Dec 16, 2013

Wrongfully Convicted: Don Miller of Iron County, Wisconsin Is Ordered Freed on Parole

Don Miller of Hurley, Wisconsin appears at hearing in Iron County Courthouse on
Monday. Seated with Miller is John Pray, director of University
of Wisconsin Law School Innocence Project.
Seated behind in the crowd are Innocent Project staff
and supporters of Don Miller. (Photo: Ralph Ansami/Daily Globe)
Update: Don Miller freed from prison after 16 years (Ralph Ansami. Ironwood Daily Globe).
This site has received word that Don Miller of Hurley, Wisconsin in Iron County has been ordered released on five-years parole today at a hearing this afternoon in the Iron County (Wisconsin) Courthouse.

Thank you Judge Patrick Madden is one meme floating around Iron County today, out of appreciation for his partially correcting an injustice, what this site and national network of advocates see as an abuse of prosecutorial power, and a malicious prosecution of an innocent man.

Wisconsin Court System - Circuit Court Access
Wisconsin Innocence Project attorneys are inaccessible for comment.

Family and supporters are nervous, afraid to talk, and won't be quoted. But Don Miller is going home to the Hurley, Wisconsin home of his parents to be home for Christmas for the first time in 17 years.

Miller has been in prison for some 16 years serving a 42-year sentence since 1997 that this innocent man's advocates have asserted credibly is a "miscarriage of justice," and "malicious prosecution," speaking on condition of background out of fear for retaliation by sitting Iron County District Attorney Martin Lipske.

This development came after Miller's live-in girlfriend was asked to move out of Miller's house after sleeping around the sexual playground known as Hurley, Wisconsin. She lied amid widespread beliefs in the county she and Judge Madden were having an affair before, during the trial and with alleged victim.

Today's hearing was attended by a reporter from the Ironwood Daily Globe newspaper.

Federal corruption statute - 18 USC § 201
Some 25 supporters and family members along with several members of the Wisconsin-Madison Law School's Innocence Project were in attendance.

This site will keep the reader advised, and act and report, as developments warrant.

I will go further, if I am advised of unethical and malicious action, I will dedicate this site to rigorously launch grievances against all parties acting corruptly against this innocent man.

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