Feb 23, 2016

Brooklyn, NY Woman’s Conviction Overturned after DA Revisits Old Homicide Cases

Penny Brummer - Wrongfully convicted in 1994
because she is a lesbian
New York — Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson announced that he will move to vacate a second-degree manslaughter conviction from a 1998 jury trial, PIX11 has exclusively learned.

District Attorney Thompson said, "In the interest of justice, I will ask the Court today to vacate the manslaughter conviction of Vanessa Gathers. After a thorough and fair review of the case by my Conviction Review Unit and the Independent Review Panel, I have concluded that this conviction should not stand," Nicole Johnson of PIX-11 reports.

In the interest of justice.

This is a compelling reason to impose truth upon a miscarriage of justice.

Penny Brummer in Madison, Wisconsin

Locally, in Madison, Wisconsin if you have not signed the petition begun in January calling for a new trial for Penny Brummer, wrongfully convicted in 1994, please consider doing so now.

Ms. Brummer is an innocent woman railroaded by police tunnel vision, bigotry and a retrograde conception of lesbianism.

No evidence, no criminal record of Ms. Brummer who joined the U.S. Air Force straight out of high school, no motive, no connection to an unknown crime scene and an unknown murder weapon,  Brummer was nevertheless arrested, prosecuted and convicted of first degree intentional homicide of Sarah Gonstead.

Brummer reportedly wrote a letter earlier this month to Dane County (Wisconsin) District Attorney Ismael Ozanne asking for a new trial.

"Unless something does happen, Penny will die in a Wisconsin prison, damned for a relationship once forbidden in an era of intolerance," noted David Protess, President, Chicago Innocence Project, (Huffington Post).

DA Ozanne could call for a new trial today ... in the interest of justice.

To borrow from Robert H. Jackson's address 75 years ago, "While the prosecutor at his best is one of the most beneficent forces in our society, when he acts from malice or other base motives, he is one of the worst," (U.S. DoJ).

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