Mar 12, 2019

Making a Murderer Atty Gets Signed Baseball from Robin Yount — "To Laura. Keep Up the Fight"

Robin Yount to attorney working for wrongfully
convicted: "Laura. Keep up the fight."
Laura Nirider is an attorney who represented the wrongfully convicted Brendan Dassey, an innocent 16-year-old goaded into a false confession featured in the Making a Murderer docu-series.

Nirider, CoDirector of Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth, works for innocent children preyed upon by law enforcement

Laura Nirider just received kind words from baseball great, Robin Yount, inscribed on a signed baseball from the Brewer Hall-of-Famer, reading: "Laura. Keep up the fight."


Making a Murderer Defendant Files New Motion, Seeks Conviction Reversal

Illinois attorneys work to free two innocent men and
send them home to their families.

Motion: 'Stunning State Action and Admission Undermines Entire Theory at Trial Used to Convict Steven Avery'

Madison, Wisconsin — This Making a Murderer case should be over — Steven Avery's conviction vacated with the spectacle of Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul (D) deciding whether to embarrass the state by standing with the sex offender Ken Kratz for the prosecution.

Notes the Feb. 25. 2019 state appellate court order:

"The State’s objection does not address the merits of Avery’s claimed statutory and constitutional violations, and it has not responded to Avery’s supplemental filings alleging the possible destruction of evidentiary items which, it appears, the parties previously agreed to preserve." (emphasis added)

Misrepresentations discovered in 2019 are among the legion
of misconduct, deceit and state criminality used to keep
an innocent man in prison. (p. 2. May 12, 2019 Supplemental
§ 974.06 Motion for Post-Conviction Relief Pursuant to
State's Violation of Wis. Stat § 968.205
and Youngblood v. Arizona)
The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DoJ) does not address the merits of Steven Avery's characterization of Wisconsin's post-conviction conduct  — DoJ bad faith, evidence destruction and suppression — because the DoJ cannot credibly do so.

Today, attorneys Kathleen Zellner and Steven G. Richards filed a supplemental (additional) motion for relief, asking for a court order "reversing the judgment of his [Avery's] convictions and sentence and ordering a new trial," (p. one. May 12, 2019 Supplemental § 974.06 Motion for Post-Conviction Relief Pursuant to State's Violation of Wis. Stat § 968.205 and Youngblood v. Arizona).

The new motion lays out the case for Sheboygan County Judge Angela W. Sutkiewicz to whom the case has been sent back for a likely late April-May hearing.

Avery's attorneys will be afforded the opportunity to effectively put the state of Wisconsin on trial for its conduct, per the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Feb. 25, 2019 order.

This new motion is not shooting for the moon. It's asking for relief, likely to be granted or conceded to at some point, by presenting the factual record now directly in front of the judicial hearing that the Dept of Justice has worked to prevent from occurring.

Speculation continues to be the DoJ will agree to some sort of settlement to spare itself further embarrassment in the legal community. And Steven Avery will be a free man.

P. 4. March 12, 2019 supplemental (additional) motion for relief.

Mar 11, 2019

Milwaukee Gets DNC 2020—What Could Go Wrong?

The NBA's Sterling Brown, who was tased and arrested
 after a police attack stemming from a parking violation,
filed a lawsuit in 2018 against the city of Milwaukee,
the police chief and the eight officers involved in his
arrest, reported CNN. Noone was surprised by the attack.
Madison, Wisconsin—When Milwaukee Police assaulted NBA player Sterling K. Brown for a parking violation in early 2018, the Milwaukee police chief subsequently apologized for inappropriate police conduct, as though the assault were a breach of social etiquette, and not a human rights violation (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, CNN, Mal Contends).

Mayor Tom Barrett (D) (2004-present) was worse, releasing a statement reading in part: "I’m hopeful this incident will be a turning point and allow us to take those actions necessary to improve police community relations" (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). A turning point.

A group of malicious cops surround, lie to, defame, threaten and tase a man for a momentary parking violation, and Barrett talks about "police community relations."

It's Barrett. In the past year, precisely what actions have Barrett and the city of Milwaukee taken to "improve police community relations" and implement this so-desired turning point?

The Milwaukee cops converging on Brown from a total of eight police vehicles knew their job.

Cops can and will do anything, like kicking the shit out of black folks, knowing Barrett has their backs.

This link leads to Google search results with key words: Milwaukee police kick man in the head. Turning points, Tom Barrett calls these attacks, lots of turning points.

Sterling Brown subsequently filed a federal civil rights complaint. He'll win.

This long introduction is necessary because the Democratic National Convention 2020 will be sited in Milwaukee, it was announced today. "The convention is scheduled for July 13-16, 2020, with Fiserv Forum serving as the centerpiece of the event," the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

Milwaukee is the most racist, segregated city in the worst state to be black.

There will be massive demonstrations.

Contemplate the reaction from Milwaukee Police.  Barrett's platitudes have amounted to nothing.

See the problem here?

Sterling Brown, another victim of racist Milwaukee cops speaks out
for safety of community facing the threat of police protected by Milwaukee
city government, especially Mayor Tom Barrett.

Mar 10, 2019

Bernie Sanders for President - 2020

Bernie Sanders is arrested at civil rights demonstration in
Chicago in 1961. The character assassination against
Bernie will accelerate this Spring-early Summer on
MSNBC. It will be led by ex-Clintonites, Juanita Tolliver
and Zerlina Maxwell. Tolliver and Maxwell need not
thank Sanders for his life-long work, but they could
stop lying about him.
Madison, Wisconsin — Bernie Sanders has stood head and shoulders above the Clinton dead-enders long before the corporatists instituted mass incarceration, war and Wall Street as defining principles of the Democratic Party.

Decades before the defamations against Sanders by Clintonites, and on hand to lie on MSNBC during Sanders first rally in Brooklyn, Bernie has fought for peace, social justice and civil rights.

Voters should bear this mind when Tolliver and Maxwell emit their character assassinations in the coming months.

Mar 8, 2019

Innocent in Wisconsin — Advocates Fight for Wrongfully Convicted

The violence and malice of Wisconsin law enforcement
takes a toll on advocates working to free the innocent.
Many take solace from art, music and religion.
"I've done my sentence, but committed no crime" is
a lyric from Queen's We Are the Champions.

"It is too easy to convict an innocent person." — John Grisham, (Chicago Tribune)

Madison, Wisconsin — This afternoon at 5:00 p.m. (central time) advocates for two wrongfully convicted men will be out on social media (#WakeUpWisconsin and #NudgeTheJudge) in an ongoing effort to draw press attention to Wisconsin law enforcement  misconduct and one corrupt member of the judiciary, Sheboygan County Judge Angela W. Sutkiewicz.

The advocates work world-wide for the exoneration of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, featured in the Making a Murderer docu-series.

Historically, American law enforcement is the preferred means to thwart citizen action and disfavored social movements.

In Wisconsin, the focus of police remains on black and brown people, but across the state, the increasingly wanton and capricious nature of policing imperils virtually anyone caught at the wrong time at the wrong place.

Citizen advocates, working to reveal police misconduct in the Steven Avery and Dassey cases, have uncovered numerous instances of misconduct.

Advocates just revealed another crime, felony perjury.

Two demonstrably corrupt members of Wisconsin law enforcement — Special Agent Thomas Fassbender of the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation and Manitowoc Lt. Detective James Lenk (ret) — are filmed together during the litigation of the civil right suit brought by Steven Avery that induced corrupt law enforcement to frame Avery for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Lenk, now living on his police pension in a golf course community in Green Valley, south of Tucson, Arizona, is widely acknowledged to have planted key evidence framing Steven Avery (Appleton Post-Crescent).

Lie for the police force; stay with the program; get out and live on your pension. It's what many cops do.

Another fact coming to light to light reveals Fassbender lying under oath, (committing criminal perjury), about ever knowing Lenk.

A reckoning is coming against Wisconsin law enforcement; it just doesn't seem that way.
Attorneys Laura Nirider and Kathleen Zellner are depicted above.