Aug 15, 2013

Larry Sabato: Scott Walker Leads Wide-open GOP Field

Political prognosticator Larry Sabato is no Nate Silver; only Nate Silver is.

But Sabato is good.

Sabato's Crystal Ball out today continues to rate Scott Walker as among three "first-tier" Republican presidential candidates considering a run for the GOP nomination.

In fact, Walker is number one in Sabato's analysis.

I think Scott Walker should go for it; and run on his record on ethics, demonstrated intelligence and job creation.

Writes Sabato:
Meanwhile, Scott Walker continues to hold the top spot on our list because we believe that if he decided to run, he could potentially appeal to both the party’s defense hawks and its fiscal conservatives. In the event of a Paul-Christie duel (or a battle among others) for the soul of the Republican Party, Walker could present himself as a consensus choice whose nomination would avert a GOP identity crisis. Yes, we realize that Walker might end up being a disappointing national candidate — he very well might not have the swagger, fundraising chops, rhetorical ability and national base of support to make much of a bid — but in our view he continues to lead a wide-open field.

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