Jul 7, 2016

Black Lives Don't Matter; Not in Minneapolis, Madison, Baton Rouge, Cleveland, NY ...

Another day, another dead black man killed by cops
Cops Across the Nation Kill Targets of Opportunity—Black in the Wrong Place

"Fuck," said the Minneapolis-area cop after discovering shooting four bullets into a black man resulted in video-taped death, (U.S. Uncut), (Minneapolis Star Tribune).

The cop will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Madison, Wisconsin cops are being investigated for beating and killing this summer.

The three cops will be cleared.

Alton Sterling was killed by Baton Rouge, Louisiana cops this week.

The cops will be cleared.

Black folks are killed, arrested, harassed, and traumatized every day in America.

No one is responsible for any wrongdoing.

ThinkProgress reports: "According to the Guardian, Castile of Minnesota was the 561st person killed by police in 2016. The Washington Post reports that he was the 506th person fatally shot by officers this year."

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