Aug 14, 2013

Heavily Armed Bulletproof Operated Illegally in Ashland County

Updated - The StellaReport has the story.

Bulletproof's "Tom Parrella had his young, battle-ready employees of the mindset that their lives and the lives of their families were under immediate threat, as if he were commanding a covert operation in Pakistan. He went so far as to instruct them -- in clear violation of Wisconsin's laws -- to remove their name tags and cover their faces," writes Stella.

That's right.

And it took a private citizen to find out what Stella is bringing to light.

Stella's determination that Iron County's District Attorney, Martin Lipske, won't do anything of substance RE Bulletproof's armed-camp response to conservationists bringing attention to the Gogebic Taconite Mine's environmental damage to Iron and Ashland counties, Lake Superior and the surrounding waters and habitats.

I still think it is going take an idiot from Bulletproof shooting someone before Scott Walker and his administration stop collaborating with Bulletproof (Marley and Phillis. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; August 9, 2013) and starts doing its job.

Iron County's Lipske, fresh off his two-year-plus suspension (1990-1993) of his license to practice law in Wisconsin (and Minnesota) for professional misconduct decided what better way to get back into the swing of law than to run for District Attorney of Iron County Wisconsin in 1994.

Lipske moved to Iron County from Superior, Wisconsin (Douglas County) at the urging of Iron County Judge Patrick J. Madden, aka Madman.
Martin Lipske runs for DA in Iron County - From August 1994

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