Jul 20, 2015

Scott Walker Kick-off Event Bounced Ticket-holder for Signing Recall Petition

A Waukesha, Wisconsin man picked up a ticket to Scott Walker's presidential campaign kick-off event last week.

He walked into the event, was welcomed, and then politically vetted on the spot and asked to leave because he had signed the Recall Scott Walker petition.

His name had been entered into a hand-held pad by a Walker staffer and the pad indicated: Rejected.

Typical Scott Walker: Vindictive and petty.

Chris Liebenthal has the story at Crooks and Liars.

Walker believes he has a warrant from God, (and he has prayed on this, Walker says), for his political campaign, and apparently feels opposing God and Walker is wrong.

Also wrong is opposing any sneak legislation sprung onto the Wisconsin people who don't count as stakeholders in the massive social engineering project Walker is inflicting onto Wisconsin, driving away as many people as possible to Minnesota.

So look for more campaign rhetoric that Walker was and is facing massive opposition in Wisconsin linked with references to god.

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