Apr 24, 2012

Today's Shot Back at Scott Walker's Aides' Stealing from Veterans

Scott Walker on motorcycle at Operation Freedom event
On Scott Walker's appointees to Operation Freedom—Multiple Kelly Rindfleisch, Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh—as paid employees whose duties were intended to help veterans and their families.

Operation Freedom is not Scott Walker's personal fiefdom to help him get elected.

“It is hard to believe that these two [Russell and Kavanaugh] could do something like this!!! To think we fight, bleed and die so these pukes can financially gain makes me think it’s nut cutting time!!! I have a hard enough time raising funds for our nonprofit without people like these.”

Kindest regards,
Dan Garza
U.S. ARMY Ranger
Founder and CEO
Executive Director
Liberty Manor for Veterans
Tampa, FL 33688

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