May 21, 2012

Republicans Launch Attack on John Doe Investigation

Update: A reader asks if all personnel of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office place Recall Scott Walker signs in their yards, will Republicans and Scott Walker in return stop stonewalling the Wisconsin people and finally answer questions about when Walker knew about the secret networking router in the county executive's office? The GOP may even explain why Walker's top aides embezzled from veterans and their families in Operation Freedom.

Maybe there's a perfectly logical reason for the embezzlement that just hasn't occurred to us. Poor misunderstood Republicans.

In a sign that the John Doe investigation is closing in on Scott Walker, the GOP journal, Media Trackers, has run a story attacking David Budde whom the Party says is the "Chief Investigator in Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s office."

The Republican Party organ also has picked up the Charlie Sykes-Journal Communications line that the John Doe investigation is leaking, though Media Trackers refuses to divulge to what leaks it is referring.

Republicans are upset that David Budde's house has a recall Scott Walker sign in the yard, in accordance with every policy and ethical code.

Tellingly, the GOP piece does not point to any policy or ethical code to which Budde would be found to be violating.

So, Brian Sikma's piece is the best the GOP can do? No wonder the Party is so upset.

Walker is in bigger trouble than the Media Trackers flacks know.

Informed sources have said that Scott Walker has also met with federal investigators working with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in a separate investigation looking into criminal corruption during Walker's tenure as Milwaukee county executive.

Several Walker aides are alleged to have ran a secret campaign for Walker's successful run for governor in 2010 and face misuse of public office criminal charges in the John Doe investigation, among other felonies and misdemeanors

Check out GOP piece and note that not one criminal complaint in the John Doe investigation is challenged on the facts.

The John Doe criminal complaints thus far can be found at:  Walker Investigation.

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