Jul 21, 2015

Scott Walker Proposes Eliminating State Board That Launched Election Probe

Scott Walker wants to eliminate the Wisconsin state elections Board considered to be the model in the country at administering fair, non-partisan elections—the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. (Opoien, The Capital Times)

The Board's (GAB) problem, doing its job as a watchdog agency which in WalkerLand means you are an enemy.

"I think they made a deliberate decision that their main goal, despite the stated goal of creating jobs, was to destroy their enemies," said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, lamenting state Republicans going out of their way to wrest local control away from Madison and Dane County. (Thomas, The Capital Times)

"Walker's call for the elimination of the GAB is simply revenge and retribution for the GAB approving of an investigation of what was clearly a violation of Wisconsin campaign finance law in 2011-12," Jay Heck, director of Common Cause in Wisconsin said. "The elimination or evisceration of the GAB will only raise further questions about whether or not Walker and his campaign were involved in illegal activity. And it will be viewed by citizens as an attempt to simply eliminate any entity that puts adherence to the law above partisan fealty." (Opoien, The Capital Times)

Walker is not even pretending not to be corrupt anymore, he believes all enemies of the Walker state must be eliminated or degraded.

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