Nov 30, 2012

Scott Walker's Ex-Top Aide: 'I stole from veterans'

Tim Russell, friend and
former aide of Scott Walker's

Update: "Gov. Walker strongly condemns the actions taken by Tim Russell which took advantage of all the volunteers who worked so hard to honor military members and veterans with an annual recognition event." (Schultze. Milwaukee Journal Story) It was incorrectly stated here Walker did not blast Russell.

Not one word of condemnation from Republicans, Scott Walker and the Tea Party

It's raining out, so keep your head up.

That's Scott Walker's PR strategy now that Walker's long-time gang are entering guilty pleas, as just has Tim Russell—scumbag.

As for Walker, he encourages speculation that he may run for president in 2016.

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans
Stealing from veterans, how low can you go?

No word of condemnation of Tim Russell comes from Walker such as: Tim Russell is a disgrace. My God, what the hell are we doing here?

As has been noted everywhere except in Republican and Tea Party circles:

[I]n October of 2009, Scott Walker inexplicably ordered the transfer of $19,000 in Operation Freedom funds and financial control over to his then Deputy Chief of Staff, Tim Russell who had no experience running a non-profit. Mr. Russell then allegedly stole thousands of dollars from Operation Freedom and used the money to pay for Caribbean and Hawaiian vacations and a political trip to Atlanta to meet with Herman Cain's presidential campaign. Walker Investigations.

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