Jul 7, 2016

Madison, Wisc Boys and Girls Club Is Normalizing Police Killing

Institutionalizing Killing Black People Is Not Creeping Fascism, Fascism Is Here

Blaming black folks for being beaten and killed by cops is like blaming women for being raped for the way they dress.

Days after Madison, Wisconsin Mayor Paul Soglin publicly gave the green light to cops killing citizens, news is the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County will offer children advice on how to deal with police and not be killed.

This is really happening and is not the plot for some dystopian movie.

From WISC-TV (Madison):
Following two fatal officer-involved shootings of African-American men in Louisiana and in Minnesota within the last 24 hours, local community leaders are taking action today. The Boys and Girls Club is hosting a discussion for teens to teach them how to interact with police. The teens will receive 10 rules that can help them deal with police encounters. Law enforcement officers have also been invited to join the conversation to talk about the importance of de-escalation tactics and how they respond to these incidents without taking someone's life.

What the fuck?

What is The Boys and Girls Club doing normalizing killer cops when it and other community institutions should be teaching teens that cops' killing and beating and terrorizing black folks or anyone is wrong and should be challenged over and over.

Something is very wrong here.

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