Aug 15, 2013

Man asked a capitol cop a question, arrested for obstructing an officer

Update: Some anonymous soul obtained a permit, the Solidarity Singers went outside as they do when another event is planned.

So, naturally the police arrested a man, Ed Kuharski, anyway for asking a question of some GOP capitol cop named (Mitch): The charge is obstructing an officer.

Worth noting is the incapacity of some—the Wisconsin Blogging Blue site and ex-Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz—to comprehend the scope of the social engineering project engaged by the GOP's Walker, Erwin and Huebsch.

Despite some some two years of evidence of GOP duplicity and GOP attempts to quell non-GOP political activity in voting, in worker organizing, consumer protection, legal protection and access to the capitol and too much more, Blogging Blue and Cieslewicz remain not so hot on defending freedom of political expression, denying in effect the history of the Wisconsin capitol as an open space for cultural and political gatherings.

Advise Blogging Blue and Cieslewicz at least to peruse histories of the Wisconsin capitol, architectural histories, structural reports, and cultural histories, as well as the published justification for restoration funds and so forth.

But Democrats being Democrats, group think and shallow bureaucratic thinking is the order of the day for the timid and not particularly well-read.

And to Ed Kuharski, this is for you:

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