Dec 11, 2012

Scott Walker Continues Lie on His Aides and Friends Stealing from Veterans

Tim Russell and long-time aide and friend, Scott Walker

Scott Walker refuses to refer to former top aides, all guilty of felonies, by name in interview

In the interview below, Scott Walker calls his long-time friend, Tim Russell, "an individual" whom he refuses to refer by name, and then says of one of the "other people" who ripped off veterans in Milwaukee County, Kevin Kavanaugh, as though Walker has no idea who Tim Russell and Kavanaugh are.

"As Milwaukee County executive, Scott Walker appointed Kavanaugh to head the county Veterans Service Commission. Kavanaugh is the fifth Walker aide or associate to be convicted in a secret probe. A sixth is awaiting trial," notes the AP.

Walker stonewalled the investigation causing the Milwaukee DA to initiate a John Doe criminal investigation because of Walker's stonewalling.

Walker is also pretending he has no idea what Kelly Rindfleisch, another criminal aide of Walker's, was up to.

So, Walker is pretending he doesn't know the aides he personally appointed, personal political appointees, as though these were strangers to him. This is like Nixon pretending he didn't know Haldeman and Ehrlichman, though not even Nixon went that far.

Hey, maybe Scott Walker should run for president.

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