Aug 10, 2013

VA Partners with ABA, Legal Services Corp in Claims Pilot Program

Don't waste one dime on VA cops, get the money to veterans
The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA or VA), the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) announced a new partnership and pilot program aimed at reducing the veterans claims backlog, helping unrepresented veterans, reads a VA press release Friday.

That's great news. And it is another departure from the Bush-Cheney years that were so hostile to veterans' disability claims, the Bush administration threw a Wisconsin veteran in federal prison for diligently pursing his PTSD claim and telling VA employees what assholes they can be

Still, why we don't we employ for two years some brilliant, young techies from Silicon Valley to integrate government systems and cut through it to expedite disability pay for veterans?

That's what we need, fresh innovation with no respect for bureaucratic incursions on creativity.

Locally, let's purge the regional VA offices of bureaucrats who hate the idea of disability benefits; like in Roanoke, Virginia and in Milwaukee.

Neocons in the VA won't like it. Who cares?

The believe-in-God-and-you-won't-have-PTSD crowd won't like it either. Forget them and their nonsense.

Can the VA cops; they're useless, and they're in the way at best.

Under the Obama administration, the mission and objectives of the VA and its Veterans Benefit Administration have changed to actually approving claims.

But way-better than Bush-Cheney won't cut it for too many veterans.

One concern is that attorneys whose practice and life is helping veterans, and who get paid in peanuts, might get the short end on this.

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