Feb 24, 2016

Nicole Wallace Hits Hillary-DNC Rigging of Dem Presidential Primary

Moments before Donald Trump delivered his victory speech in the Nevada Republican presidential caucuses last night, Nicole Wallace laid out a problem the Democratic Party presidential nominee faces in the general election campaign, if the nominee is Hillary Clinton.

Wallace, a former White House director of communications in the Bush adminstration and a panelist on MSNBC covering the Nevada Republican caucus results, pointed out the Republican Party presidential primary race is set up to award the nomination to the winner of the popular vote and individual states, and the Democratic National Committee is rigged to coronate Hillary Clinton.

Instead of a grassroots favorite like Donald Trump who appears to be the presumptive Republican nominee now, Democratic Party bosses and insiders are working to frustrate Democratic voters by substituting the will of the high number of superdelegate insiders for the American people who show up at Democratic Party primary and caucuses to cast their votes.

"Most Republicans look at the superdelegate process as a corrupt way for Hillary Clinton and [Democratic] Party leaders to put their finger on the scales against a guy in Bernie Sanders who most grassroots liberals adore. The fact that our [Republican] process plays out without Party bosses is something that I would expect liberals to find a nice thing about the Republican presidential [nominating] process," said Wallace.

Putting aside the fact RNC Chair Reince Priebus is an empty suit, Wallace is spot-on.

Guaranteeing Democratic Party voters, in Wisconsin (April 5 presidential primary), Ohio (March 15), Florida (March 15) and Pennsylvania (April 26) for example, their votes count in the Democratic Party presidential primary would be nice, and democratic.

Telling these same voters the DNC, Hillary Clinton and surrogates will be the deciders is not nice and corrupt, and if these facts are effectively communicated by the GOP could be catastrophic for the Democratic Party.

Consider post-Citizens United (see Justice Stevens' narrow concurrence), the dystopian world of dark money, the Koch brothers, congressional corruption, the Republican-led U.S. Senate improperly blocking a a presidential nominee to SCOTUS, ("the Senate has no pre-nomination role at all in the appointment process," (Fallone, Marquette University Law School) and
(SCOTUSblog Obama, A Responsibility I Take Seriously); and still the Republican Party occupies the high ground on the democratic nature of their party's presidential nominating campaign.

Only Hilliary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz can surrender the high ground to the Republicans.

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