Nov 21, 2013

Club for Growth Is Malignant Bacteria in the Body Politic

Club for Is a Malignant Growth
Brendan Fischer has a nice wrap-up on David Koch, Americans for Prosperity, Republican Governors Association, Wisconsin Club for Growth, Eric O’Keefe et al in the latest probe into a probe looking into possible criminal corruption supervised by  retired Appeals Court Judge Gregory Peterson.

Nothing to see here is the GOP line, for now, though Wisconsin Club for Growth's Eric O’Keefe frack you to Judge Peterson and his subpoena are going to change that pretty soon.

John Doe proceedings are subject to a secrecy order, one presumes a subpoena serviced to O’Keefe is no exception. [O'Keffe, should check out the Hurley, Burish and Stanton, S.C. site at which they cite the secrecy of John Doe probe as an effort to "prevent testimony that may be mistaken or untrue or irrelevant from becoming public." It won't cost O'Keffe any money.]

But there is quite much to see here.

The Capital Times offers a summary of recent development of the man who would be governor, president or felon.

Time Magazine, writer Zeke J. Miller and Scott Walker teamed up for yet another puff piece about Walker's possible run for president [he's not going to run, we contended for years.]From the Cap Times:

Dark Money Funds Underground Movements Fronted by GOP
BloggingBlue's Zach Wisniewski calls Scott Walker a liar, pointing to an interview he did with reporters last week explaining why he dropped out of college. He claimed he did so because he needed to get a job to take care of his children. Problem is, Wisniewski points out, Walker dropped out of Marquette in 1990. His first child was born in 1994.

Blogger James Rowen also points to the same set of facts after reading Walker making the same claims in Time magazine. He posts an editorial that appeared in the student paper, the Marquette Tribune, over the future governor's illegal campaigning for student body president.

Speaking of the governor, Bruce Murphy's Urban Milwaukee column insists that the latest John Doe investigation spells real trouble for Scott Walker. Murphy presents a detailed analysis of Walker's staff's previous campaign violations while county executive and how it all plays into his gubernatorial election financing.

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