Aug 10, 2013

DA Lipske Backs off Rubber-stamping Militia; Wrongful Prosecutions Remain

Iron County DA Martin Lipske on display
Well, kudos to Iron County (Wisconsin) DA Martin Lipske for making a statement that "hopefully we don't have to have high-intensity security people like Bulletproof here, acting in a high-intensive manner like being armed," as reported by Wisconsin Public Radio.

Yeah, who could have saw Bulletproof coming? See Scott Walker's aide had advance knowledge of Bulletproof's plans for the Iron County mine.


How would have Lipske treated conservationists marching around the north woods with semi-automatic weapons? Walker likely would have called in the National Guard.

How about, hopefully, dropping Lipske's ludicrous multiple-felony prosecutions against Katie Kloth for protesting against the mining company and Bulletproof's bad actions that have no place in Wisconsin?


How about, hopefully, getting Donald Miller out of prison before everyone and his U.S. Attorney find out about the rat's nest of corruption, wrongful prosecutions and malice Lipske has going up there in Iron County?

Lipske knows what I mean. Lipske's words are not exactly a piece of forged steel.

Word from a source in Iron County this morning is Miller applied for a Pardon from the governor's Executive Clemency office, whose webpage currently reads, "The pardon process has been suspended indefinitely.  Applications currently on file will be saved for future use.  However, no new applications will be accepted."

After encouraging words about Executive Clemency, came nothing as Lipske went from a Jim Doyle-endorsing Democrat to an Independent running for reelection for DA in 2012, fully in support of mining interests and Walker's mining bill.

Iron County DA Martin Lipske on display. Letter shows capricious behavior

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