Nov 10, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day, Will Williams.
Your commitment to peace does us
Remember our veterans.

Know our veterans' friends, committed to treating Agent Orange and PTSD.

And our veterans' enemies, who steal from veterans while using veterans as props.

The neocons and Republicans saluting Veterans Day do so with irony, as they keep up their campaign that fraud, lies and 'government dependence' define the veterans' reentering American society.

And to AP writer, Allen Breed; are you still sticking to your story that the VA makes it's too easy for veterans to file claims and is an "open invitation to fraud," in your words?

President Obama made easier it to file and obtain PTSD disability benefits in 2010, and all the GOP hucksters and poseurs came forward.

From the Wisconsin State Journal (May 27, 2010)
In February 2010, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts questioned Assistant to the Solicitor General, Anthony Yang, in the federal benefits-related case, Astrue v. Ratliff (No. 08-1322).

Asked Justice Roberts, "In litigating with veterans, the government more often than not takes a position that is substantially unjustified?"

Yes, he was told.

Roberts found this "really startling."

Mr. Chief Justice, you're right.

What we do to our veterans is startling, and calling their benefits system an open invitation to fraud is outrageous.
Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event.
Walker's personal aides stole from fund meant for
veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan
On a local note, how about Scott Walker uses Veterans Day 2013 as a day to hold a listening session to explain the embezzlement from veterans and their families in Operation Freedom.

Straighten out the record, for once.

After all, stonewalling by Scott Walker's office in the embezzlement of funds from Operation Freedom did lead to the John Doe I probe, (Bice. MJS. May 31, 2012), according to the District Attorney's office which requested the John Doe probe in the first place.

Stealing from veterans. Nice.

Is Walker going to mention his buddies, felons Tim Russell (who operated Walker's 2010 Walker for Governor campaign website, and Kevin Kavanaugh, on his new Scott Walker for Governor site, maybe apologize?

Well, I suppose the new John Doe II means Scott Walker will not be taking questions on this Veterans Day.

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