Jun 1, 2012

Scott Walker's Office Stonewalled DA Inquiry into Stolen Veterans' Funds

Hired, promoted and stonewalled for criminal aides.
Now, a desperate Scott Walker lies for his criminal aides.
Contradicting repeated statements by Scott Walker that he and his staff instigated the John Doe criminal investigation, a report filed last night (Bice. MJS) substantiates the assertion Walker and top aides stonewalled the Milwaukee District Attorney's office, prompting the creation of the John Doe probe.

The criminal probe has so far resulted in multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, and presents a dire threat to Scott Walker's surviving the recall election on June 5.

The DA probe was begun while Walker was serving as Milwaukee County Executive, and criminal complaints against top Walker aides allege and demonstrate that embezzled money in the $10,000s meant for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families was used by aides to Scott Walker and former operators of the website—ScottWalker.org—to register the ScottWalker.org website.

The criminal complaints already filed also indicate that part of the embezzled money was used for Walker's aides' taking vacations in the "Caribbean and Hawaii, and a political trip to Georgia to help organize [Herman] Cain's Republican presidential campaign." (Bice. MJS)

Long-time Walker confidante, Tim Russell, said in August 2010 that the embezzled funds were a book-keeping error.

Reported Bice in 2010:

A couple of months ago, Russell said the Walker administration had asked Chisholm to investigate what had happened to $11,000 raised in 2007 for the event. The DA confirmed that his office was looking into the matter.

"Nobody's making accusations about anything here," Russell said in June. "Maybe there are records in somebody's bottom drawer that would demonstrate that money was appropriately spent."
Writes Bice today:

On May 5, 2010, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf filed a petition with court officials asking if his office could initiate a secret investigation into what happened with $11,000 in donations intended for Operation Freedom, an annual event honoring veterans.

By making it a secret John Doe investigation, Landgraf wrote that prosecutors might get better cooperation from Walker's office, which had been "unwilling or unable" to turn over records and information needed in the investigation. He said he would need to subpoena county records and officials.
Wisconsin statute 968.26 on John Doe proceedings is the statutory authority for conducting John Doe probes in Wisconsin.

The purpose of a John Doe investigation is to determine if and by whom a crime has been committed in a given court's jurisdiction, by statute.

There are a very wide range of causes why a district attorney might request a judge to convene a John Doe proceeding: Conflicts of interest, practical difficulties, and so on.

Another cause is stonewalling.

Writes Bice:

"As part of the pre-Doe investigation, Investigator Jeffrey Doss sought to obtain documentation that would form the basis of tracing the funds from Milwaukee County to the Order, [a veterans' group safeguarding the veterans' fund]" Landgraf wrote in his May 2010 petition. "The Office of the County Executive has been unwilling or unable to provide such documentation. It is unclear at this juncture why the Office of the County Executive has not produced (or has not caused another Department to produce) these records."
Walker has throughout the campaign sought to dismiss the John Doe investigation, and brushed aside questions by saying he just wants to help and cooperate with the criminal investigation, lately calling it a "distraction."

Walker has even gone so far as to state that he and his office asked for the John Doe investigation.

Bice's obtained documents prove that Walker is a liar.

"The idea that Scott Walker did not know what was going in a ten person office…is absurd. It’s not believable,” Graeme Zielinski, the communications director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party said to Salon.

Said Tom Barrett to Scott Walker in the debate last night, "I have a police department that arrests felons. He has a practice of hiring them."

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