May 21, 2012

Walker says leveling with Wisconsin people is a distraction

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom
event. Walker's personal aides whom he appointed
stole from funds meant for veterans and their families.
Walker won't offer comment though, calling
explanations to the Wisconsin people a distraction.

Scott Walker's responses to demands that he come clean on the John Doe investigation, and Wisconsin's losing the most jobs in the nation under his watch are repulsive.

Tom Barrett demands Walker release the campaign e-mails from the secret system illegally run out of Walker's Milwaukee county executive's office. Walker refuses, and says the demand is a "distraction." Not even Richard Nixon thought to show such contempt for the Americans he served. Nixon lied, but at least he addressed the question. But not Scott Walker.


As Wisconsin has lost the most jobs in the country, Walker said recently, "Spread the message, the facts and the truth, because the truth is on our side."

Check the truth below.
Criminal probe

Even as Walker's propaganda outlet unjustly criticizes a John Doe investigator for his wife's putting up a recall Scott Walker sign in the family yard, DA John Chisholm offered an open, convincing response of his colleague in a letter displayed below. The letter supporting constitutional freedoms ought to be read by every Republican appointed by Walker. Don't hold your breath.

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