May 30, 2012

Walker Is Desperate, as Rightwingers Slur John Doe Judge

Update: Scott Walker says he hired criminal defense attorneys to be "efficient." And that his criminal defense fund will not be used for his aides, just for himself. Walker admits implicitly that he is being investigated, charged or convicted regarding his crimes related to misconduct in office and illegal campaigning. Meanwhile, the Legal Defense Fund Transparency Act will be introduced in the Wisconsin legislature, as Walker continues to refuse to disclose details regarding his legal defense fund.

Scott Walker's PR machine is, as predicted here in April, slurring presiding John Doe judge, appellate Judge Neal Nettesheim.

That didn't take long; in reaction to the John Doe criminal corruption ads no doubt.

No word from Walker that's he innocent.

No word from Walker demanding that his aides tell the truth.

We did get a vow from Walker that he won't pardon his criminally charged aides—Tuesday, May 29. Thanks, Scott!

But no word from Walker that his aides didn't steal from veterans, and did not use "some of the funds to pay to renew the domain names for several Walker gubernatorial campaign websites." (Bice. MJS)

Can anyone imagine what the reaction in the GOP press would be for a sitting Democratic governor's top aide, hired and promoted by this governor, to steal money from veterans and use the money for registering campaign websites, and taking Hawaiian and Caribbean vacations with his domestic partner? (Bice. MJS) This is just what Tim Russell did.

Will any Republican stand up and challenge Tim Russell for what he did? Condemn stealing from veterans?

Here's a fact sheet on  Scott Walker's criminal corruption.

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