Oct 11, 2018

Bernie Sanders Is Coming to Wisconsin to Save Win Against Scott Walker

Bernie Sanders is coming to Milwaukee on Oct 22 to
rally for voting rights in a community targeted by
Republicans with imprisonment, killing and poverty.
Madison, Wisconsin — After eight years of voter obstruction imposed by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Republicans, voter turnout in downtown Milwaukee remains a X-factor, likely determining Wisconsin's next governor.

Contributing factors to recent declining Milwaukee turnout include a malfunctioning voting rights community.

The big question is, as early voting picks up, whether progressives can lift and carry the milquetoast Tony Evers (D) to victory.

Bernie Sanders is in town soon to help.
Even Tony Evers' campaign concedes voter turnout is critical:

Oct 10, 2018

Clean Water Group Endorses David Gorski in Central Wisconsin Assembly Race

Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (R) is a factory farm champ
who runs political interference for the Wysocki corp. proposing
a massive factory farm in central Wisconsin. The clean
water citizen group, Saratoga Concerned, dumped on Krug
and endorsed David Gorski (D), a water warrior.

Saratoga Concerned Endorses David Gorski (D) over Rep. Scott Krug (R)

Candidate Synopsis
Saratoga Concerned
Tue 10/9/2018, 7:55 AM
Saratoga Concerned

72nd Assembly District Race
Candidate Synopsis

Friends and neighbors,

The Saratoga Concerned group does not associate itself directly with any political party.  Our leadership team consists of individuals on various sides of the political spectrum and together we work every day to create a balance within our beliefs and messaging to our supporters.  We believe it is everyone's responsibility to VOTE and now more than ever we also believe it is extremely important to know where your candidate actually stands on the ISSUES and not depend on what you believe their political party once represented.

Over the past 2 months, our Saratoga Concerned team has connected with candidates for the 72nd Assembly District with one sole purpose, to dig deep with questions and make them prove their commitment to protecting and preserving Wisconsin waters.  We understand our supporters have multiple issues that are important to them personally and you need to weigh all the factors before voting. For Saratoga Concerned our one and only focus is the issue of Water.

Our Saratoga Concerned team has poured hours into the candidate questionnaire project, checked and rechecked candidate responses fact-checking information provided and made every attempt to provide a non-biased resource to our supporters regarding where each candidate stands in protecting Wisconsin Waters. Below, you will find our synopsis of each candidate, sharing both positive and negative aspects of their responses.

Scott Krug has been the 72nd Assembly District representative since 2010.   In his early years of holding this position, Representative Krug successfully acquired funds to study and address phosphorus levels within Petenwell Flowage to address the blue-green algae issue.  As Wisconsin citizens watched numerous bad water bills come through our state legislature Representative Krug on occasion made attempts to bring forth amendments to make these bills more palatable to his constituents.   In 2013 Representative Krug formed the Citizens’ Water Advisory group which consisted of local citizens, farming interests, and environmentalist to work together to design an acceptable legislative bill addressing high capacity well pumping in the Central Sands.  Although the intent of this group was positive and proactive the overall progress was not. According to participants, meetings were often disorganized lacking a specific agenda, minutes of the meetings were not published, and in the end citizens did not have input on, nor did they see, a copy of the bill prior to it being brought forth by Representative Krug, resulting in lack of support for the bill by actual members of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee and their associated groups.  In 2017 Representative Krug successfully proposed an amendment and acquired necessary funds, for a hydrological analysis of the Central Sands to study the overpumping currently being allowed.  Although the amendment was accepted into the bill, the actual area currently being studied by the WDNR is much smaller than originally promoted to local constituents.  The High Capacity Well bill itself is horrendous and was highly contested by conservation, environmental, and citizens groups as a whole.  The amendment proposed and passed by Representative Krug, although limited in scope, was a small positive step for the Central Sands and is currently underway.

Representative Krug has made documented efforts to support water initiatives over his time as our local Representative, however, he has also voted AGAINST water protections and in favor of loosening protections.  Just this last legislative session alone found Representative Krug voting to support the following bad water bills that are destructive to our Wisconsin waterways:

    AB105 High Capacity Well Bill - limits the ability of the DNR to address groundwater overpumping and grants ‘forever’ permits for high capacity wells

    Special Session (SS) SSAB1 Exempting Foxconn from State Clean Water Protections - Creating a special district/zone, the bill eliminates state environmental protections for isolated wetlands, navigable streams, and lake beds within this zone. 

    AB547 Removing State Protections for Identified Wetlands - Removal of protections of over one million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin, allowing them to be filled in for development, leading to potential increased flooding in our communities and decreased water quality

    AB499 Industrial Acid Mining Bill -  Eliminates Wisconsin’s “Prove It First” mining law that protects public health and natural resources by requiring mining companies to show a demonstrated track record on protecting water quality before being permitted.

Closer to home, Representative Krug has repeatedly shared that he supports a compromise between the township of Saratoga and the Wysocki organization regarding the proposed CAFO to our community, “With the project in Saratoga, I made my position clear in 2014 and have worked to make sure neither side loses or wins 100% of what they want”.  Representative Krug does not support a limited moratorium on CAFO’s and believes new technologies will solve the pollution problems associated with them.

In conclusion, of the 13 questions posed to Representative Krug he directly answered 7 and received a “non-answer” status on 5 questions for talking around the given subject matter. 

Candidate Dave Gorski is running as a challenger to Representative Krug for the second time.  As a legislative challenger, Candidate Gorski does not have a voting record as an elected official for us to share among our supporters. Therefore our synopsis consists solely on responses received from Candidate Gorski and on documented actions we could verify through public records and accounts.

Candidate Gorski solidly advocated for the protection of our water and the environment which is voiced clearly and openly in his response to numerous questions posed. He is a strong outspoken advocate of the Public Trust Doctrine believing in the State Constitution that the waters belong to all of us. Candidate Gorski states he would like to work with fellow legislators on the problem of high capacity well overpumping of groundwater and believes there is a need for legislation that balances the needs of the citizens and agricultural interest for water usage.  Most importantly Candidate Gorski believes that environmental polluters should pay for the damage done to our environment and compensate the citizens impacted. He is also an advocate of the Great Lakes compact and voices that Wisconsin should honor the Great Lakes Compact using the water withdrawal for residential use and not for business interests as the compact was designed.

Candidate Gorski states many of these issues can be addressed/accomplished by returning local control back to communities and creating the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as an elected position by the Natural Resource Board and removing it as an appointed position by the sitting Governor.

Saratoga Concerned was able to verify that Candidate Gorski works with numerous local and statewide environmental groups.  In 2016 he helped organize The New Peoples Environmental Summit in our local area, additionally, in 2016 he attended the Factory Farm Summit to learn about the impact of CAFO to communities across the country.  In 2017 Candidate Gorski attended the Citizens’ Water Lobby Day at the state capitol as well as attending numerous other water protection events such as Conservation Lobby Day and actively testified and spoke with legislators in Madison regarding water issues and proposed legislation. 

Closer to home Candidate Gorski has spoken out openly against the Wysocki Golden Sands CAFO proposal and supports a statewide CAFO Moratorium on new and expanding CAFOs until appropriate water and environmental protections are in place for Wisconsin citizens.  He actively attends and participates in our local meetings and has a clear understanding of what his potential constituents are vocalizing regarding water and environmental concerns.

In conclusion, of the 13 questions posed to Candidate Gorski he directly answered 11 and received a “non-answer” status on 2 questions for not answering the specific question completely.

It is imperative that we all exercise our right to vote.  It is also important that we step out of our former mindset of being either a Republican or Democrat voter and instead vote the issues.  Our area lakes and streams are in a state of decline and our control over our own environment is being taken away. That makes it all the more important to know what your candidate stands for on individual issues and vote based upon the issue.  Please remember you can access all our previous newsletters at the link provided www.saratogaconcerned.com/newsletter-subscribe.

After thoughtful conversation and reviewing answers provided by both candidates, Saratoga Concerned believes Candidate David Gorski will be the stronger water protector and support his candidacy for the 72nd Assembly District.

Oct 8, 2018

Foxconn Scam in Wisconsin Is Bipartisan, Aided by Democratic Party and Mouthpieces

Scott Walker pro-Foxconn campaign ad in Wisconsin.
Madison, Wisconsin — John Nichols keeps lying about Foxconn in Wisconsin in his new column this weekend.

The Wisconsin political world knows knows Nichols is lying about Foxconn.

But Foxconn has become a lie agreed upon by many in an effort to obscure the pro-Foxconn position of the Democratic Party gubernatorial nominee, Tony Evers.

For a serious discussion of Foxconn and the 2018 Wisconsin general election, see Lawrence Tabak in the American Prospect.

Writes Tabek:

[A]s of yet, [Evers] has not articulated exactly how he would go about modifying the signed contracts and the promised subsidies, nor is it clear that an onslaught of Walker ads touting the thousands of wonderful Foxconn jobs and concomitant statewide economic bounty will fail to sway. After all, which is easier to parse: 13,000 'family-supporting jobs' or 'just thinking' about what a few billion dollars could do if spent on education.

Tony Evers is a weak and less-than-knowledgeable candidate.

Democratic Party allies know this and are scrambling, though the current political terrain is as hospitable to a D-designated candidate not named Obama than in some 10 years.

Nichols' big lies on Foxconn concern the positions of the two major-party candidates for governor — Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Evers (D).

Scott Walker and Foxconn

First up, there is Walker's effort on Foxconn about which Nichols properly lays out the economic and fiscal outlines of the boondoggle, against Walker's crowing Foxconn is an "opportunity to completely transform our state’s economy."

Nichols ascribes onto Scott Walker good intentions that will lead to unwanted consequences, but only because Walker is "clueless" and was "duped" by Foxconn.

Nichols concludes: "The Foxconn deal has always felt like a scheme to help secure the re-election of a governor who has repeatedly stumbled when it comes to job creation — not a serious proposal for the state’s future."

This framing of the Scott Walker project in Wisconsin is ridiculous, though Walker certainly wants to use Foxconn to prop up his reelection.

Scott Walker was not duped by Foxconn.

Foxconn is a serious, intentional proposal for Wisconsin's future — a low-wage economy amid an unprecedented transformation of the legal terrain to benefit Foxconn against all other citizens, communities and businesses, and massive redistribution of public wealth to private interests.

Administrative law, environmental law, Due Process, and all manner of litigation rights have been altered to benefit one legal entity. This obviously begs many questions about the rights of non-Foxconn players: Everyone else in the regulatory and legal systems.

Foxconn as a corporation is conferred by statute and/or contract explicit permission to pollute and deplete public waters, licensed with special rights against litigants in the heretofore neutral state judicial system, and is given one-of-a-kind protection and legal advice by the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources.

Foxconn is a unique legal entity that enjoys privileges far-beyond that of other businesses, non-profits and citizens. This new legal status Foxconn has is not an accident accomplished by a clueless and stumbling Scott Walker.

Foxconn as a super, extraordinary corporate entity was created on purpose and with bad intentions by Walker and Republicans who are engineering corporate rule over the rest of the state.

$Billions for Foxconn is another objective Walker and Republicans have shoved down Wisconsin in a manner that, to any reasonable person, connotes purpose.

Why Nichols and Evers omit the clear aims and objectives of Foxconn is inexplicable, except for the fact Evers maintains his position in favor of Foxconn in the hope few voters notice his duplicity.

Against Walker and Foxconn, Evers couches his support for Foxconn in mush.

Evers' statements about Foxconn consistently echo his commitment while paying lip-service to Foxconn critics because Foxconn is unpopular in Wisconsin, especially in the the northern two-thirds of the state.

Here's Riccardo Torres in the Racine Journal-Times in September:

'It’s a lousy deal, and we’re going to have to hold Foxconn’s feet to the fire going forward,' said Tony Evers.

Evers did not say he would undo or change the agreement with Foxconn if elected governor.

'We can, and we should, compel them to be good corporate citizens,' Evers said.

Gee, it's a good thing Tony Evers is vowing to hold feet to the fire, (wtf does this mean?), and compelling Foxconn to behave as a good corporate citizen.

This tells us nothing about public policy beyond the fact Evers will keep Foxconn.

Maybe Evers will recite the rite of Exorcism: The power of Christ compels, you, Foxconn. Tear up your contract and leave Wisconsin. ... Give us the response, Democrats.

Or maybe Evers has a secret plan to end Foxconn.

State government of, by and for Foxconn is a betrayal.

Tony Evers is complicit.

Oct 3, 2018

Trump Mocks Kavanaugh Accuser as GOP Promises Confirmation Vote

Donald Trump and Republicans will not let credible sexual assault accusations and Brett Kavanaugh's torrent of lies detour his successful Senate confirmation vote.

The Republican Party is a white supremacist, misogynistic, indecent faction of America.

Three Republican U.S. senators will decide the future of liberties, as determined by a rightwing United States Supreme Court.

"[I]f I were a senator, I would vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation. I would do it both because of Ford’s testimony and because of Kavanaugh’s. For reasons I will describe, I find her account more believable than his. I would also do it because whatever the truth of what happened in the summer of 1982, Thursday’s hearing left Kavanaugh nonviable as a justice, writes Benjamin Wittes in The Atlantic.

As the Republican Party looks to pull off a coup, Kavanaugh could have killed and raped people, and Trump, looking to the rightwing for help, would press on.

Sep 30, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Veer into Absurd Comedy

Saturday Night Live is necessary to process the pro-
rape faction attempting a take over of the United States.
Above is a head shot of Matt Damon offering a
brilliant depiction of Brett Kavanaugh's appearance
before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
Meticulous journalism is insufficient to describe the macabre affair of the rapist wanna-be nominee to the United States Supreme Court.

Committed to the state taking away a woman's right to choose, and other liberties deemed threatening to the Republican Party, Brett Kavanaugh's denial of attempted rape before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary left civilized Americans traumatized and outraged.

Saturday Night Live is necessary, truly.
The Intercept has consistently offered the most insightful coverage of Kavanaugh, a partisan and personally repulsive figure, leading America into a land of permanent Republican rule.

Mehdi Hasan writes today on solutions:

Only a new FBI investigation into Ford’s allegations, time-limited to a week, now stands in the way of Donald Trump entrenching a hard-right conservative majority on the Supreme Court for a generation or more.

To be clear, such a majority on the Court would be an utter disaster for women, for people of color, and for the poor. One upside of Kavanaugh’s raw and angry rant on Thursday—he referred to the Democrats on the panel as 'you people,' a 'disgrace,' and accused them of exacting 'revenge on behalf of the Clintons'—is that it exposed the Court for what it is, a partisan on the political battlefield, not a disinterested defender of the Constitution.

So it’s past time for liberals and the left to consider court packing: When they next have control of the House, the Senate and the White House, Democrats should add at least two new seats to the Supreme Court and then fill them, ideally, with left-wing and well-qualified women of color. They could even call it 'court balancing.'

'Pack the courts as soon as we get the chance,' tweeted Indiana University law professor Ian Samuels, the co-host of the popular Supreme Court podcast First Mondays, on the the day Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in June. 'Pack the courts' should be a phrase on par with‘abolish ICE.'

This might sound extreme – but it isn’t. The Constitution allows for Congress to decide on the number of Supreme Court justices. 'There is nothing magical about the number nine,' HuffPost’s Zach Carter observed in June. 'The court was founded in 1789 with just six justices and has included as many as 10, from 1863 to 1866 — when a Republican legislature intentionally shrank the court size to seven justices to prevent President Andrew Johnson from making any appointments.'
Do not believe for a moment that even at this time of maximum peril, the Democratic Party necessarily knows the stakes.

Most, if not all, social questions would be decided without regard to the general welfare and the rule of law. Much of the progress made in the United States in the past 150 years would be eroded, including civil rights, women's rights, workers' rights, and other liberties we take for granted.

Raising Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land is the fulfillment of the Republicans' long game.

As David Brock has stated, "I don't need to see any documents to tell you who Kavanaugh is — because I've known him for years. And I'll leave it to all the lawyers to parse Kavanaugh's views on everything from privacy rights to gun rights. But I can promise you that any pretense of simply being a fair arbiter of the constitutionality of any policy regardless of politics is simply a pretense. He made up his mind nearly a generation ago — and, if he's confirmed, he'll have nearly two generations to impose it upon the rest of us."