Dec 8, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Wife Wants Nearly $500,000 for a New Kitchen

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for veterans
Update: Walker "(f)or now, drops half-million dollar Mansion kitchen remodeling from state building commission agenda," notes Jim Rowen.

Scott Walker is some piece of work.

Last March, Walker claimed his wife wants Walker back in the private sector because of his low-wage salary of  $144,423.

"[F]rankly my wife in some ways would love it if I'd go back to the private sector and make some real money," said Walker. (Bowers. Daily Kos)

Now, Greg Neumann reports Walker's wife is not happy with some other aspects of the Governor's mansion:

The Wisconsin Department of Administration is asking the State Building Commission to approve $478,700 in general fund supported borrowing for kitchen renovations at the Governor's mansion.

The request for the revamp of both the first floor kitchen and the second floor private quarters kitchenette originally came from First Lady Tonette Walker.

A few suggestions for the religious right's first family in Wisconsin:

  • Women are no longer consigned to the kitchen. So, stop pushing that antiquated, repulsive notion
  •  Secondly, take that money, forget about the mansion's kitchen and give it the veterans that your buddies ripped off. You remember, "Operation Freedom," that PR stunt using veterans as props that you ran like you give a damn about veterans. Oh, an apology would be nice, since you stonewalled the investigation into ripping off veterans in the first place, you piece of shit.

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