Jul 7, 2016

No One Should Be Sleeping Tonight

"The burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander," (Williams, Mal Contends)

Political commentator D.L. Hughley broke down on national TV.

"They’re brutalized, and nobody says anything. It’s too much… It’s too much," said Hughley,

CNN’s Chris Cuomo thanked Hughley, saying, "This is an important conversation to have." A noticeably agitated Hughley didn’t share his enthusiasm for words that aren’t backed up by action.

"I think we’ve had this conversation far too many times," he said. "And after a while, you have to understand that faith without works is dead. So people can have these conversations all day long. People are dying, and if we’re comfortable with it, that is our moral failing and is who we are," (Wellman, US Uncut).

It is a moral failing.

Minnesota's neighbor, Wisconsin, has a moral failing.

Madison, Wisconsin has a moral failing, made worse by Madison Mayor Paul Soglin's incredible green-lighting of Madison police killing this summer. Soglin said it will be the victims' fault when police kill people this summer.

Blacks are demonized by other Wisconsin politicians especially by Scott Walker and vile Milwaukee County racist cops.

The truth is most cops are capable of gunning down black folks.

Anybody tells you the vast majority of cops are risking their lives for the community is lying.

Where is this majority of cops when black folks are hunted, harassed, beaten, arrested and killed? Getting a good laugh.

I'm said it before, and I'll state it again: Just a matter of time before some black folks decide to gun down some white cops.

When this happens, I won't shed a tear. Not anymore.

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