Jul 23, 2015

Scott Walker Heads to ALEC — Corporate HQ of Big, Bold Ideas

The New York Times notes today:
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Huckabee will be among the speakers at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s [ALEC] annual meeting in San Diego, which began on Wednesday and runs through Friday. ALEC is a conservative group with ties to the brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch ... .
The next time Walker says he has a big, bold idea like taking away local government control of communities, or driving down wages for working families, ask Walker where he got the idea.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is so tight with Walker that the group who did groundbreaking reporting on ALEC notes of Scott Walker that he would become "the First ALEC President" in a piece in June.

Walker has been fronting for ALEC for decades.

Notes Brendan Fischer of the Center for Media and Democracy's PRWatch:

After Walker entered the governor’s office in 2011, he quickly pushed many ALEC priority measures 'by request of the Governor.' In his first year, Walker signed 19 ALEC bills into law‬, which went after unions, preempted paid sick days bills, enacted voter ID restrictions, and made it harder to hold corporations accountable in the courts. 
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a neo-fascist, underground movement operating in a media world of make-believe.

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  1. Absolutely. And what do the Democrats do? Repeat his name over and over and hammer on what he's doing. Meanwhile, the voters reelect him because they say, "Why should I vote for a Democrat?" Good question. Democrats stand for something. They need to start telling people, not what they stand for, but why. Then they'll get elected.