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Nov 21, 2013

Club for Growth Is Malignant Bacteria in the Body Politic

Club for Is a Malignant Growth
Brendan Fischer has a nice wrap-up on David Koch, Americans for Prosperity, Republican Governors Association, Wisconsin Club for Growth, Eric O’Keefe et al in the latest probe into a probe looking into possible criminal corruption supervised by  retired Appeals Court Judge Gregory Peterson.

Nothing to see here is the GOP line, for now, though Wisconsin Club for Growth's Eric O’Keefe frack you to Judge Peterson and his subpoena are going to change that pretty soon.

John Doe proceedings are subject to a secrecy order, one presumes a subpoena serviced to O’Keefe is no exception. [O'Keffe, should check out the Hurley, Burish and Stanton, S.C. site at which they cite the secrecy of John Doe probe as an effort to "prevent testimony that may be mistaken or untrue or irrelevant from becoming public." It won't cost O'Keffe any money.]

But there is quite much to see here.

The Capital Times offers a summary of recent development of the man who would be governor, president or felon.

Time Magazine, writer Zeke J. Miller and Scott Walker teamed up for yet another puff piece about Walker's possible run for president [he's not going to run, we contended for years.]From the Cap Times:

Dark Money Funds Underground Movements Fronted by GOP
BloggingBlue's Zach Wisniewski calls Scott Walker a liar, pointing to an interview he did with reporters last week explaining why he dropped out of college. He claimed he did so because he needed to get a job to take care of his children. Problem is, Wisniewski points out, Walker dropped out of Marquette in 1990. His first child was born in 1994.

Blogger James Rowen also points to the same set of facts after reading Walker making the same claims in Time magazine. He posts an editorial that appeared in the student paper, the Marquette Tribune, over the future governor's illegal campaigning for student body president.

Speaking of the governor, Bruce Murphy's Urban Milwaukee column insists that the latest John Doe investigation spells real trouble for Scott Walker. Murphy presents a detailed analysis of Walker's staff's previous campaign violations while county executive and how it all plays into his gubernatorial election financing.

Sep 17, 2013

Wisconsin Pays, Scott Walker Spends

Scott Walker on tape making pledges to billionaire, Diane Hendricks
Hendricks is Walker's largest donor, along with the Koch brothers
In March 2011, Scott Walker pushed and signed a law in which he gives himself the power to mandate Wisconsin taxpayers pay up cash for 37 new Walker political appointments. (See Stein, Marley. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, March 17, 2011; and Walker power grabs)

This was only the first in the train wrecks that do everything from paying off cronies with taxpayer money, to giving Scott Walker the power to sell off virtually any public land or facility to moneyed interests.

No consultations with the Wisconsin people, no campaigning on these radical policies; Walker is selling out Wisconsin and I would not be surprised to see Walker put the state capitol, what used to be known as the people's house, on the chopping block.

The examples of Walker's public corruption are legion.

The latest spend-thrift spree of Walker's is his tax-payer subsidy to Scott Suder, Walker's co-conspirator with ALEC and the Koch front group, Americans for Prosperity.

"In his new (Wisconsin Public Service Commission) job, Suder will earn $94,000 a year — an 88 percent increase over the $49,943 he made as a legislator. He'll be in charge of the agency divisions responsible for water compliance and consumer affairs," reports Uppity Wisconsinn.

All the while Suder and other Republicans continue to illegally ignore Open Records requests.

In the latest outrage, "Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has taken the unprecedented step of asserting that a state legislator cannot be held accountable for refusing to disclose public records in response to a lawful open records request by the Center for Media and Democracy."

It's Republican rule; and the people for whom they work are not the Wisconsin people so Republicans and Walker keep their business secret from the people.

With disdain for the Wisconsin people, in favor of a small groups of moneyed interests and cronies, is it any wonder Scott Walker has created a structural (built in) deficit and ruined the state budget by amassing a state debt that reaches record levels in the 2013-15 budget, as noted by State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma).

See also RE Sen. Vinehout's budget-deficit analysis, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel simply refuses to take "yes" for an answer.

Schools, lakes, cemeteries for military veterans, the environment and people take huge hits while Walker and Republicans pocket huge pay-outs. The list of what Scott Walker is selling out is too long to fully note here.

As for that 250,000 new jobs promise Scott Walker campaigned on, Walker now says "it's really not about jobs."

The only people making out are Walker cronies getting paid by you.

Dec 6, 2012

Wisconsin's ALEC State Chair Seeks to Amend Constitution to Require ID at Polls

Republicans just admitted their voter ID obstruction law is unconstitutional.

So, naturally the remedy to keep unwanted voters [uppity blacks, Latinos and others passing themselves off as good Americans] from voting is to change our Wisconsin Constitution, the foundation that well protects our right to vote.

Brendan Fischer has the story at PR Watch.

Republicans continue their march, going Soviet.

Jul 25, 2012

ALEC Exposed, an Index on Neo Fascism

FitzWalkerStan - Resistance needed now
Update II: Think Wisconsin Tea Party and GOP, then apply to the national corporatist party: This is what America is facing, an underground movement fronted by rightwing radicals.

"Please send ALL ALEC material to the Representative's PERSONAL email . . . from now on," says a June email to ALEC sent from (state rep.) Jeremy Thiesfeldt's (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) state account.

In flushing out how rightwingers have come to dominate the Wisconsin GOP, note also the exclusive piece revealing Monana, Wisconsin native, writer Stacey Singer, in February said here in her exclusive interview with David Koch that Koch boasted of the GOP's keeping State Senate control in the 2011 Summer Recall Elections, as well as keeping Scott Walker safe from Wisconsin voters. Democrats have subsequently (June 2012) won control of the Wisconsin state senate, heading into the 2012 general election.

Update: See Wisc. Rep. Mark Pocan: ALEC is feeling the heat (Raw Story) and Meet Mark Pocan, the Original ALEC Spy (Redden. The New Republic; July 25, 2012)

Combine a group of GOP-Tea Party activists for sale with the Koch brothers and other billionaires; the product is public policy crafted in secret and bigotry planned in "quiet rooms," as Mitt Romney said.

All aided by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Madison institutions are responsible for outing this neo-fascist, underground movement operating in a media world of make-believe.

Note the just-posted Index of PRWatch Articles about ALEC, and The Progressive's Magazine's August 2011 piece on ALEC by Mark Pocan.

Wisconsin and Scott Walker are warning signs of what ALEC is working for nationally. Mitt Romney will happily front for this most extreme rightwing movement of America targeting voting, women, gays and other minorities.

Scott Walker and his allies spent some $70-million in a relatively small state and had air wave supremacy for months. Given those financial circumstances, we could market the Ebola virus as a blood-thinning drug.

Popular resistance is strong. And that huge financial advantage and political power of the forces of rapacious bigotry are only temporary, as Pocan writes in The Progressive.
[R]emember, an occupation is only temporary. One day soon we definitely will be living in the state we love, Wisconsin. Until then, we are only temporarily occupied by Fitzwalkerstan.

Apr 17, 2012

ALEC Disbands Task Force Responsible for Bills Scott Walker Signed

By Brendan Fischer

Under growing public pressure and the departure of multiple corporate members, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has announced it is disbanding the Task Force that has been responsible for some of the organization's most controversial pieces of legislation. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker introduced several bills approved by that Task Force when he was a legislator in the 1990s and early 2000s.