Feb 22, 2016

Citizen to State Rep. Scott Krug: YOU SOLD US OUT

Long Lake in Wisconsin - Used to be a lot of water
Kate Golden, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
By Patt Pisellini (of central Wisconsin)

Scott [Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa)],

I have tried - really tried - to believe you. As our local representative, I have always given you the benefit of the doubt, hoping your motives were concerned with protecting your constituents. But, your performance on bill AB 874 leaves little doubt that you care very little about us.

First, your method of contacting me, by hacking Criste's (Greening's) email list, is unconscionable. It demonstrates a total lack of concern for private communications.

From your opening paragraph, you have shown total disrespect for the intelligence of your constituents. Intimating this bill would have gone forward out of committee regardless of your vote, is ridiculous. 

Second, the fact you offer elaborate scientific studies of watersheds, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. There is scientific research already available. The vegetable growers have been conducting research for years. They know exactly what the performance of each watershed is. They just choose not to share it with the general public because it might force them to admit their agricultural practices need to be altered.

I watched your entire performance on the floor. Suggesting we drill more HCWs (High Capacity Wells) to fill up dried-up lakes, such as Long Lake, to study the hydrology is ludicrous. There are 5 monitoring wells already in place around Long Lake, that could, and should, have been used to study the hydrology over the past few years, but NOTHING has been done with them. We don't need to study the hydrology; all we need to do is take a drive around the perimeter of Long Lake, and the other Channel Lakes, and look at the proliferation of HCWs.

Your letter is a ploy to justify your actions, in hopes of getting back into our good graces.  Unfortunately, it is disingenuous, and lacks any substance. YOU SOLD US OUT - period. You have lost our trust, and do not deserve our respect.  I agree with Criste, I intend to support your opponent, and to actively campaign to oust you from office.

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