for you.  It's a blind test used only to identify soil and nutrient makeup around our lakes. You will be given the test results which can help you to know the nutrient content or lack thereof for your soil.

This is important in that it will allow us to know what part our lakes play in the water quality issues from which we suffer.

Thanks on behalf of our 14-Mile Watershed committee.

Apr 19, 2017

Bernie Sanders Is Head and Shoulders Above Everyone

Madison, Wisconsin — In Wisconsin during the Democratic presidential primary campaign, voices  cautioned repeatedly on social media that a Hillary Clinton nomination imposed by Party commissars ran the risk of giving the state to a Republican in the general election.

So did RealPolitics. So did Bernie Sanders supporters the nation-over.

Democratic super-delegates didn't listen. State parties didn't listen. The Hillary Clinton campaign didn't listen.

So, the nation ended up with the corporatist Clinton as nominee and the rest is sordid history that we live today.

What do 1,000s of activists in northern and western Wisconsin know anyway?

For one thing, Wisconsin activists know a President Sanders is preferable to a President Trump.

This knowledge is spreading across the nation, and Bernie Sanders is now the leading voice for a progressive and effective alternative to the lunatic in the White House.

From Deirdre Fulton in CommonDreams:

As he tours the country hoping to give the Democratic Party an energy boost, yet another poll has shown Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to be extremely popular among the U.S. electorate.

A Harvard-Harris survey found that 57 percent of registered voters view Sanders favorably, according to The Hill, which reported exclusively on the poll this week. In fact, 'Sanders is the only person in a field of 16 Trump administration officials or congressional leaders included in the survey who is viewed favorably by a majority of those polled,' The Hill wrote.

Sanders fared particularly well among voters aged 18-34, who give him a 62 percent approval rating. And, reflecting—or supporting—his influence within the party, 80 percent of registered Democrats said they view the Vermont senator favorably.

On Tuesday night, Sanders reiterated to MSNBC's Chris Hayes that he does not consider himself a Democrat.

Neither do I, Bern. Neither do most Americans.

A new book out, Shattered (Allen, Parnes; (Crown), reveals the world had every reason to fear a Clinton nomination. Writes Michiko Kakutani in the Times review:

After a planned appearance in Green Bay with President Obama was postponed, the authors write, Clinton never set foot in Wisconsin, a key state. In fact, they suggest, the campaign tended to take battleground states like Wisconsin and Michigan (the very states that would help hand the presidency to Trump) for granted until it was too late, and instead looked at expanding the electoral map beyond Democratic-held turf and traditional swing states to places like Arizona.

Clinton was so full of herself she and Party functionaries neglected the potential damage they were willing to inflict on the world.

Bernie has not forgotten.

Apr 18, 2017

Clean Water Activist Helped Stop Illinois Ag Factory, Hails Central Wisconsin

Saratoga Wisconsin November 2016 update points to disaster
if Wysocki CAFO begins operation.
The Town Board of Saratoga, Wisconsin is meeting April 19th to take stock of the legal effort to stop a predator, a would-be corporate polluter.

A Saratoga legal victory in state appellate court over a proposed massive factory farm in central Wisconsin stops for now a disaster that would devastate an entire region, (Golden Sands Dairy LLC v. Town of Saratoga, (Wisconsin Court System)), (Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune), (Mal Contends), (WSAW-TV).

The Wysocki corporation has until May 13 to file an appeal with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Susan Turner worked with an Illinois non-profit to stop a similar propsoed ag factory and works with Helping Others Maintain Environmental Standards (H.O.M.E.S.) now in Iowa.

Turner offered congratulations to Saratoga with the cooperate predator looming:

Dear Board Members of the Town of Saratoga, Wisconsin,

My heart is overwhelmed with joy for you and your citizens. Your action, and the choices that you made, are a reflection of the love that you have for your town and it's neighbors. This is becoming a rare thing in our world.

Legal mechanisms are like war, and need to begin immediately, like a military holding action, to protect the public at large.

I speak from my past experience and do not want to make this about my story. I can briefly state that we were the only group to stop a mega dairy after it was 60% constructed, dismantled, and returned the land to corn production. We did this with a 5-year court process and with state and federal government agency. Please visit stopthemegadairy.org for timelines and story.

The citizens had to form a 501c-3 called Helping Others Maintain Environmental Standards (H.O.M.E.S.) to fight the corporate monster because our town board treated this as a non issue.

We actually had to fight our town board to fight the mega dairy as they formed ordinances to silence us.

The town became torn apart as people fled the area as their homes would have a negative number for a property value, had heart attacks, or fought along side or against our 501c-3. They blamed our view of environmental protection for the social strife that occurred. The locals were not equipped to fight. Even though we were rid of the mega dairy, the people left harassed are those who fought for their air and water. I had to move.

Your town has grown together because of the fight. Your beautiful town is more valuable now because of the Board's quick action and commitment to finishing what was started. That equals property value as far as I'm concerned.  Young couples looking to invest in their first home will value the excellent work of the town of Saratoga protecting their community.

Who wouldn't want to move to a place were the quality of life is being preserved with great sacrifice and commitment? What a great example your board is making for all to witness!

That translates into property value.

Your beautiful community and it's people are awesome.  It is an honor to know of your hard work and efforts.

Most sincerely,

Susan Turner
Dubuque, Iowa

Kiron and Kenosha—Dumb and Dumber

White and proud of it. Freedom ain't free. Jesus is watching.
Washington Post reporter, Stephanie McCrummen, penned a feature reporting from Kiron, Iowa revealing a defining characteristic of the white supremacist, Trump voters working to make America great again.

McCrummen paints a picture of people of this western Iowa town resembling a composite of Twilight Zone episodes, waking up to discover white supremacists reign in rural America, a psychopath has been elected to the presidency and a white-power party controls Congress.

Writes McCrummen:

Russell [Paulson] listened; he had known Walt [Miller]. At the age of 80, he knew almost everyone in Kiron, a town of 229 people, one of whom is U.S. Rep. Steve King, who has a house on the edge of town. Russell knew King, too, knew that he was the sort of person always stirring controversy, often by raging against what he called 'cultural suicide by demographic transformation.' More recently, King had said that 'we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,' a comment embraced by prominent white supremacists and widely condemned around the country as demonizing Latino and other non-European immigrants.

There was little controversy across King’s district, though, a swath of rural America made up of tiny towns with tiny, aging white populations that routinely elected King with more than 70 percent of the vote. In Kiron, people brushed it off as King being King, a man they all knew, expressing a plain truth they all understood: The white population was shrinking, and towns like theirs were vanishing, with the few exceptions being places such as Denison, a pork-processing town 20 minutes down the highway where population growth was being driven by immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

No, fretting about immigrants blocking restoration of civilization stirs little controversy in the Kirons of America.

Nor among the know-nothings in Kenosha, Kiron's cultural neighbor to the northeast.

Recall the Chris Hayes Show broadcast from Kenosha in December as Bernie Sanders patiently listened and took questions from confused Trump voters.

Reports Josh Feldaman in Mediaite from Dec. 2016:

During another part of the town hall, a Muslim woman spoke up about Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric about a Muslims and immigrants on the campaign trail.

The reaction from the Trump voters to the Muslim ban was to say 1) they don’t want that to happen and 2) it won’t happen because either Trump didn’t mean it or Congress would never allow something like that.


American political culture is going to have to come to grips with the fact that the Kirons and Kenoshas are full of people for whom bigotry, racism and hate are not disqualifying in candidates for public office, and the impolitic fact that Trump voters are kind-of stupid.

Each new generation comes of age, learning to blame black, brown, immigrant and the flavor of the month for whatever ails white people.

Trump is due in Kenosha today.

No doubt he'll offer dialogue with the natives as edifying as the conversations at the Quik Mart in Kiron, Iowa: What happened to America? Black, browns and Muslims did it.

Apr 17, 2017

Wisconsin Waters Hailed by Citizens as Ag Interests Poison and Plunder

Citizens lobby Wisconsin legislators at the Wisconsin capitol
for clean and safe water in February 2017. Image is taken
from a video produced by Eric Peterson.
Madison, Wisconsin — A video is out offering a look into the efforts of Wisconsinites fighting for clean and safe water.

People want responsible water policy in Wisconsin.

Yet, the legislators shown in the video, constantly, (invariably), vote against the protection of clean water.

State Senator Patrick Testin, (Stevens Point), State Rep. Scott Krug, (R-Nekoosa), and State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R-Sturgeon Bay) are the worst offenders. They represent Wisconsin residents who are being hit hardest by Republican efforts to facilitate the poisoning and plundering of Wisconsin waters.

Donald Ystad of Rome, Wisconsin in Adams County sent an email out Sunday night to 100s of supporters and other interested parties., flush off a major legal victory by central Wisconisn residents over the proposed operation of a massive factory, a CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, that would devastate the waters of an entire region.

By Donald Ystad

Concerned citizens,

Many of you were among the nearly 500 people who attended the first ever Citizens Water Lobby Day in Madison on Feb 8th this year, and thanks to a very generous Rome donor, many of you rode to Madison in comfort on motor coaches.

That day was the genesis for the new statewide citizens lobby, Citizens Water Action Coalition.

Watch this video and think of all the grass roots groups from all over the state who are now joined together in the common fight to protect our water. You should recognize more than a few faces.

Then, when you read about the legislature pandering to the mega-farm lobby, the administration out of ​touch with citizens' rights to clean and abundant water, and the increasing number of incidents degrading our lakes and streams, make a pact with yourself to be a stronger part of this citizens lobby. It may be the only way to counter the big money interests buying their way through our legislature.

T​hank you to Eric Peterson for his efforts ​on this video.