Aug 13, 2020

Junk Science and Lying Cops

Kathleen Zellner derided police orthodoxy when she scoffed at law enforcement's notion they are trained "human lie detectors," a delusion exemplified in the notorious conduct of Wisconsin cops who preyed on an innocent and cognitively challenged 16-year-old to help frame her client, Steven Avery, featured in the Emmy-winning Making a Murderer.

A still-flourishing junk science field is exacerbating law enforcement's dogma they have become lords of truth, even as police self-consciously lie, mislead and cover up as standard conduct in support of the American police cult.

Put another way, junk science does not help liars.

A report by Jordan Smith in The Intercept on junk science training in the police-prison-industrial complex reveals how deeply law enforcement zealots are inculcated with trash. 

Smith leads with Wisconsin law enforcement's participation in a typical junk-science class:

The training session was billed as 'cutting edge,' and dozens of law enforcement professionals signed up to learn about 'New Tools for Detecting Deception' from a human lie detector who calls herself 'Eyes for Lies.' Her real name is Renee Ellory, and she claims that she’s one of just 50 people identified by scientists as having the ability to spot deception 'with exceptional accuracy.'

A flyer for the event, hosted by Wisconsin’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area — a federal program that supports law enforcement drug interdiction work — was included among a trove of law enforcement documents that were hacked and posted online in June under the title BlueLeaks. The promo copy leans heavily into Ellory’s skill at ferreting out deception in others. She is 'exceptional at pinpointing a liar and can tell you why she doesn’t trust someone on  the spot,' it reads. Training participants would learn how to 'identify anger, contempt, and disgust before words are even spoken.' Course objectives were broad: Learn to differentiate between 'real' and 'fake emotional displays'; 'recognize hidden emotions'; identify the 'ways our subconscious brain leaks information when we lie'; 'analyze body language that indicates deception'; gain tips to use when interviewing a psychopath; 'identify the key features of expressions that reveal danger for you!' ...

Participants spanned the law enforcement spectrum and included the chief of a small police department, corrections officers, university cops, state troopers, various members of the Milwaukee Police Department as well as individuals from the U.S. Probation Office and the FBI. ...

[Blue Leaks] documents offer a window into how various training methods perpetuate myths — subjective, hunch-based approaches to interpreting human behavior that are unreliable and have been discredited by leading psychologists — that police are then encouraged to use in crime solving.

The civil liberties attorney Zellner is right.

And junk science disciples congregate where garbage is useful Joy Reid defaming Bernie Sanders because of body language, for example, and fulfillment of police predilections: Killing, arresting, detaining, defamation, character assassination, harassing, abusing, all manner of police violence.

Junk science perfectly describes police capabilities, people who tend to be dishonest, racist and intellectually lazy to begin with.

Law enforcement are not rational seekers of truth, possessing broad knowledge of people, society and history.

So, it's not really surprising that junk science is still used to train and instruct this ignorant and malicious bunch. 

But why are the Wisconsin people for example, not up in arms demanding this fraud stops?

Because Wisconsin folks don't know about this expensive fraud. 

This is changing thanks to Black Lives Matter, Blue Leaks, the Center for Integrity in Forensic Sciences and other liberation work, (Wired).

Junk science purporting to be an instrument to ascertain truth will eventually go the way of phrenology, eugenics, racilogy and 19-centuary notions of anthropology.

As for detecting when cops lie, today there is actually a failproof method to determine if law enforcement is engaged in deception: They open their mouths, scribble their reports and testily.

How we expose and challenge this danger is a testament to our fellows, right here and right now.

Aug 9, 2020

Rep Scott Krug Exposed for Running Political Interference Against Clean Water Advocates; Ridicules Families for Opposing Factory Farm

Opposition to a proposed massive Factory Farm in Wood County in central Wisconsin spurred State Rep. Scott Krug (R) to falsely claim support of clean water advocates for legislation he co-sponsored in the state assembly. Krug's bill would facilitate the permitting of high capacity water wells drawing 100,000 gallons of groundwater per day and used by CAFOs to create pathogen-laden liquid cow manure that is dumped into the environment.
In July 2012 at a Saratoga, Wisconsin Town Board meeting drawing 100s of people, State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa), a member of the corporatist American Legislative Exchange Committee, was in attendance in the charged environment.


The Wysocki Family of Companies had sprung its plans for a massive factory farm sited in central Wisconsin that would work as a hazardous-waste vectoring operation imperiling area groundwater, drinking waters, and surface waters with millions of gallons of liquidized and aerizied cow manure, among disastrous economic effects, (Mal Contends), (John Ikerd). 


Eight years of grueling work by 1,000s of clean water advocates prevented the Golden Sands, LLC factory farm from beginning operations, as Krug ran political interference for Wysocki.

Now, Krug is claiming on Facebook that there is no concern for the factory farm starting up, and there never will be in a post ridiculing clean water advocates, despite the town of Saratoga standing ready to file more litigation. 

The tone and substance of Krug's latest dig at clean water advocates puts the lie to his claimed concern for clean water.

Writes Krug in part:

A story that is turning as old as time itself. Much like a campfire story though it’a just a tall tale. There is no CAFO and there will be no CAFO in Saratoga. They already know that too, but can’t resist trying to scare their neighbors at election time.
There has been no public announcement by Wysocki that it intends to abandon its plans for the Golden Sands, LLC factory farm.

Central Wisconsin families spend years of their lives for their families and communities, and Krug ridicules them. 

𝑰𝒔 π’•π’‰π’Šπ’” π’‰π’π’˜ 𝒂 π‘Ήπ’†π’‘π’“π’†π’”π’†π’π’•π’‚π’•π’Šπ’—π’† 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅 𝒃𝒆𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒆? The actions of our current Representative Scott Krug, say a lot about his...

Posted by Saratoga Concerned on Friday, August 7, 2020


Wysocki and other industrial ag interests are heavy Republican Party donors, so Krug offered his fealty at the 2012 event telling a vocal factory farm opponent, Nancy Koch, to "quit your bitching," exemplifying Krug's eight-year hostility to factory farm opponents.


Recalled Ms. Koch in 2014, "Early on in this fight when I contacted Scott Krug at his Republican e-mail address I asked for his help with this CAFO issue. In the e-mail, I reminded him who I was ---- that I was the one he told to 'Quit your bitching' at the Wysocki presentation at the Performing Arts Center in Wi Rapids. I never got a response to the e-mail or an apology."

Krug was forced into a political position in which his campaigns were funded by factory farm-advocating Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos who directed money into Krug's coffers in his gerrymandered district, while Krug falsely pretended he too was a factory farm opponent and clean water advocate.


Meanwhile, one of the counties the factory farm would harm is suing Wysocki for another of its factory farm's pollution.


Time and perseverance have proven clean water citizens rights: Their water is worth for fighting for and Scott Krug is a fraud who ran political interference for Wysocki. Krug has always opposed the efforts of central-Wisconsin families protecting their homes and communities.

Aug 8, 2020

District Attorney Ozanne's Decision to Prosecute Black Lives Matters Workers Is Disgrace

Madison, Wisconsin — The Dane County District Attorney’s Office concluded charges against John Doe cannot be proven to a trial jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

Variations of this generic statement explaining a decision to prosecute or not, routinely emanate from the district attorney.

The problem is our current district attorney sometimes engages in a political process to arrive at a legal determination rather than take an honest look at findings applied to the evidentiary standard of beyond a reasonable doubt that Ozanne claims guides his decisions.

Ozanne's, and not just Ozanne's, corruption is an example of a civil servant working under the color of law, substituting his perceived political expediency to displace the community, the Constitution and his duties.

Corruption and political prosecution define the current cases of Black Lives Matter protesters Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer.

Both civil rights workers are being unjustly prosecuted for the felony crime of Substantial Battery with Intent to Cause Bodily Harm.

Funny thing is there is no specific allegation detailing how Mses O’Reilly and Hamer battered the alleged victim, State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), a rightwing, self-admitted "rash" drug warrior who has worked against black folks to build the carceral state over three decades.

No allegation of fists being thrown, nor elbows, feet, blunt instrument, nothing. 

The alleged victim, Carpenter, has not identified the defendants as touching him.

No eyewitness has identified Mses O’Reilly and Hamer as laying a hand on Carpenter.

No video exists showing Mses O’Reilly and Hamer as laying a hand on Carpenter.

In fact, according to Carpenter and another witness, the confrontation that Carpenter incited included some eight to 10 people during a chaotic melee

Did Carpenter, with a racist past and a proven hostility to the protesters, throw a punch first, and others then interceded to defend a victim?

No evidence has been made public that indicts Carpenter or any other single person. Yet, Ozanne says he has concluded charges against Mses O’Reilly and Hamer can be proven to a trial jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

Reports Chris Rickert in the Wisconsin State Journal on the decision of Judge Circuit Court Judge Stephen Ehlke at a probable cause hearing to allow these cases to go to trial:

Despite vigorous arguments from the attorneys for Samantha Hamer, 26, and Kerida O’Reilly, 33, both of Madison, Circuit Court Judge Stephen Ehlke found there was enough probable cause to continue with the case against the women, both of whom are charged with substantial battery in the June 24 attack.

Hamer’s attorney, Adam Welch, and O’Reilly’s attorney, Nathan Otis, argued that testimony from the lead Madison police detective in the case did not point to evidence that their clients had been the ones to punch or kick state Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee. ...

'(Carpenter) has not been able to say whether Ms. Hamer specifically touched him in any way. Is that right?' Welch asked Madison police detective Linda Trevarthen.

'Correct,' Trevarthen said.

Good enough for the cops. Good enough for Ehlke, and for Ozanne fronting for Carpenter because they share the same Party affiliation.

So, faced with a corrupt district attorney's office, we as a community can protest, write, and alert the community that two more civil rights workers are about to suffer another injustice.

I wrote Ozanne an email on July 31. We cannot stay silent, no matter how many Ismael Ozannes and Derek Chauvines stain an office of public trust.

The email is reproduced below:

As a member of our community, I have followed with grave concern the cases of Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer.

I am aware that you do not know how, and by whom and with what force violence was inflicted in the confrontation among Tim Carpenter and depending on whom you believe — the police quote a journalist saying some ten people, you say two people — and those who may be criminally responsible.

Did these two women use their elbows, fists, feet, head, or blunt instruments? You have no idea, yet you are charging them with being party to substantial battery by undetermined persons, a "group," as Carpenter told police.

Are you satisfied with Carpenter's credibility?

Did you know Mr Carpenter did not request medical assistance after speaking with protest medic and peacekeepers, as indicated in audio published by WORT News.

Did you know that after a WKOW-TV crew member phoned 911, Carpenter declined to go to the hospital?

Have you checked out Carpenter's story and timeline of the evening of June 23 and early morning of June 24.

Have you viewed video of Carpenter's 'collapse' performed right in front of WKOW-TV?

Do you ascribe responsibility to Mses. O’Reilly and Hamer because they are convenient faces on a video?

Carpenter said he was attacked by a "group." Yet, you divine O’Reilly and Hamer?

I ask you to drop these bogus cases, and issue a public apology to Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer, and Black Lives Matter.


Michael Leon
Marketing and Public Relations Consultant

Jul 30, 2020

Black Lives Matter Prosecution — One Bogus Charge Dropped; Atty Calls Remaining Charge "Shockingly Thin"

State Sen Tim Carpenter performs his collapse in front of a
WKOW-TV crew to dramatize a confrontation with
Black Lives Matter protesters.
Updated - Madison, Wisconsin — "Kerida O’Reilly and Samantha Hamer were arrested on charges of substantial battery and robbery with use of force," reported The Hill this week.

The arrest was a rush to judgement by Madison Police working against a political movement held in disdain by law enforcement.

Police and one rash, drug-warrior, state senator want these and other Black Lives Matter protesters behind bars.

One problem, though not for police, is the two young women are innocent. The case is a political prosecution.

Exemplifying a widely held view among local police, in 2017, Police Chief Mike Koval (ret) said he canceled his NFL subscription amid "taking a knee" protests because this protest is "self-absorbed ... diatribe."

And the police are not too hot on mass protests this Summer, much less taking a knee.

The Madison Police Union this week issued a vote of "no confidence" in the new progressive mayor for her temerity to publicly acclaim the First Amendment and express admiration for the protesters.

Wisconsin media and rightwing political operations have already found the two Black Lives Matter protesters guilty.

But facts can be stubborn things.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael R. Ozanne dropped the robbery with use of force charge yesterday, raising questions why this canard was included in the arrest warrant. But you won't find such questions in the local corporate media.

The two defendants' attorneys — Ms. O’Reilly's attorney, Nathan Otis, and Ms. Hamer's attorney, Adam Welch — made a motion to dismiss the remaining charge — substantial battery.

Reports the Associated Press:

O’Reilly’s attorney, Nathan Otis, said in an email to The Associated Press that it will become clear that she didn’t commit any crime, and that the lack of evidence will become clear as the case progresses.

In a separate email to the AP, Hamer’s attorney, Adam Welch, said his client is 'absolutely not guilty' and that prosecutors’ case against her 'is shockingly thin.'
District Attorney Ozanne can't tell you when, where, how and by whom Carpenter was allegedly battered. Neither can Carpenter. According to reports, Carpenter manage to incite some eight to 10 people during the chaotic melee.

No matter, Ozanne refused to drop the remaining charge. Court Commissioner Brian Asmus refused to dismiss it.

The alleged victim, Wisconsin State Sen Tim Carpenter (D), is a Milwaukee legislator who has worked to build the carceral state for decades, always busily working to imprisoning and demonizing black and brown folk.

Just this month Carpenter was reprimanded by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and the State Senate Minority leader for online bullying and harassment of a black legislative candidate who dared criticize Carpenter's proposed expansion of the Wisconsin Criminal Code.

The Wisconsin Criminal Code. As a local Madison jurist is fond of saying, "Read the [fracking] statutes."

I did. The crime of which two women stand accused are not sustained by the weakest standard of evidence, (WKOW-TV, Pittman/WORT News).

Available audio and video of the confrontation that Carpenter began show a deceitful man who feigned a collapse in front of a WKOW-TV crew.

Carpenter wants blood. He wants as many Black Lives Matter protesters behind bars, and is not choosy who that is.

Two women protesters supporting Black Lives Matter are out on signature bonds.

This case should not see the light of a courtroom. But facts are not the only stubborn things in Dane County.