Oct 23, 2013

Scott Walker Makes Innuendo about Reporting on John Doe II

Update: A reader notes it took Scott Walker only hours to get on the defensive from the secret, criminal probe. It would appear Walker knew this probe was coming.

Amid calls that the John Doe (May 2010-March 2013) probe records be released to the Wisconsin people, Scott Walker has already begun stonewalling the new John Doe probe and casting innuendo about the reporting of John Doe II.

John Doe I began after Walker and his gang stonewalled investigators looking into missing money, embezzled from an event honoring veterans; stealing from veterans was later found to exceed $10,000s.

On "May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event honoring veterans," that was staffed with Walker appointees, reported Dan Bice.

After the Milwaukee DA failed to bring charges against Scott Walker, and the DA implied the John Doe probe was a mini-trial, many wondered what happened in the secret John Doe proceedings to determine whether crimes were committed and by whom.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is calling for release of Walker and his staff's e-mails and other documents.

Throughout John Doe I, Walker equivocated, lied and avoided any answers to shouted questions. Walker only appeared on rightwing radio, and avoided the Wisconsin people like the Ebola virus.

Walker is already trashing John Doe II saying, "We expected that with a new Democrat candidate for governor in the race that there would be stories like this along the way," said Gov. Scott Walker on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's new story on the John Doe investigation. (Murray. WPR)

What the hell does this mean?

Typical Scott Walker: Innuendo, stonewalling and lies.

If something is wrong with Dan Bice's piece on John Doe II, Walker should state it.

Walker still has not held even one listening session on John Doe I. We should not expect straight answers on John Doe II.

Marcus J. Berghahn of Hurley, Burish & Stanton S.C. offers an online resource for what a John Doe probe is.

This is needed because the secrecy of the probe and the stonewalling of Scott Walker make it likely most Wisconsin citizens will not have a clue what is going on, even if criminal charges are filed.

Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

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