Jul 28, 2022

Democrats' Reaction to Anti-choice Edict Shows Party Out-of-Touch in Joe Biden

Madison, Wisconsin — Joe Biden's most prominent statement to date following the Dobbs opinion abolishing women's liberty to decide to bear children is to castigate reproductive choice "activists" for not being "mainstream" Democrats.

The statement delivered in June by outgoing White House communications director Kate Bedingfield, a Biden loyalist, was striking in its dismissal of reproductive liberty "activists," stating their need to join Biden's anti-choice political commitments, (Ashley Parker, Yasmeen Abutaleb and Tyler Pager, Washington Post).

Kate Bedingfield's statement is reproduced below from the July Washington Post: a story that is virtually blacked-out on MSNBC.

The president has been showing his deep outrage as an American and executing his bold plan — which is the product of months of hard work — ever since this decision was handed down.

Joe Biden’s goal in responding to Dobbs is not to satisfy some activists who have been consistently out of step with the mainstream of the Democratic Party. It’s to deliver help to women who are in danger and assemble a broad-based coalition to defend a woman’s right to choose now, just as he assembled such a coalition to win during the 2020 campaign.

This follows Biden's May refusal to do engage.

"Do something, Democrats," rang out in D.C. in May, Reuters reports. 

Nothing from Joe Biden. Nothing.

Biden Crowing about Small Gas Declines Now

Joe Biden appears to have fallen into political delusion.
Joe Biden is continuing his your-family-is-doing-great tour.

After months of telling America that nothing can be done about gasoline prices, Biden is on Twitter this morning bragging about gasoline declines that he says are biggest in ten years.

The supine incompetence of the Biden administration continuing today may embarrass this corporatist Democrat, but this presidency and Party appear beyond embarrassment.

Few families are cheering the news knowing gasoline prices remain a severe drain on families, though Biden appears not to be aware of this fact.

Jul 25, 2022

Wisconsin's New Qualification for Voting: Physical Ability, Faces Constitutional, Federal-Law Challenge

Lawsuit: Carey et al v. Wisconsin Elections Commission et al (Civil  Case No: 22-402)
Promises Legal-Moral Spectacle

Madison, Wisconsin — Wisconsin Republicans may have overplayed their political hand in their legal war against voting.

Many disabled Wisconsinites believe they may vote, though they need to vote absentee and physically cannot travel to election clerks and drop off their absentee ballots. They believe their voting franchise persists, irrespective of physical ability.

Wrong, say Republicans on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, (not really a Court, just a raw political body, protected by both Democrats and Republicans), in its July 2022 edict-opinion in Teigen v. Wisconsin Elections Commission (Case NO.: 2022AP91). (See Teigen opinion and Teigen case history.) (See also Law Forward.)

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled absentee ballot drop boxes are henceforth illegal and that only voters can return their absentee ballots in person to their clerk’s offices or official designated sites, drop boxes.

If physical ability prevents voters from returning their ballots without help, too bad is the effect of the ruling and a seemingly purposefully provocative statement of interpretation of Teigen from Meagan Wolfe, Democrat-leaning Administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission: "the voter is the one required to mail their ballot," (CBS News-Minnesota).

Disabled Wisconsinites and their supporters say corrupt Wisconsin justices are ignoring federal law and the United States Constitution, citing several Amendments, the powerful Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Voting Rights Act, and other federal legislation. See also Associated Press.

Even Frank Easterbrook, ace Republican operative on the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, is thought to have a tough time [for his future anti-voting moves] with this new scheme to stop voters unpopular with Republicans.

The case is currently before the liberal-dominated U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

The case is Timothy Carey v Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The complaint reads in part:

Some voters with disabilities, including Plaintiffs, require ballot-return assistance and are physically incapable of voting in person on election day.
For these voters, Wisconsin’s absentee-voting program is not just a program available to every Wisconsin voter, regardless of their physical ability.
Rather, it is their only means of accessing the franchise. Unless redressed by this Court, the prohibition on ballot-return assistance announced by Administrator Wolfe will eliminate these voters’ right to vote altogether.
This is unlawful. Federal law guarantees that voters with disabilities enjoy full and equal access to state voting programs and thus that they are entitled to ballot-return assistance. And when a state makes it impossible for some voters with disabilities to vote at all, it violates the U.S. Constitution.
Following the Teigen ruling and Administrator Wolfe’s interpretation of that decision, Wisconsin voters with disabilities are in a glaringly unequal position.
They are prohibited under Teigen from using ballot-return assistance to deliver their ballot in person to the municipal clerk.
Perilous politics

Politically, and for many — morally, Republicans are on thin ice, challenging rights and humanity of fellow citizens, based on their physical ability.

It's okay to impugn, lie, defame and refuse issue dialogue in American politics. From Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden to Donald Trump, descents into politcal malice and inanity are legion.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates some 900,000 Wisconsin residents suffer some kind of disability.

Even as legal forces defending the disabled work to stop other candidates from gaining ballot access, this latest effort of Republicans to stop voters from voting with minimal help of municipal clerks likely will not play legally or politically.

"Rank distortion" of statutes and unsubstantiated rhetoric define majority (Republican) opinion, notes dissent.