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Sep 6, 2013

Breaking the Walker-Erwin Chokehold

Here's a solution for Wisconsin citizens insistent upon exercising their rights under the U.S. and Wisconsin constitutions, and their Republican, police and Democratic opponents:

Recognize freedom ... The right of the people peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, shall never be abridged.

How they used to do it in Alabama
How we do it in Wisconsin
The Solidairity Singers are out there for my freedom; and personally I can't risk stepping inside the Capitol as domestic responsibilities demand attention.

What I can do is play the Singers a song:

Sep 4, 2013

Nora Cusack on Getting Arrested at Wisconsin Capitol

Even the most obtuse might learn something from reading Nora Cusack's account of getting arrested at the Madison, Wisconsin capitol.

Anyone believing capitol police do not engage in targeted police action against people perceived to have the wrong kind of political leanings should read Ms. Cusack.

If we lived in a civilized society, thugs in blue would be under arrest. Damon Terrell
is the victim of Wisconsin capitol police turning vicious and more repulsive

Aug 30, 2013

Damon Terrell and Scott Walker's Political Police

Damon Terrell released after 72 hours for an unspecified thought crime
Update II: Damon Terrell Wins Case Against Scott Walker’s Cops; Civil Suit Coming (Kemble. The Progressive)

Update - Wisconsin Capitol Police have the credibility of Richard Nixon during the depths of Watergate. After Capitol Police attacked and arrested Damon Terrell, James Brooks writes in the police report that, "I observed Damon taking photographs in the rotunda area. I made verbal contact with Damon and told him I had identified him as a participant in an unlawful event. I told him he needed to disperse. Damon said he was doing nothing unlawful and would not leave. ... I did not consent to Damon injuring me." Brooks is serious. That's another citation thrown out of Court, and let's hope a violation of civil rights action. Love to see someone as full of shit as Brooks on the stand.

"The vitality of civil and political institutions in our society depends on free discussion. ... Accordingly a function of free speech under our system of government is to invite dispute. It may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger. Speech is often provocative and challenging. It may strike at prejudices and preconceptions and have profound unsettling effects as it presses for acceptance of an idea. That is why freedom of speech, though not absolute, Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, supra, 315 U.S. at pages 571—572, 62 S.Ct. at page 769, 86 L.Ed. 1031, is nevertheless protected against censorship or punishment, unless shown likely to roduce a clear and present danger of a serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance, or unrest."
- Justice William O' Douglas, writing for the Court in TERMINIELLO v. CITY OF CHICAGO. 337 U.S. 1 (69 S.Ct. 894, 93 L.Ed. 1131) Argued: Feb. 1, 1949. Decided: May 16, 1949.

"This Court has gone far toward accepting the doctrine that civil liberty means the removal of all restraints from these crowds and that all local attempts to maintain order are impairments of the liberty of the citizen. The choice is not between order and liberty. It is between liberty with order and anarchy without either. There is danger that, if the Court does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact."
- Justice Robert H. Jackson, writing in dissent in TERMINIELLO v. CITY OF CHICAGO. 337 U.S. 1 (69 S.Ct. 894, 93 L.Ed. 1131) Argued: Feb. 1, 1949. Decided: May 16, 1949.

It's necessary to note that Justice Jackson had returned from Nuremberg in 1946, and heard Terminello, just two years home.

Justice Jackson could not have been more fallacious in his reasoning in Terminello. Yet, typical of Jackson when he was wrong, he was thoughtfully wrong.

Damon Terrell, a protester in Madison, Wisconsin, who one hopes will pursue a federal civil rights action is in no danger of ever encountering a Justice Jackson or a Justice Douglas in the United States federal court system.

And Mr. Terrell won't do terribly better in the Wisconsin legislature.

"Activists now speculate that the Capitol Police use of force in arrests may be a deliberate attempt to provoke a violent reaction for a public disturbed by the sight of mass arrests for peaceful protests," notes Blue Cheddar. Viewing the linked above video, one would think Walker's cops would have to hang a rope around Damon Terrell's neck and throw him from the first floor balcony of the capitol rotunda before Democratic aides and Representatives decided to have a look around and mutter a word of objection for violation of freedoms and basic human decency.

Aug 27, 2013

Chief Couper: The Way Things Ought to Be

By Daivd Couper—Watch the video below and then take note of one very important thing: the officers have their helmets attached to their belts and NOT on their heads.

When police "suit up" too fast... take physical action too soon, it often lead to irreversible trouble.

This has profound implications on handling public protest, sporting events, and even "sing-alongs" in the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

I'd hire these officers any day. They get it!'
As Wisconsin citizens try to cool down the militarized Scott Walker police, how about the Capitol cops take a minute and have a look?

Aug 26, 2013

Repulsive in Madison; Cops Assualt Black Men at Capitol

We cannot count on the forbearance of the partisan, politicized police, nor the Republican DoJ, nor any word of consistent challenge and opposition from Democratic Party aides and representatives as Damon Terrell was attacked today by a gang of thugs

As James Rowen urges, it is time to contact the feds, U.S. Dept of Justice, Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin.The feds will listen,. and from outside it easy to not see what is happening to citizens systemically being attacked by Republican thugs in uniform.

You certainly are not seeing videos made by legislative aides belonging to the Democratic Party. The Dems give a green light to the cops.
United States Attorney's Office
Western District of Wisconsin
660 West Washington Ave,
Suite 303
Madison, WI 53703
From Noice of Rain—Scott Walker's palace guards are obviously getting frustrated, as the press is breaking less and less in their favor. Generally speaking, folks don't think that people should get arrested, handcuffed, dragged down the hallway, processed and fined or jailed merely for singing historical protest songs.
Former WI #AFL-CIO head David Newby was arrested today.
Instead of dialing their aggression back a little, the police went whole hog today, taking down two young African American singers, and dealing with one of them with a vehemence and force that can only be described as excessive.

Videos by Rebecca Kimble. Sick:

Aug 22, 2013

Judge Conley Should Hold DoA Sec. Huebsch, David Erwin in Contempt

Update: There is no doubt among any objective, fair-minded citizen that Capitol police arresting are observers of the Solidarity Sing Along, in direct contravention of federal Judge Conley's order. See also Blue Cheddar's piece noting that arrests of observers has become "normalized."

Attorney and writer Ernest A. Canning in a comment on a piece at The Brad Blog opines that through the action of Scott Walker's thugs, Mike Huebsch, David Erwin and the Capitol cops are in contempt in one respect of federal court, "(i)f it can be shown that the Capitol Police are (arresting) when the numbers are less than 20."

It is so shown, among calls for peace from religious groups.

Canning does not exclude targeting specific content of speech, which is of course what the thugs are doing as cause for contempt, but it it worth noting that arresting people for asking a question, for practicing journalism, and other non-actions clearly violate Justice Conley's order and clearly are in contempt of court. So, what are the ACLU and the Guild waiting for?

Please view this video by Arthur Kohl-Riggs of SSWIDTMS entitled, "Capitol Police Use Pain Compliance During Illegal Arrest of a Peaceful Demonstrator," every bit as repulsive as the title implies.

Aug 19, 2013

Why Folks Sing in the Wisconsin Capitol

If we ever put the constitutional rights to freely assemble and freely express political views to referendum, it would likely fail.

Below are shots from today in the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin demonstrating why citizens express their views anyway.

It has to with commitment in the face of malice and lassitude.

Firefighter Ted Higgins arrested
Firefighter Ted Higgins with citation Photo Rob Ganson

And the new GOP rule at the capitol is now aimed at collective word-holding. See picture below. Walker and David Erwin are working hard to make themselves look more ridiculous each day.

A large "UNINTIMIDATED" sign made of block letters greeted spectators. Capitol Police
Chief Erwin didn't like that speech. Walker and Erwin's cops arrested six of the letter holders,
specifically targeting the speech an explicit action against specific political speech.

Aug 18, 2013

Capitol Police chief gets $111,000, and five-figure shady bonus to bash rights for Scott Walker

Chief David Erwin is a slime, real shocker.

Erwin moved from a ghostjob and back to grab himself an extra gift from Wisconsin taxpayers—an $11,680 annual raise to his $111,067 a year gig.

Erwin is what Paul Ryan calls a "taker."

By Jason Stein and Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gov. Scott Walker's administration rewarded the new hardline Capitol Police chief and his top deputy with double-digit pay raises earlier this year after moving the pair on paper to phantom jobs for two weeks and then back to their real posts.

Chief Dave Erwin — who has overseen a crackdown on Walker protesters at the statehouse — received an overall salary hike of 11.7%, to $111,067 a year, the same rate as his predecessor. That amounts to an $11,680 annual raise.

That hefty raise was possible only because Walker officials transferred Erwin on Feb. 5 to a ghostposition in the state Department of Administration, according to a copy of the transfer letter obtained by the Journal Sentinel. Then, on the same day, he was shuffled back to his real job as head of the Capitol Police force.

Aug 16, 2013

Fascism-free Zone—Not Our Wisconsin State Capitol

The reverence toward the officious is a defect to be overcome in a classical liberal democracy

by Jackie Captain

Over-reliance on officiousness is a hallmark of fascism.

"Just doing my job," won't cut it for the Capitol police.

The black-booted thugs at the Capitol who are arresting protesters -- the elderly, veterans, and journalists -- know what they are doing is wrong.

They are violating the civil rights of Wisconsin citizens -- the very people who paid for the construction and restoration of the chapel of democracy wherein their representatives do work on behalf of those same citizens. One of the great pleasures of living in Madison was the ability to walk through the Capitol and show it to visitors -- no longer.

Grabbing hold of the notion that citizens need to file a permit to assemble at their own State Capitol is a product of little minds and malicious spirits. The lockstep following of this ludicrous directive is belittling everyone involved. I am ashamed of my state government.

The right to assemble peacefully and protest political policies are central tenets in the Wisconsin State Constitution. Transparency in government had been enshrined in Wisconsin via the open meetings and open records laws. Why then has the Department of Administration declared that citizens cannot gather in their own Capitol?

What Scott Walker's police are doing is a violation of civil liberties, raising the question what recourse do we have when the police in the People's House turn against us?

Certainly not petitioning the Wisconsin Department of Justice; they stand with Walker on this and in fact are perpetrating the prosecutions of Wisconsin citizens arrested for walking, talking, and singing, or as the police say, "obstructing."

Is a class-action civil lawsuit an answer?

Can an emergency petition for injunctive relief (a judicial order to halt the police targeting and arresting citizens in this instance) be filed in federal court?

Do we call the Lawyer's Guild, the ACLU, Madison civil liberties attorney Jeff Scott Olsen?

To be candid, I don't what to do when someone in my household wants to visit our state representative in the Capitol because I can't have someone arrested and detained for watching, posing a question, or as Matt Rothschild is aware, shooting a picture or trying to report on these events, when we have domestic responsibilities that demand attention at home.

I am proud of those who have been at the Capitol and have stood up for all our rights even at great risk to their own freedom and financial stability.

So who let Scott Walker turn the Capitol into an armed camp that subverts our civil liberties?

We cannot stand complacently by and let our rights be eroded. Leaders are going to rise up out of this movement (Rep. Chris Taylor?) -- perhaps even the next governor -- but where are they now? Why aren't they standing together against these violations?

There has been much commendable social-psychological research of obedience to authority in the 1950-60s trying to come up with some ideas how the rise of twentieth-century fascism could have happened, and how do we in the United States of America prevent it from happening here.

When Capitol police began telling people that they are subject to arrest for "spectating," watching the videos online I wondered if and when someone would speak up and how far the police would go.

Where will they stop?

I have no answers, but I do know that more people of good will need to stand up and speak out against the officiousness of the weak-minded.

Wisconsin Democratic Legislative Caucus Needs to Stand up for Free Speech

Update: Democratic Party cheerleaders excuse the bystanding posture of most Democratic legislators as arrests continue within the radius of a football field outside legislators' offices. 

Exceptions abound of course: Reps. Pope, Taylor; Sens. Risser, Erperbach, ... several more. 

Yet, pointing out that the rights and liberties of Wisconsin citizens— per the Wisconsin and United States constitutions— are being violated by Scott Walker's Capitol police for the GOP's political motives is in the views of Blogging Blue, to live in a "bubble."

One wonders what has to befall Wisconsin before Blogging Blue recognizes the extent of the social engineering project and power grab by this most radical and authoritarian of Wisconsin gubernatorial administrations.

I guess most Democrats will assume the we-didn't-know defense after tragedy occurs.

For the denial of liberty, intimidation, detaining and mass arrests are the work the GOP's cops acting as agents provocateurs, and the policy comes from Walker and DoA Sec. Mike Huebsch.  

For now, Matt Rothschild, Ed Kuharski and 100s more are cited and arrested for obstructing officers to silence from the Democratic Party. 

This is why I contend group-think and careerist Democrats veer into the GOP's area in too many respects—timid and unthinking silence.
Scott Walker's Capitol Police Arrest 14-year-old Teenager, Grannies, Journalist and Sitting Councilman for Being in Same Place as Walker Criminalizes Dissent Against Policies He Refused to Campaign on

It's high time the Wisconsin Democratic Legislative Caucus, and every officeholder is Madison trek over the Capitol and see in person what Scott Walker is doing to non-GOP political expression.

Silence and sitting in the state legislative offices—while the rights and liberties of Wisconsin citizens (and constituents) are being violated right outside the Democratic Legislators' representatives' office—is complicity. (See State Senators and State Representatives (Assembly).

Notable exceptions exist from legislative complicity and effective collaboration with Scott Walker, but they are just that, exceptions.

As my friend asked last night, what are they waiting for? See also Journalist, Madison alder arrested as Wisconsin Capitol police broaden crackdown

Rebecca Kimble writes in The Progressive:

(P)eople who sing in the rotunda at noon do so to express dissent against a government that has taken away many fundamental rights or workers, women, low-income people, public school students, among many others.

Participants in the gathering don’t necessarily agree on every policy issue, but they do agree on one thing: that their right to assemble and express political views is protected by the U.S. and Wisconsin Constitutions and should not require that the government against which they are dissenting should regulate their speech and assembly by an administrative permitting process.

Shortly before noon on Wednesday, Edward Kuharski of Madison was arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest for asking Capitol Police officer Mitch Steingraeber about who applied for the permit. He was taken to Dane County Jail and released after paying $600 in bail. This brings to eight the number of misdemeanor charges leveled against people gathering at the capitol at noon since July 24, 2013.

The Capitol Police have issued 223 citations that come with a $200.50 fine in that time period as well. Last week people began receiving “long form” legal complaints authored by Assistant Attorneys General detailing multiple violations of the State of Wisconsin Administrative Code that occurred months ago.

The complaint against Barton Munger contains 18 counts of chalking the sidewalk with a penalty of $500 for each incident stretching back months. This intensified crackdown on and criminalization of political speech comes weeks before the fall legislative session begins, when more controversial bills concerning private school vouchers, women’s reproductive rights and restriction of voting rights are expected to be taken up by lawmakers.

It seems that the Walker Administration is doing everything it thinks it can get away with to create a hostile environment for people to express their concerns publicly about these highly unpopular hot button policy issues.

Aug 15, 2013

Matt Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive, Arrested for Reporting from the Capitol

Update: Allen Ruff writes, "Do you think this cop would have understood the word 'putz,' and if so, tacked on an additional charge of assault with a descriptive expletive? Bonnie Block, interestingly, had a very decent column in the State Journal the morning of her apprehension. Clearly a case of retribution, targeting her for making critical comments on an opinion page (of a conservative paper, no less)!"

Longtime editor of The Progressive Magazine, Matthew Rothschild has been arrested today for reporting on the mass arrests at the Wisconsin state capitol by Scott Walker's capitol police.

Writes Rothschild:

They hauled me off in a squad car to the Dane County jail just three blocks away, where I was frisked again, booked, fingerprinted, had my mug shot taken, and kept in a holding cell with three other inmates for an hour and twenty minutes before being released.

The paper they gave me on the way out said, under 'Charge,' 946.41(1) Resisting or Obstructing.'
 Anybody still believe this is not Scott Walker, GOP hack Mike Huebsch, and the other GOP hack David Erwin pushing a political agenda—specifically violating and repressing the rights of citizens?

Mark Clear, a Madison Common Council Alder, was also arrested.

Man asked a capitol cop a question, arrested for obstructing an officer

Update: Some anonymous soul obtained a permit, the Solidarity Singers went outside as they do when another event is planned.

So, naturally the police arrested a man, Ed Kuharski, anyway for asking a question of some GOP capitol cop named (Mitch): The charge is obstructing an officer.

Worth noting is the incapacity of some—the Wisconsin Blogging Blue site and ex-Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz—to comprehend the scope of the social engineering project engaged by the GOP's Walker, Erwin and Huebsch.

Despite some some two years of evidence of GOP duplicity and GOP attempts to quell non-GOP political activity in voting, in worker organizing, consumer protection, legal protection and access to the capitol and too much more, Blogging Blue and Cieslewicz remain not so hot on defending freedom of political expression, denying in effect the history of the Wisconsin capitol as an open space for cultural and political gatherings.

Advise Blogging Blue and Cieslewicz at least to peruse histories of the Wisconsin capitol, architectural histories, structural reports, and cultural histories, as well as the published justification for restoration funds and so forth.

But Democrats being Democrats, group think and shallow bureaucratic thinking is the order of the day for the timid and not particularly well-read.

And to Ed Kuharski, this is for you:

Aug 12, 2013

Madison Police Chief on Capitol Cops: When will we ever learn

David Couper - Human being
Madison, Wisconsin Police Chief (1972-1993), priest, author, and poet David Couper has a new post up on policing; and specifically about Scott Walker's Wisconsin Capitol police chief's new approach to stomping out (my words) the efforts of people expressing what they wish to do with their government.

Check it out:

Writes Couper:

"Since the days of the labor and civil rights movements and through the era of the protests against the war in Vietnam, we seem to have learned very little about the best way for government officials to respond to those who disagree with them."

Aug 9, 2013

Walker's cops threatened citizens, knowing they had backing of Walker

Update: Two state representatives are requesting that Wisconsin Capitol Police release communication transcripts. A good bet is, if the transcripts are released, they will not reveal radio chatter with the words, 'We can't just arrest and intimidate people for political expression, observing political expression for god's sake. Call Walker and Erwin and tell 'em they're nuts. This ain't Russia, you know.'

The DOA Secretary has determined this is an illegal event; you could be subject to arrest for spectating.

Most people in Wisconsin watching the videos (through social media and non-traditional news sites) of cops threatening citizens for observing knew the GOP game was up.

Circling GOP police in the Wisconsin state capitol will not be mistaken for constitutional scholars or civil libertarians or for that matter:  Civic Americans.

Officer Syphard and two new hires. What are they afraid of?
Officer Michael J. Syphard grabbed a photographer and threw
him to the ground this week
.Syphard was not on duty shortly after.Sloey, reached by phone said he cannot
comment on Syphard or related matters.

Photo by Craig Spaulding
Watching these enraged people in various police uniforms scream at people for filming arrests; accosting citizens; it's obvious a constitutional republic is not the favored society they wish to inhabit, and their police state actions would soon stop.

No, these GOP cops are not bright people; but they do know DoA Secretary Mike Huebsch (a GOP hack), Scott Walker and Walker's personal security guard now playing capitol police chief, David Erwin (a GOP hack) have their backs.

These are Republicans.

Walking up to women warning them away; stop watching or we'll arrest you.

Walking up to state representatives and saying; stop watching or we'll arrest you; literally scaring young children as parents hurry away from loud, disturbing cops.

Even the most obtuse news outlets finally began asking questions, pushing the DoA flack to announce that spectators will not be arrested, avoiding the questions; Where did the cops get this idea and why were they telling folks they would be arrested?

Getting a straight answer out of someone like Erwin, Huebsch or Walker is never going to happen.

Erwin, Huebsch or Walker live on lies. Ask anyway.

Republican efforts to cleanse Wisconsin history of the capitol as an open space and the people's cultural and political gathering area have been ongoing for the last two years.

The solidarity sing along and its support system have constantly moved away from other events at the capitol, as civilized, courteous people do.

Republicans should observe the solidarity sing along and learn what courtesy and rights in a constitutional democracy look like.

As for David Erwin, state capitol police chief, don't be afraid to give him a call or write a letter on matters with which he may assist you.
Phone: (608) 266-8797
Mailing Address: Wisconsin Capitol Police, B2 North State Capitol, Madison, WI 5370

Erwin writes on the Capitol website that it is "my honor and privilege to serve the people of the State of Wisconsin." 

Yes, it is. Try to remember this like ... now. 

Aug 7, 2013

Another Day of Walker-ordered Arrests at the Capitol

Update II: I recommend Eric Dolan's piece in Raw Story.

Update: Mostly, Veterans and tourists arrested today, Leslie Amsterdam reports.

Scott Walker continues to believe that the People's House, the Capitol, the splendid public open space is off-limits, and is just another Department of Administration property that Walker could sell, if he wanted.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker plays the lucrative I'm-thinking-about-running-for-president game.

Well, Tim Russell—Walker's personally appointed embezzler of veterans' money—should be out of prison soon, time enough to join the Walker for President campaign, if Walker is serious.

Blue Cheddar Live Blogging at the Wisconsin Capitol

Click this link to see live feed of Wisconsin state capitol as police persist in circling and warning those who "spectate."

Wisconsin Citizens: Film and Record Everything

Officer Syphard and two new hires. Officer Michael J. Syphard
grabbed a photographer and threw him to the ground this week
Syphard was not on duty yesterday.Sloey,
reached by phone this morning said that he cannot comment on Syphard
or related matters.
Photo by Craig Spaulding

Here's some contact information that some of you may find useful, from the Solidarity Sing Along:

Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin
Phone: (608) 266-1212
Mailing Address: Office of Governor Scott Walker, 115 East Capitol, Madison, WI 53702

Mike Huebsch, Secretary of the Department of Administration
Phone: (608) 266-1741
Mailing Address: Office of the Secretary, 101 East Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703

David Erwin, State Capitol Police Chief
Phone: (608) 266-8797
Mailing Address: Wisconsin Capitol Police, B2 North State Capitol, Madison, WI 53702

Scott Walker's Cops: Even Watching Means You Are Now Subject to Arrest

Wisconsin citizen holding sign inside state capitol
in the week of August 5 - Photo by Blue Cheddar
How I wish this headline were a Jonathan Swift reductio ad absurdum comment.

It's not, it's a fact.

Outrage and disgust at Republican Party grows as GOP cops now try to quell even watching, "spectating" as the circling cops say, other citizens singing.


"This event has been declared unlawful by the secretary (of the GOP's Wisconsin Department of Administration, Mike Huebsch,) You could be subject to arrest."

Such are the words of capitol cops, just following orders, circling the capitol warning families, children, veterans, legislators, anyone to stay away from their capitol.

It is only time before a Judge orders court-appointed marshals in to protect capitol visitors from the GOP's capitol police.

"Two journalists, Nicole Schulte and Leslie Peterson, were actually chased by police officers who tried to grab their cameras. They continued to film the arrests and were not themselves arrested. But Greg Kinsley and Jeremy Ryan were arrested for filming," reports Reccaca Kimble in The Progressive. "Every noon hour in the Wisconsin State Capitol rotunda feels a little bit different. Today it felt like a prison."

Just as the GOP intends.

These warnings themselves chill and prevent the First Amendment as well as the Wisconsin Constitution; no judge would fail to toss GOP-issued citations for breathing, walking and observing at the capitol. Or singing for that matter.

And that's what this is: A Republican effort to keep non-GOP people away from the capitol.

Cops have been filed throwing a photographer to the ground for filming an arrest. (Check the link for his thoughts.)

Think this is hyperbole. Watch this videos, as the capitol police are walking around the rotunda, harassing people for "spectating" and declaring "you could be subject to arrest."

Here is a video of a lone woman, in her young 20s, being harassed by a capitol cop for reasons surpassing comprehension.

Now, capitol officers are patrolling the capitol rotunda walking up to lawmakers, staffers, state workers and families to ensure none are there to sing or watch, or "spectate."

Susan C. writes (via Rock Netroots):
"As I was walking out of the capitol today I overheard two women, shepherding four children, aged 6-10, talking about how 'horrible it was in there today.' I turned around and engaged them. It turned out they had to leave because one of the little girls was so scared she never wanted to go back in the capitol again. I asked, 'Afraid of the singers?' Her mom looked at me like I was crazy. She said, 'No, the police.'

Here's video of a capitol cop harassing a family (they look very dangerous, especially the young man of approximately 12-dangerous-years)

Wisconsin Rep Sandy Pope (D-Middleton) was threatened with arrest at Capitol for observing Solidarity Sing Along, reports Isthmus.

Outrage is growing:

"My friend, a fellow veteran of the war in Vietnam who has, with due diligence, generally overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, fell after being handcuffed in the Capitol by Walker’s new cops (last week). My friend’s back was injured and he was taken to a hospital after this uncalled-for violence. He wasn’t physically resisting anything. He was—-he’d be the first to point this out—-politically and spiritually resisting unfairness, oppression, and intolerance. My friend has experienced those transgressions before and after his service as a decorated and wounded war veteran." 

Today through August 11 is the National Veterans For Peace Convention held in Madison. 

Look for more GOP cops to bust some veterans today for not being Republican. 

But this fight for democracy against the Republican Party has already been won by Wisconsin citizens.

Aug 6, 2013

Sen. Erbenbach Hits Capitol Police in Letter

Sen. Jon  Erbenbach (D-Middleton) ask for an explanation in a letter to the GOP's Police Chief Erwin.

Arresting people for the alleged equivalent of a municipal ordinance violation, physically attacking Wisconsin citizens?

What is the problem child police chief up to now?

Here's Video of What Wisconsin Capitol Police Find Acceptable

David Erwin - A disgrace
Update II: Rebecca Kimble's coverage in The Progressive of this crime is aces.

Update: We just phoned our state representative requesting a public statement condemning what is happening outside of our collective legislators' offices. This bunch of sworn police officers appear to be free of ethics, commitment to a democratic republic, and not a lack of restraint but rather an active and abiding hostility towards our citizenry. Please consider phoning your state representatives today. See Wisconsin State Reps, and Wisconsin State Senators for quick contact info.

The video below shows an appalling incident committed by Officer Michael J. Syphard within feet and full view of children, as clearly shown.

Time to go federal with a civil rights complaint against these, and let's be honest, punks in uniform. This bunch would do better gang-banging, kind of like their doing now.

"Capitol Police Chief David Erwin exhibits (appalling) judgment in allowing Officer Michael J. Syphard grab(ing) videographer Arthur Kohl-Riggs and (throwing) him to the ground without any kind of warning or request to move," for filming.

"According to on-line court records, last year Syphard was charged with the crimes of Disorderly Conduct (a misdemeanor) and Intimidate Victim/Use or Attempt Force (a felony). Those records indicate that he entered a guilty plea to the Disorderly Conduct charge and the other charge was dismissed. Records indicate that his case remains open, having been referred to the Deferred Prosecution Program," the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative reports.

Suggestion: At the 42-second mark of this video, someone with screenshot capability should capture this instant as the children stand there staring open-mouthed, agasp at this crime.
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