Jul 8, 2016

Retaliation in Dallas Against Police Terrorism

Update: This is what white people can do to support #BlackLivesMatter, (Washington Post).

Updated - Five police were killed, and six wounded last night in an apparent retaliatory citizen response against police terrorism of Americans, (Dallas Morning News), (New York Times).

No surprise.

The most dense municipal mayor, the most callous police department and the mindless rah-rah police 'supporters' likely will draw bone-headed conclusions about Dallas.

They should wake up.

Police and their political supporters cannot preach and inflict hatred against blacks and Latinos and hope to see no response.

The days of shaking down minority populations have to end, today.

The premise of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and other anti-minority forces in our society that police should not be challenged is a dangerous position, normalizing killer cops and their dangerous sense of entitlement.

Police today surveil, harass, intimidate, play judge and jury, terrorize, kill, destroy liberty, and work to marginalize entire swaths of human beings. Violence and terror are an every day part of life.

This is routine, and no police officer ever publicly challenges SOP.

This is wrong and should change.

So, what do you expect?

Dallas came from nowhere?

If not for the brave actions of citizens using their cell phone to record police killings, recent police killings in Louisiana and Minnesota would be just another black man killed, covered up by the blue blanket.

I don't shed a tear for dead cops. Not anymore

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