Jul 6, 2016

Ex-Home Depot Exec, Now VA Crat, Denies Agent Orange Health Effects, Rattles Veterans

Agent Orange denier, Thomas Murphy, now in charge
of benefits at the Veterans Benefits Administration

America's worst bureaucrat you never heard of - Meet the VA's Thomas Murphy, new acting Under Secretary of the Veterans Benefits Administration

Have a friend in Adams County Wisconsin who spoke with me a couple of years ago about his brother, who served in Vietnam, was exposed to Agent Orange and in sum came home and died.

The brother's name does not appear on The Wall. It should. The man and his family are not alone in being disrespected by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (VA), and it's getting much worse.

A different friend today sent an article about a petition begun demanding the firing of a high-ranking appointee with the VA.

The VA official, Thomas Murphy, works actively to deny benefits to veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other similar herbicides causing myriad catastrophic health problems including cancer and death, after denying in 2102 that Agent Orange caused any adverse health effects. This is a crazy view, in opposition to science, but a view that serves the VA where hostility to veterans is the new mission statement.

Rightwing neocons have been smearing Agent Orange victims for years, and Murphy has joined them revealing much about the Obama administration's approach to honoring veterans.

The former VA Director of the Compensation and Pension Service Thomas Murphy stated repeatedly his benighted view first made public in 2102 "there is no conclusive evidence that TCDD, [the most toxic of all the dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in Agent Orange and other defoliants], exposure causes any adverse health effects," (Disabled Veterans), and was awarded for this absurd view by the Department of Veterans Affairs which appointed Murphy, acting undersecretary for benefits at Veterans Benefits Administration, (VBA).

Veterans across the political spectrum are outraged, but this appointment is one you likely won't read about in the corporate media. screwing veterans is good business.

Denying that Agent Orange causes cancer, birth defect and kills you is like saying VX gas is good for children.

And Murphy is the guy the Obama administration puts in charge of the VBA? What is the Obama adminstration thinking?

By the 2ndbattalion, 94thartillery writing to other veterans and advocates

Here is a Petition to Fire VA's Tom Murphy

As everyone knows by now VA’s Tom Murphy with his vast experience at Home Depot overrode the entire field of science and medicine both nationally and internationally by his public statement that:  Agent Orange did no harm.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Veteran Petition to Oust VA Agent Orange Denier

One veteran started a Change.org petition to oust VA Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy after he was promoted as acting Under Secretary for Benefits at VA.

Murphy, formerly the Director of Compensation, was just promoted to acting Under Secretary for VBA. Unfortunately for Vietnam veterans, Murphy is a documented Agent Orange denier, and based on his past decisions in contradiction of claims from scientists, burn pit veterans should also be concerned.

In response to the move that has been called “anti-veteran,” Thomas Osmond created a petition to support ousting the denier, Thomas Murphy.

Please be sure to sign the petition and get read up on the issue. I cannot figure out how our federal government has devolved to such an extent where public workers are able to actively defraud veterans of their benefits.

But that is where we are at today.

"Because his six years at Compensation and Pension are fairly judged to be a relative failure in serving America's Veterans. First, his determination and success in "holding the line" on Agent Orange claims. The two most visible groups he's fought on this are the Blue Water Navy Veterans and the C-123 Veterans Association.

"TCDD, the toxin in Agent Orange, is recognized by science to be the most toxic of the toxins, and definitely causes "adverse health effects." VA itself (but not Mr. Murphy) understands that it is a highly toxic substance.

"Mr. Murphy firmly claimed that Veterans Benefits Administration had already determined none of the C-123 Veterans were ever exposed, and no amount of proof from scientists or government agencies would raise the claim to VA's "as likely as not" threshold. All claims would be denied, he said.

Petition link:

Now I have no knowledge of this Change.org so I have no idea, [Note: Change.org is very okay,].

However it sounds like a good idea.

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