Aug 9, 2013

Walker's cops threatened citizens, knowing they had backing of Walker

Update: Two state representatives are requesting that Wisconsin Capitol Police release communication transcripts. A good bet is, if the transcripts are released, they will not reveal radio chatter with the words, 'We can't just arrest and intimidate people for political expression, observing political expression for god's sake. Call Walker and Erwin and tell 'em they're nuts. This ain't Russia, you know.'

The DOA Secretary has determined this is an illegal event; you could be subject to arrest for spectating.

Most people in Wisconsin watching the videos (through social media and non-traditional news sites) of cops threatening citizens for observing knew the GOP game was up.

Circling GOP police in the Wisconsin state capitol will not be mistaken for constitutional scholars or civil libertarians or for that matter:  Civic Americans.

Officer Syphard and two new hires. What are they afraid of?
Officer Michael J. Syphard grabbed a photographer and threw
him to the ground this week
.Syphard was not on duty shortly after.Sloey, reached by phone said he cannot
comment on Syphard or related matters.

Photo by Craig Spaulding
Watching these enraged people in various police uniforms scream at people for filming arrests; accosting citizens; it's obvious a constitutional republic is not the favored society they wish to inhabit, and their police state actions would soon stop.

No, these GOP cops are not bright people; but they do know DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch (a GOP hack), Scott Walker and Walker's personal security guard now playing capitol police chief, David Erwin (a GOP hack) have their backs.

These are Republicans.

Walking up to women warning them away; stop watching or we'll arrest you.

Walking up to state representatives and saying; stop watching or we'll arrest you; literally scaring young children as parents hurry away from loud, disturbing cops.

Even the most obtuse news outlets finally began asking questions, pushing the DoA flack to announce that spectators will not be arrested, avoiding the questions; Where did the cops get this idea and why were they telling folks they would be arrested?

Getting a straight answer out of someone like Erwin, Huebsch or Walker is never going to happen.

Erwin, Huebsch or Walker live on lies. Ask anyway.

Republican efforts to cleanse Wisconsin history of the capitol as an open space and the people's cultural and political gathering area have been ongoing for the last two years.

The solidarity sing along and its support system have constantly moved away from other events at the capitol, as civilized, courteous people do.

Republicans should observe the solidarity sing along and learn what courtesy and rights in a constitutional democracy look like.

As for David Erwin, state capitol police chief, don't be afraid to give him a call or write a letter on matters with which he may assist you.
Phone: (608) 266-8797
Mailing Address: Wisconsin Capitol Police, B2 North State Capitol, Madison, WI 5370

Erwin writes on the Capitol website that it is "my honor and privilege to serve the people of the State of Wisconsin." 

Yes, it is. Try to remember this like ... now. 

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