Jul 22, 2015

Clean Water Activists Ramp-up Work in Hot Summer in Central Wisconsin

July-August is perfect for recreation and tourism in central Wisconsin, but the area's residents aren't laying back. They're accelerating efforts against a proposed massive industrial dairy farm, or CAFO, (Confined Agricultural Farming Operation) owned by mega-polluter, the Wysocki Family of Companies.

Even as Scott Walker paid off his donors against Wisconsin's interests—gutting protections for the environment and axing science-based deliberations in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Recourse—Wood and Adams county residents are hitting the airwaves and working to put up 100s of more anti-CAFO signs after systemic political vandalism and threats against residents reached a peak this spring.

"These good people are trying to protect their homes and existing lifestyle from this proposed CAFO that would surround their homes with the stink, dirt, noise and water quality issues that come with these huge industrialized farms. Any of us would do the same to protect our own property values, and in fact, those of us living in the surrounding area will be the worse for it if this CAFO is allowed to go through. The odors from the existing CAFO in Armenia can be smelled 11 miles away in Nekoosa. How far away are you from the proposed CAFO?," said Kathy Davis of the Town of Rome in northern Adams County. (Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune)

"The insertion of the [Wysocki] Golden Sands CAFO in Saratoga will negatively impact tourism which is one of the largest economic producers in the county. The county is also set to be home to a top of the line golf resort, Sand Valley, which will be a huge economic boost to the area in recreation and tourism. No project coordinator in their right mind though will build a world-renowned golf course next to a CAFO," writes Joshua Yelle, a native of the region.

On the one hand we see residents, almost universally against the proposed Wysocki CAFO, promoting the area's recreation and tourism attractions, including the under-construction, world-class Sand Valley golf resort (Mal Contends).

On the other hand is Wysocki's CAFO, which would toxify the region, and put up a huge sign for visitors as property values plummet: Stay away.

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