Dec 18, 2013

Poll: No movement in historically low numbers for GOP

Think that much publicized outreach to minorities, young adults and women is gaining ground for the Republicans?

Look at this happy family that obtained healthcare, and they're
black! This must stopped at all costs; they breed, you know?
How about continual attacks on the working poor obtaining affordable healthcare.

Forget it.

By Erica Seifert of DCorps:

The final Democracy Corps battleground survey of 2013 belies the conventional wisdom that Republicans have enjoyed a major rebound over the last few months. On the contrary, our survey of the 50 most competitive Republican House seats and the 30 most competitive Democratic seats shows that there has been no movement. Furthermore, the second tier of less vulnerable Republican target districts has actually destabilized -- meaning that there may be more Republican seats up for grabs than many believe right now. ...

[T]his poll finds that Republican members are damaged by their total focus on Obamacare. Voters increasingly believe that these vulnerable Republican incumbents are part of the gridlock in Washington, are too focused on battles with Obama, and are too aligned with Speaker Boehner, whose plans have not helped the economy or the jobs situation. We tested a series of messages and attacks (both for and against Republican incumbents), and found that battling on Obamacare is their weakest case for re-election. In fact, it undermines it.

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