Aug 8, 2013

Iron County DA Commits Capricious Action Against an Innocent Man

Don Miller, an innocent man with his son, Kirk.
Iron County DA Martin Lipske committed
a malicious prosecution
Update III: Don Miller was ordered freed, with five years probation, after the University of Wisconsin-Madison Innocence Project secured this stipulation.

Meanwhile, the corrupt district attorney, Martin Lipske, violated a Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule [SCR 20:3.6  Trial publicity] in his pursuit against a 20-something woman protesting the GTac mine. How Lipske is still allowed to practice law, much less serve as a district attorney is mystifying. See Kochs Target Iron Co Races, as Corrupt Judge and DA Target Mining Protestor.

Update II: Had heard things are a little crazy way up in northern Wisconsin, but not like this. A source tells me that staff working with the University of Wisconsin Law School's Innocence Project was in negotiations with Iron County DA Martin Lipske, and that Lipske is in a phrase: Criminally dishonest. At a September 2012 hearing on paroling the innocent man, Lipske reneged on an agreement stipulating the release of Donald Miller, an innocent man serving a 42-year sentence, in an apparent underhanded attempt to have Miller burn up legal avenues. The judge, Patrick J Madden, a corrupt bozo, rejected the agreement and Lipske said nothing in response at the hearing. This is far-northern Wisconsin, a rat's nest of corruption the likes of which I have never encountered in Wisconsin, and have never even heard of.

Update: A reader says this capricious action by a sitting Wisconsin District Attorney in the letter at end is a sick prosecutor "taunting" the innocent man he threw in prison. I agree.

Corrupt, pro-mining District Attorney Martin Lipske Committed a Malicious Prosecution of Innocent Man in 1997.

Now, Lipske capriciously denies a parole recommendation for the man he prosecuted, a position reversing Lipske's prior position because Lipske said the imprisoned man's parents publicly noted Lipske's license to practice law was suspended for misconduct.

Yeah. This reveals how Martin Lipske makes value decisions.

See the Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction website.

Lipske's letter on the official Iron County (Wisconsin) District Attorney letterhead, indicating Lipske's capricious reversal is below.

The Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction site could perhaps be entitled a malicious prosecution site instead.

Some background.

The Wrongful Conviction site was recently updated to include a link to Anthony Stellas's The,  featuring updates on the "developing GTAC (Gogebic Taconite Mine) fiasco in Iron County."

Stella ran against Lipske for DA in 2012 in an election that Lipske narrowly won after a suspicious recount that reversed the election result. Lipske won by four votes out of some 3,200 votes cast.

A background source, speaking without attribution because he said Lipske is vindictive, said including the two updates on Lipske's 2012 election and referencing the updates as "news" that Lipske had his license suspended has led to Lipske's bizarre behavior and his letter to an imprisoned man who, if my reading of these documents is correct, is innocent.

Lipske's letter has been posted since August 7, 2013 by a group in northern Wisconsin working to free an innocent man, and who have alerted me to this development, this posting of the letter.

Mal contends, began researching the career of the Iron County District Attorney, Martin Lipske, after news of Lipske's inappropriate and unethical public musing over launching prosecutions against Gogebic Taconite mining protesters prior to any criminal complaint or the inception of any law enforcement investigation.

Local jurists in Dane County (Wisconsin) where I live have confirmed that Lipske is indeed a reckless jurist, a pattern of behavior confirmed by the State Bar of Wisconsin in July 2013.

The bar confirmed a two-year suspension of Lipske's license to practice law characterized as engaging in professional misconduct composed of "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misconduct" in July 1990, some 23 years ago. The Bar also confirmed other, less serious administrative suspensions.

Just how corrupt are things up north in Iron County (Wisconsin), population: Some 5,900?

Turns out District Attorney Martin Lipske is more corrupt and reckless than even what his fellow jurists believe.

A piece published here, entitled Iron County DA Has History of Professional Misconduct, Suspension of License for Discipline (Jul 17, 2013), drew a long comment from a reader blasting Martin Lipske for Lipske's wrongful prosecution of as many documents suggest (advise taking a few weeks to read them over), an innocent man, Donald R. Miller, subsequently sentenced to a 42-year sentence for a crime that has been publicly recanted by the alleged victim, who at the very least can be said to not be a credible accuser.

Malicious prosecution

Lipske's involvement includes almost no law enforcement investigation; Lipske just took a story that the former live-in girlfriend of Miller's apparently fabricated, and absent an investigation, ran with it and made a criminal case.

Turns out Miller is up for parole this year. Lipske has previously said Miller did not deserve the 42-year sentence, and had agreed to Miller to stipulate his release this year.

Last month, Lipske sent a letter dated July 11, 2013 to Miller reading in part: "My intentions were to send a copy of the stipulation in which I agreed to your release. However, between the time that I received the form and the due date, I received another letter through the actions of your parents challenging my license to practice law. Therefore, nothing was sent as I intended."

An innocent man is imprisoned by Lipske; and now Lipske is willy-nilly making value decisions on a man's life, and others.

This is the same District Attorney who has charged a 20-something mining protester, Katie Kloth, with multiple-felony robbery and other criminal violation for protesting, raising her voice and allegedly grabbing a cell phone from a mining company official.

This Miller matter will be brought to the attention of the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation—the governing Wisconsin authority for lawyer misconduct, and the office that prosecutes violations of lawyer ethics rules—if I have to do it myself.

Miller's son Kirk, after his efforts to free his father failed in the face of corrupt and unyielding Iron County officials, committed suicide.

How many lives will be ruined before we begin asking questions about Iron County District Attorney Martin Lipske?

Iron County DA Martin Lipske on display. Letter shows capricious behavior

This site has received no information whatsoever about Lipske's two-year suspension of his license to practice law in Wisconsin from Miller's parents. The State Bar of Wisconsin contacted by phone (and from whom I received an e-mail) on July 17, 2013 is my source for the piece, Iron County DA Has History of Professional Misconduct, Suspension of License for Discipline, run on July 17, 2013.

Just saying.

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