Nov 21, 2013

Scott Walker Is a Zombie GOP Candidate

Kill a zombie candidate like Walker by asking a policy question that
enters his skull, and into the brain tissue with the result: Road Pizza
You would not know it by the fawning national profiles of Scott Walker, but a different creature of politics is growing from inside Wisconsin. 

Walker is everywhere, even his young adulthood.

Time Magazine writes of Scott Walker, "At first he tried to be a part time student, but quickly the births of his children took that option off the table."

Ahh, no.

Mike Browne of One Wisconsin Now knocked this down fast: Walker was married three years after he left Marquette in February 1993; and didn't have his first child until 1994, four years after he left Marquette.

So Walker did not leave part time student academia quickly to have a family; he was seeking public office.

From Walker's personal instructions from God of which he often tells us: Walker ran against "now U.S. Representative Gwen Moore in a State Assembly race in fall 1990," shortly there-after his omniscient political adviser convinced Walker to move to Wauwatosa, Wisconsin for a successful run in the open June 1993 special election.

Since 1993 Scott Walker has been public worker extraordinaire.

But as governor he nuked the earned salary, pensions and healthcare benefits of unionized Wisconsin public servants, while amassing a small fortune as Wisconsin state rep, Milwaukee County Exec, and Governor, and raking in $10s of millions in his campaign funds that he keeps quiet with his big-money friends who also bankrolled Walker's legal defense fund, and presumably are the source of the dark money entering Wisconsin politics after Citizens United.

Lies and money will get you far in politics, but Scott Walker is too much of a lightweight to run for president, even for nomination of the White neo-conferarate party, aka the Republican Party.

Walker will just pocket the money, leave the Wisconsin economy a mess and take a six-figure salary in rightwing world.

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