Dec 18, 2013

Wrongfully Convicted: Words from Don Miller, innocent freed after 16 years behind bars

Miller with son, Kirk; Kirk became
distraught later and took his life.
Love, forgiveness and peace from Don Miller of Iron County Wisconsin

"I have to be free of hate, no hate in my heart. The judge, Judge Madden [Patrick J. Madden] and DA [Iron County DA Martin Lipske], well, they're people too. I wish them well, may they go in peace. We have to forgive and move on with our lives. There is power in that."

Just off the phone with Don Miller of Hurley Wisconsin in Iron County.

Didn't know what to expect, I just phoned to say 'Hi, and wanted to say 'good luck, dude.'

I spoke with Don Miller from his Hurley kitchen early this afternoon from his parents' home where he'll be spending his first Christmas in 17 years—arrested with no investigation, a prosecutorial abuse of process and, what I believe to a judicial abuse of office handing down a 42-year sentence, after he asked his live-in girlfriend, Connie Vargovich, to move out out after she slept around town in the sexual playground known as Hurley, Wisconsin in 1990s.

Vargovich had a relationship with the presiding judge and the DA.

Miller has served some 5,913 days in prison and jail.

"I have to be free of hate, no hate in my heart. The judge, Judge Madden and DA [Iron County DA Martin Lipske], well they're people too. I wish them well, may they go in peace," said Miller. "I spoke at the hearing and wished Madden, 'good luck' and thanked him," said Miller. "I don't think they were expecting that."

I'm afraid to go to a grocery store, everything scares me, but I know I'm surrounded by love. A lot of people are feeling safe now, and I would like them come forward with what they know. I want to single out the Innocence Project for what they did."

Miller says, in the mean time, "Merry Christmas, I'm home at last."

[Note: This conversation took place by phone and I did not expect Miller to be so talkative. Wasn't even taking notes into a few minutes, so quotes may not be perfect.]

Two things I want to do.

One: Here a link to Chief Judge for the Court of Appeals or the Ninth Circuit Calling his jurisdiction an 'Epidemic' of Prosecutor Misconduct and,

Two: Play Don Miller some SRV. Out to you, man:

Life Without You-Stevie Ray Vaughan

... And the guy that's standing on the ground, that needs some help. You don't walk up and kick him, if you gonna do this, You better wear his shoes for awhile. Because you know what? Trade places with him and he'll pick you up. It's the truth. You better pass around as much love as you can in your lifetime. It's all we really have to give or accept. Are you with me?

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