Oct 21, 2016

Mass Rally for Clean Water Planned for Wisconsin State Capitol, Oct 22

Rally and party at the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol on Oct 22,
Saturday from 10 a.m. to Noon, and after

We are people fighting to protect our homes, our water, and quality of life from an industry with a horrid track record of polluting rural communities

Rally and party at the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol on Oct 22, Saturday from 10 a.m. to Noon, and after.

We're fighting for clean and safe water from the biological, chemical, and economic attack from industrialized ag factories.

Our water, air and a healthy environment now savaged by Concentrated (Confined) Agricultural Feeding Operations (CAFOs), an industrialized and massively polluting corporate farming model adopted by big agriculture against popular opposition.

From Farms Not Factories:

We are at a crossroads in Wisconsin. Our water, air and quality of life is threatened by industrial agriculture and its factory farming. You only have to look at Kewaunee County and their polluted wells; the DNR's incorporation of Attorney General Brad Schimel’s opinion on the cumulative impacts of high capacity wells; Midwest Environmental Advocates Petition for Corrective Action; or the Legislative Audit Bureau's report on the DNR's wastewater permitting and enforcement to see that the CAFO way of doing business is causing harm across this state.

We The People have the power to change what no longer serves us but we must stand together; unified in our message that we will exercise our collective power to protect our rights to clean water, clean air and a good quality of life. It's time our elected officials in Madison decide to stand with us, the citizens of Wisconsin, and help us push back against a greedy and immoral industry that is poisoning our rural communities.

Oct 16, 2016

Trump, Alt Right, Republicanites Are Seamless in Anti-voting Project

Anti-Semitic tropes pitched by Trump hit by Chris Hayes
American racists have found a hero in Donald Trump.

If Trump loses, then black and brown Americans are to blame. So goes a racist, hence absurd and false syllogism that has now veered into historically deprecatory anti-Semitic tropes, (Hayes, All In With Chris Hayes).

From the Alt Right nonsense to the local white primates populating municipalities administering elections to the Republican Party's Big Lie of vast voter fraud, Trump has declared that if Trump loses then the election is illegitimate. I have no idea if the American political culture has taken this development in.

Trump will lose.

Though this latest muck from Trump may be an implied threat to the Republican Party that it better get behind Trump or he spill the beans on the taunts and lies that underlie Republicans propaganda, in itself inciting racists is never a good idea.

Important piece in Rick Hasen's Election Law site.

From Hasen:

... This morning Donald Trump tweeted: 'Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election.' People in the media and broader society are suddenly concerned that Donald Trump is now threatening the core of our democracy: rule of law and the belief in the peaceful transition of power across presidential administrations.

But this is nothing new. ...

No, this is nothing new, but what Trump and the Alt Right with the assistance of generic racists have done in amp-up the vigilance of racists. [I have bore witness right here in Dane County and I am involved in a legal fight against Fitchburg, Wisconsin which cited me for 'disorderly conduct' for voting Aug. 9, an act of retaliation against speaking out for voters the last seven years working as a poll worker.] [You can contact me here: malleon@live.com].

When you see racism, you have to speak out.

The stakes are getting higher.

Oct 15, 2016

On Voting

"People should not leave without casting a ballot," said Wendy Weiser, head of the democracy program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU's School of Law. "If you are an eligible voter, you should be able to have your vote counted no matter what anyone is saying," (Cassidy, AP).

On Election Day, follow this advice: "I will be voting today," (Mal Contends).

Oct 12, 2016

Voter Obstruction Is Local

Wisconsin Republicans creating a hostile and obstructive voting regime at Wisconsin's 3,500 polling places is a scheme the GOP hopes bears fruit next month.

After-all, Republicans seek to turn every lever of state and municipal government into de facto sub-units of Republican government. So, screening poll workers for hostility to voting rights and in the process taking over the voting place are naturals for voting-averse Republicans.

Antagonistic-to-voters polling workers are pervasive, but compiling reports of their misconduct is difficult for non-profits. (It takes a major social-scientific investigation to quantify the phenomenon of voter obstruction.)

Instead we see warnings about election observers and voter obstruction laws omitting the misconduct of municipal and contract election officials stationed at the point of voting and working, (unlawfully), to suppress the vote.

All of this is carried out under the rubric of voter fraud, a lie, and hostility to civil liberties, a disgrace.

Concludes a New York Times editorial in September: "The scary thing is how many Americans have bought into this charade [about voter fraud]. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Republican Party’s standard-bearer, Donald Trump, has elevated the lie about voting fraud and 'rigged elections' to a centerpiece of his campaign."

It shouldn't be surprising. Alex Wagner has a compelling report out about the dangers Donald Trump poses to voting.

The rotten fruit of the now Trumped-up danger of voter fraud is right at your local polling place, abetted by observers, polling workers and municipal bureaucrats.

Stay vigilant, especially if you are brown or black.

Oct 11, 2016

Trump Eyes Safe Harbor, Voter Obstruction

Ben Jacobs: "Trump will be calling for armed white nationalists to patrol the polls in black neighborhoods by time this is over," (Twitter).

All manner of repulsive human beings populate Donald Trump's movement, targeting more surgically than ever the right to vote.

From North Carolina to Wisconsin, Republicans are at war with voting, yet this is not acknowledged widely as a war on the foundation of our democratic republic.

Dallas Woodhouse, the head of the North Carolina Republican Party, saw an opportunity [to obstruct voters] and ran with it, writing in an August email to election officials that 'Republicans can and should make party line changes to early voting,' (NYT).

What does it say about the health of our democracy when warring with voting provokes opposition from mere spheres of society?

It says we are a country that can produce and nourish a cretin like Donald Trump.

The United States Dept of Justice still has a Civil Rights division and voting section, (DoJ).

Funding the DoJ should be a priority of all Americans. It isn't.

If you live in a Republican-occupied state, as likely as not your state DoJ is staffed with Republicans working to stop voting.