Jul 25, 2012

ALEC Exposed, an Index on Neo Fascism

FitzWalkerStan - Resistance needed now
Update II: Think Wisconsin Tea Party and GOP, then apply to the national corporatist party: This is what America is facing, an underground movement fronted by rightwing radicals.

"Please send ALL ALEC material to the Representative's PERSONAL email . . . from now on," says a June email to ALEC sent from (state rep.) Jeremy Thiesfeldt's (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) state account.

In flushing out how rightwingers have come to dominate the Wisconsin GOP, note also the exclusive piece revealing Monana, Wisconsin native, writer Stacey Singer, in February said here in her exclusive interview with David Koch that Koch boasted of the GOP's keeping State Senate control in the 2011 Summer Recall Elections, as well as keeping Scott Walker safe from Wisconsin voters. Democrats have subsequently (June 2012) won control of the Wisconsin state senate, heading into the 2012 general election.

Update: See Wisc. Rep. Mark Pocan: ALEC is feeling the heat (Raw Story) and Meet Mark Pocan, the Original ALEC Spy (Redden. The New Republic; July 25, 2012)

Combine a group of GOP-Tea Party activists for sale with the Koch brothers and other billionaires; the product is public policy crafted in secret and bigotry planned in "quiet rooms," as Mitt Romney said.

All aided by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Madison institutions are responsible for outing this neo-fascist, underground movement operating in a media world of make-believe.

Note the just-posted Index of PRWatch Articles about ALEC, and The Progressive's Magazine's August 2011 piece on ALEC by Mark Pocan.

Wisconsin and Scott Walker are warning signs of what ALEC is working for nationally. Mitt Romney will happily front for this most extreme rightwing movement of America targeting voting, women, gays and other minorities.

Scott Walker and his allies spent some $70-million in a relatively small state and had air wave supremacy for months. Given those financial circumstances, we could market the Ebola virus as a blood-thinning drug.

Popular resistance is strong. And that huge financial advantage and political power of the forces of rapacious bigotry are only temporary, as Pocan writes in The Progressive.
[R]emember, an occupation is only temporary. One day soon we definitely will be living in the state we love, Wisconsin. Until then, we are only temporarily occupied by Fitzwalkerstan.

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