Jul 2, 2016

Secrecy, Disrespect of Life and Liberty Define Madison Police

Paul Soglin Warns Citizens to Obey Commands or Police Will Kill You; Seriously

Update: "It's hard to call the police when you think someone is going to die," said John Hendrick, Dane County Supervisor, (WKOW-TV).
Take a honest look at the Madison police and observe a closed, violent society with a dangerous sense of entitlement and ingrained adversarial attitude toward the public, aka human beings.

Life is cheap with the Madison police so when this household heard on the local news (WISC-TV) that an apparent burglar was shot and killed by an unknown cop in the Isthmus, our reaction was: Quick-on-trigger cop kills another human being, and Happy Independence Day weekend.

Killing and beating people is SOP with the Madison police, so Madison Police Chief Mike Koval will cover up and lie as his first, second and third reaction to police killings and beatings.

We expect better from Mayor Paul Soglin and wonder what happened to this guy.

Said Soglin before any investigation of the police killing: "We have to get to a point where it's understood, unequivocally, that when a police officer gives an order and gives a command that the only options are to fully cooperate or to go limp. Resistance is not an option. ... I'm very concerned, as we go further into the summer and the Fourth of July weekend, that if we get situations where police are called and it's a situation where they have to protect property and lives and they give an order, that they are not followed and obeyed."

Soglin is concerned. He called for better education for citizens on how to interact with police and said resisting arrest was unacceptable. Yeah, that's right, Soglin said resistance or hesitation to a police command was not appropriate behavior, and police violence should be expected.

Has the 71-year-old Soglin taken leave of his senses, or is he hopelessly out-of-touch with simple decency?

I wonder if the Madison community realizes what an incredible statement Soglin is making. I don't know.

Soglin is giving a green light to police to beat and kill, and citizens not used to dealing with amped-up and authoritarian cops are now the subject of 'concern' from Soglin.

The formerly reformist-minded Soglin obviously has had a significant change of heart in addressing police violence: The police culture has changed Soglin and not for the better.

In much of America, police forces are coming to recognize that it is they who must be better-educated to interact appropriately with the citizenry, not the other way around.

From the Isthmus (Brogan):

The police shooting on Morrison Street Thursday night is just two blocks from Kevin O’Malley’s home. That’s where Paul Heenan was killed by officer Stephen Heimsness in 2012, right in front of O’Malley. 'I think the point we’re at right now in the neighborhood is complete and utter fatigue,'

O’Malley said on Friday. 'It feels like the new normal.' O’Malley is close friends with the homeowners at 1303 Morrison St., where police killed a man later identified as 41-year-old Michael Schumacher of Fitchburg. O’Malley said the homeowners were big supporters of his family in the aftermath of Heenan’s death. Now, inexplicably, his friends are going through a similar trauma. 'He came up to me and gave me a hug last night and let me know his family was okay. That’s where you’re at. You’re not at any other level when it happens to you.'
I've met Paul Soglin before. Brilliant and likeable, imbued with arrogance that is tolerable.

Now, I hope Soglin realizes it's time for him to resign from public office because he's either morally unfit or no longer has the best interests of the public at heart.

Arrogance not tempered with decency leads to tragedy at worst and vile public policy at best

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