Sep 22, 2023

BioSafety Group Launches Search Engine on COVID-19 Origins FOIA Documents is an open-search engine on FOIA-ed
collection of documents relevant to investigating origins of
COVID-19, notes the search engine webpage.

The BioSafety Now research group has launched a search engine that uses keywords to comb through some 75,000 pages of often censored documents the U.S. government has allowed the public to view after FOIA requests. is a "simple (open-search) search engine on the collection of documents relevant to investigating the origin of COVID-19," notes the search engine webpage.

Many of these heretofore government-held documents were obtained through FOIA requests filed by organizations such as USRTK (U.S. Right to Know), The Intercept, and White Coat Waste Project.

The Biden administration has consistently worked to keep COVID-19 origins information secret, and government-funded researchers have systemically mislead the public on COVID 19 origins questions.

This secrecy commitment comes over public-interest groups' and Republican Party objections, as the administration censored and banned Covid 19 information the government and its political allies falsely branded as misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

Sep 5, 2023

Wisconsin Bill Would Ban Pandemic-level Pathogen Enhancements — Narrow Scope Tailored to Augment UW BioMed Work

It is conceivable that Wisconsin's politically eclectic population
may drive the two major political parties together to enact
policy that defines University research as irretrievably connected
to popular sentiment, in the best tradition of the Wisconsin Idea.
Wisconsin Senate Bill 401 bans Gain of function research, research
that "may reasonably be anticipated to enhance the transmissibility
or virulence (harmfulness) of a potentially pandemic pathogen."
Madison, Wisconsin — A state bill that would ban a narrow band of research on dangerous pathogens is proceeding through the Wisconsin Legislature.

Wisconsin Senate Bill 401's (SB401) introduction comes as the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters its fourth year among the human population.

SARS-CoV-2 virus is widely suspected by independent experts to have been bio-engineered in a research laboratory, with ties to the United States, and inadvertently released in Wuhan, China in Fall 2019.

Yet, this recognition remains politically toxic, inhibiting academic and federal policymakers from banning this type of research, Gain of Function, that independent experts think caused the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Biden administration has still failed to institute a 911-type commission on SARS-COV2 origins, though the World Health Organization has convened a team of sorts for the Global Study of the Origins of SARS-COV2, that produced work that has drawn criticism.

Independent experts see the states, exemplified by Wisconsin Senate Bill 401, as friendly terrain on which to codify research-safety measures, transparency, reporting requirements and community right-to-know mandates.

Wisconsin Senate Bill 401 bans Gain of Function research, research that "may reasonably be anticipated to enhance the transmissibility or virulence (harmfulness) of a potentially pandemic pathogen."

Wisconsin Senate Bill 401 indicates potentially pandemic pathogen as defined below.

"Potentially pandemic pathogen means a virus, bacteria, fungus, or
2eukaryotic parasite, or any strain or variant of a virus, bacteria, fungus, or
3eukaryotic parasite, that is any of the following:

4 1. Likely, moderately, or highly transmissible and likely capable of wide and
5uncontrollable spread in human populations.
6 2. Likely, moderately, or highly virulent and likely to cause significant
7mortality and morbidity in human beings.
8 3. Likely to pose a severe threat to public health and safety, the capacity of
9 public health systems, or the security of this state if allowed to spread within the
10 general population.

The United States has seen government censorship and propaganda of media, medical fields and the universities rise to a level resembling wartime government control the last four years, as acknowledged experts have seen chilling impacts.
"A vocal minority within [Virology] field has been knowingly, willfully, and brazenly lying on the subjects of COVID-19 origins, biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management. Dismayingly, the vast majority of the field has chosen to remain silent," said Richard Ebright, Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University, and co-founder of BiosafetyNow.

Post-WW II,  UW-Madison has grown into a major public research institution, that in Wisconsin's popular mind remains a source of pride for multi-generational commitments to benefit society and advance science.

Asked if Wisconsin, should be concerned that 
Wisconsin Senate Bill 401 can harm this commitment, and betray a legacy, Dr. Ebright responded in an email explicitly: "The bill covers only gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens. The covered research has no--zero--civilian applications and represents less than one tenth of one percent of biomedical research at the University of Wisconsin (basically just a part of the research of one faculty member)."

Conduct by the University of Wisconsin-Madison high-security Influenza Research Institute operating in Research Park has come under criticism in a new book, excerpts of which were published in USA Today last Spring.

The book is Alison Young’s Pandora’s Gamble Lab Leaks, Pandemics, and a World at Risk, (April 2023, WHSmith). 

Much of the focus of Young's book is on Gain of Function (GOF) research.

Pandora’s Gamble Lab Leaks, Pandemics,
and a World at Risk, (2023, WHSmith)

The United States House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic has singled out and criticized UW-Madison's bio research recently.

As Wisconsin progressives and community activists eye suspected military-intelligence duel use of
Gain of Function (GOF) research, late Summer reaction of Wisconsin to the proposed Gain of Function ban has been muted and unpredictable.
One thing is certain: Conducting high-risk, 
Gain of Function research has exasperated many independent scientists such as Bryce Nickels, Professor of Genetics at Rutgers University; co-founder of BiosafetyNow.

Arrogance, careerism and even sociopathy appear to drive some research such as
Gain of Function.

Writes Nickels on Twitter in mid-August: "
They knew the risks, and yet they decided to play god anyway. Only thing you could have done would have been to pay them to stop doing the work. They could not be trusted then and can not be trusted now.
We need to ban GOFROC yesterday."

It is conceivable, even likely, that Wisconsin's politically eclectic population may drive the two major U.S. political parties together to enact policy banning Gain of Function research as an acknowledgement that the University of Wisconsin System is irretrievably connected to popular sentiment and safety, in the best exercise of the Wisconsin Idea and UW-Madison's premier public research tradition.


Aug 20, 2023

Covid 19 — 2024 Campaign Looms amid Calls to Shut Down Risky Gain of Function Research That Caused Pandemic

A leading non-profit working for safety in high-risk research
on dangerous pathogens, BioSafety Now, in image above, offers
products it calls The Inconsistent with Evolution collection.
The items mock a comment by Kristian Andersen, professor of
Immunology, who in a leaked communication with Anthony Fauci
stated SARS-CoV-2 genome is "inconsistent with expectations from
evolutionary theory
," suggesting a bio-engineered cause of the
Covid 19 Pandemic, the opposite of what Fauci and Andersen said in
public. After the leak, corporate media leaped to Andersen and Fauci's
In the above image, "a graphic compar(es) the amino acid sequences
of spike proteins from viruses that are closely related to SARS-CoV-2.
The graphic highlights the unique presence of the furin cleavage
site (FCS) in SARS-CoV-2," (BioSafety Now). The furin
cleavage site (FCS) was not found in Sars-like viruses
before the Pandemic, and has been concluded by independent
scientists to point to human bio-engineering.

Lab Leak Blundering; Covid 19 Coverup; Americans Reject Biden Covid Lies

Biden Cannot Afford to Come Clean


Madison, Wisconsin — If you believe 20 million dead; untold health devastation; and $Trillions in economic costs will make Joe Biden reverse course and acknowledge a U.S.-supported Chinese Wuhan lab caused the Pandemic, you likely have not spent much time analyzing American politics, now dominated by corporatist Democrats busily attempting to imprison their leading political opponent.

Even as facts leaked this year show the FBI and U.S. Dept. of Energy confirm a lab leak of a bio-engineered Sars-like Coronavirus [designed to be more transmissible and virulent (destructive) to human beings] caused the Pandemic, these facts are marginalized, mostly hidden by corporate network news and major newspapers that function as state-media propaganda organs to a degree today that may surprise even Noam Chomsky.

Can anyone imagine Joe Biden addressing our country in prime time, admitting he has blocked a 911-style investigation of Covid 19 origins; perpetrated deliberate and massive government lies, all because Biden made the decision that gaslighting-level deception of Americans is in the interests of national security? 'Sure I lied, but it's for your own good?' Won't happen.

Instead, to this day, the Biden administration keeps repeating its colossal Covid 19 origins lie; classifying intelligence demonstrating a lab leak; and mounting against hope the Biden clandestine State effort to control social media through censorship, banning and extortion, now being adjudicated in federal court; likely leading to a spectacular legal defeat next year as the 2024 campaign heats up.

Joe Biden has become the Baghdad Bob of Covid 19 origins; and there is very little our ailing president can do about it at this point, as some two-thirds of American believe a lab leak — a victory, and demonstration of the capacity of most people to see through governments' smokescreens.

Only Biden and elected Democrats, aided by media stooges, maintain against reason their colossal Covid lie, with unanimous Congressional Democrat collusion. Not the squad, Bernie Sanders, any Democrat dares issue even a press release recognizing the Emperor has no clothes.

Meanwhile, a Genetics professor at Rutgers University, Bryce Nickels, has called for the controversial non-profit EcoHealth Alliance to be shut down by federal authorities.

EcoHealth Alliance was implicated by a report (DRASTIC) in 2021 after a report chronicled how EcoHealth sought a $14 Million grant in 2018 from the United States Dept of Defense to bio-engineer SARS-like viruses to make a Coronavirus more transmissible and virulent (harmful), (DRASTIC report), in a manner that nearly replicates the capability and idiosyncratic structure, (a novel cleavage site proposed by scientists, and then discovered some two years later in the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019)).

Wisconsin move to ban gain of function research

The ultimate campaign swing state, Wisconsin, was visited by the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in mid-August, 2023, as Dr. Mandy Cohen made Madison her first stop on a multi-state trip to urge and discuss vaccinations (Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal).
No public reporting on whether Dr. Cohen touched on COVID-19 and the "existential threat of scientific hubris" that has wrought destruction and tragedy (Butler, Lambrinidou, BioSafety Now).

Fortunately, Wisconsin Republicans, with no public Democratic Party support, plan to introduce state legislation that would ban gain of function research.

Gain of function is a high-risk research program on dangerous pathogens — such as Sars-like viruses, Avian influenza virus and Ebola virus — that is conducted, as BioSafety Now notes, "with the expressed purpose of making these viruses more transmissible between humans and thus more likely to cause devastating disease outbreaks," (Bryce E. Nickels, Justin B. Kinney, Richard H. Ebright; BioSafety Now).

Comments on the proposed state legislation, now in the Memo phase gathering sponsors, are reproduced below from an article at BioSafety Now, a non-profit with the mission to "draw attention to the constant threat of research-generated pandemics, through education as well as local, state, national, and international advocacy in partnership with communities who have mobilized or want to mobilize to protect themselves and the future of humanity."

Mark my words, deceit from government is not popular with the Americans people, perhaps even less so in Wisconsin. A presidential candidate vowing to tell Americans the truth has broad appeal in this age of unreason that some call the era of post-truth.

Comments on the proposed legislation that would prohibit institutions of higher education from conducting gain of function experimentation in Wisconsin (LRB-2947)

by Bryce E. Nickels, Justin B. Kinney, Richard H. Ebright
AUGUST 16, 2023

The core mission of Biosafety Now is to help protect the public from the dangers posed by high-risk research on dangerous pathogens. Biosafety Now believes that the public is a crucial stakeholder in high-risk research, and therefore must have a seat at the table in assessing whether the benefits of research projects outweigh risks. If passed, the bill LRB-2947 would establish a role for the public in regulating risky research, would provide critical protections for the citizens of Wisconsin, and would advance environmental justice both in the state of Wisconsin and world-wide.

What would the bill do?

The bill prohibits “gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens” in the state of Wisconsin. Gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens is scientific research that makes pathogens (such as viruses) more likely to cause devastating global pandemics.

Gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens is a very small part (less than 0.01%) of biomedical research.

Gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens is exceedingly risky: one lab accident by a single researcher has the potential to cause a catastrophic epidemic within the local community, which in turn has the potential to seed a devastating world-wide pandemic.

The bill also includes key transparency provisions that require researchers (1) to disclose the location, scope, purpose, and funding source for research on potentially pandemic pathogens, (2) to describe the impact the pathogen will have on the public if there is an accidental or deliberate release, and (3) to describe the measures the lab will take to ensure the pathogen is not released. In addition, currently, most state and local governments have no information on the pathogens research in their jurisdictions, and thus are unable to prepare, equip, and train first responders to deal with laboratory accidents involving pathogens in their jurisdictions.

Taken together, the provisions of this bill safeguard the citizens of Wisconsin (as well as members of the global community) against an existential threat to their safety and provide members of the public with information about what research is being performed in their communities.

What would the bill NOT do?

The bill would NOT impede the development of vaccines or disease treatments. Gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens plays no role and makes no contribution to the development of vaccines or other disease treatments.

The bill would NOT harm the biotechnology sector, either in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the US. Indeed, there are no civilian companies in the biotechnology sector that are pursuing this type of research, or that build on the results of this type of research.

The bill would NOT have a substantial negative impact on the University of Wisconsin. The bill would primarily affect the research of only a single virology laboratory run by a single faculty member.

Why Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin has a specific virology laboratory engaged in gain of function research on potential pandemic pathogens. This laboratory, run by Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka, is well-known in the research community to be conducting some of the highest-risk gain-of-function research in the entire world.

As part of its research activities, the Kawaoka Laboratory genetically engineers avian influenza virus and Ebola virus (both of which have a fatality rate of 60-70%) with the expressed purpose of making these viruses more transmissible between humans and thus more likely to cause devastating disease outbreaks.

The Kawaoka Laboratory has a track record of repeated violations of biosafety standards, repeated biosafety accidents, and repeated failures to inform local, state and federal authorities in a timely fashion.

Aug 9, 2023

Veteran Affairs Rogue Agent Raymond Vasil Is Pariah Among Veterans

The anti-veteran Raymond Vasil, agent for VA Office
of Inspector General sports a 'Don't tread on me" flag in Facebook.
Vasil, a dirty cop chased out of service, taunts veterans
on his Facebook.

VA Agent Says, Don't Tread on Me, to Innocent Veterans

Raymond Vasil is a rogue agent with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General, living on the public dole for screwing over our veterans.

To many veterans' advocates, Vasil is known as, "the idiot with a badge," who lies and defames innocent veterans over the last 30 years.

Vasil was a dirty cop chased out of the Lombard, Illinois Police Dept where Vasil, aka Raymond Vasilopulos, worked between 1990 and 2000, and was cited in multiple misconduct cases in DuPage County, legal filings note. Vasil no longer lists his past employment with Lombard, Illinois Police Dept in his Linked-in page.

Rogue VA agent Raymond Vasil has persecuted and
lied about dozens of veterans after being fired from the
Lombard, Illinois Police Dept in 2000. The lunatic Vasil
sports a the Gadsden Flag,
Don't Tread on Me symbol in his Facebook page.
Screenshot image is above.
So, naturally Vasil joined the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General where this objectively dopey, inadequate personality can have freer reign against innocent human beings.
Raymond Vasil is a veteran-hating, psychopathic jerk working unimpeded, and unsupervised, taking it out in out veterans.

Vasil infamously targeted and persecuted the innocent Navy veteran Keith Roberts of Wisconsin in an investigation in which Roberts was unjustly accused of fraud in 2007.

In one exchange from Vasil’s Grand Jury testimony indicating his knowledge of the VA benefits process, upon which the indictment is predicated, Vasil appears clueless on his familiarity with VA benefit procedures:

Question: “Is that part of your training that you have to know the basics of how these programs work?”

Vasil’s Answer: "Yeah. I was briefly kind of instructed when I was hired, and then just while working for them, you have to learn it to investigate the cases."