Dec 13, 2012

Does Wisconsin's Lousy Business Climate Distract from 'Job Creation'

Scott Walker's Brown Bag Bus Tour - Sheboygan, 2010
Jobs, workers working, families getting by - not so well
Hey Scott Walker, does your corruption and your closest aides' stealing from veterans distract you from job creation?

If so, shouldn't you stop the corruption and call on your remaining aides - not yet sentenced to prison - to come clean with the DA's office.

That's Walker's line for anything that sheds light on his corruption: Distracting from job creation.

But check out Forbes Magazine: Wisconsin one of "The Worst States for Business."

In sum, Wisconsin is bad.

Thank you Democurmodeon for pointing this point!

But Walker's line is a ready excuse for anything.

Next time, anyone faces a criminal trial for say misuse of public office, perhaps at the sentencing phase, just tell the Bench: Your honor, can we dispense with this? Really, it's distracting from job creation. Look, I even brought my brown bag.

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