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Nov 17, 2014

Scott Walker: Time to Hit These Idiots (Citizens) with Taxes and Fees

Maybe Scott Walker can get
the old gang back together
Scott Walker—The tax man

Update: See also DOT: New fees, tax hikes totaling $750 million needed for roads (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Scott Walker did not issue a statement reading, 'the road builders gave me a lot of money, boyo; but he should have.'
Election Day is plus-13 days and Wisconsin is mired in a funk as Winter approaches.

Scott Walker says what better time to stick it to Wisconsin with new taxes and fees.

The list is as long as a Wisconsin winter in Ashland County.

Even as the brain drain accelerates in Wisconsin, Walker pretends to presidential aspirations for his personal financial gain, and criminal investigators in a cowardly maneuver want to torpedo their own investigation into Walker's criminal enterprise during the Recall elections in 2011-12.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin calls Scott Walker "bold" and the object of "affection." That would be Mike Tate, apparently the secret weapon of Scott Walker and the shittiest political operative in the United States.

Feb 19, 2014

Scott Walker Is Naked to the World—Deceitful and Premeditatedly Criminal

Watching Scotty Blow - Esquire
Photo Illustration by DonkeyHotey
via Flickr/Special to The Politics Blog
Reading the machinations of Scott Walker and his close aides in some 27,000 documents is evidently what it took to kill the fiction Walker has a future as a national leader in even the contemporary Republican Party that has off gone off the rails of rational political discourse.

Scott Walker is every bit the Tea Bagger and corrupt bigot so many Wisconsin folks have long regarded him; not just a poor steward of the economy and environment, but a premeditated disaster operative—mean-spirited, petty, hateful and a crook.

"Communication between Walker's campaign and his office was 'very common,' according to a top investigator," reports Sean Sullivan in the Washington Post, in violation of Wisconsin law.

New pieces in Mother Jones, Blogging Blue, The Nation, Democurmungeon, The Political Environment, The Progressive, Slate, Uppity Wisconsin, Isthmus, Caffeinated Politics, The New York TimesMilwaukee Shepherd-Express and of course Charles P. Pierce at Esquire. A second racist email has also been reported in Buzzfeed.

That repulsive bigotry is common in the culture of Scott Walker intimates is no big surprise; this is a guy whose personal friends and appointees embezzle from military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, but hate has a way of continuing to shock the conscience.

Also, breaking is news that Scott Walker's mining terrorirst friend, Gtac's Bill Williams has been indicted in Spain for willful poisoning and breaking of environmental regulations. And the Bad River Band Asks EPA to Stop All Mining Activity in Penokees, a crucial first step in the mandatory analysis of Native American treaty rights.

From Uppity Wisconsin comes an email authored by Scott Walker on the secret e-mail system directing that this illegal medium be used for an official statement:

Scott Walker himself urging the use of non-official accounts to coordinate a
campaign statement

Newly-released e-mails show that the Wisconsin governor may have more of a Chris Christie problem than even Chris Christie. Ruth Conniff and MSNBC have great video on the fall of a sleaze.

Feb 18, 2014

Scott Walker's Embrace of Chris Christie Is a Blight Worthy of a Jersey Swamp

Update: Fort Lee mayor won't cooperate with Chris Christie lawyers who think they're prosecutors --- Scott Walker's rallying around America's most corrupt governor is an embrace becoming rare among Republicans as Chris Christie becomes as toxic as a New Jersey dumping site.

As reported on NOW With Alex Wagner last night, only Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal among Republicans with a national profile have embraced Christie in the face of almost daily reports of corruption, graft and a host of bald-faced lies.

But Scott Walker is not too particular on where he gets his out-of-state money.

Walker is benefiting from another $ six-figure ad buy this week from Christie's Republican Governors Association (RGA) following Walker's steadfast support of Christie over demands that Christie step down as chair of the RGA.

Last week, Politico reported "Walker said he and Christie spoke the same day last month that Christie held his marathon press conference declaring his innocence in the scheme to slow traffic on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retribution. Walker said he believed Christie’s explanation then – that wayward aides executed the traffic jam without his knowledge – and has had no reason to doubt the New Jersey governor since ... ."
Worth noting even Chris Christie is holding a listening session today in New Jersey, a forum that to this day Scott Walker refuses to participate in to face Wisconsin voters. Update: Listening session is postponed due to snow. At least Christie has a reason for not holding this listening session, Walker refuses to even discuss holding listening sessions.

Republicans are fleeing Chris Christie with the exception of Paul Ryan,
Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker

Feb 12, 2014

Scott Walker: I Stand with Chris Christie

Update: One Wisconsin Now notes the Republican Governors Association spent over $15 million on reelection Scott Walker so Walker will not let corruption stand in the way; corruption is the point for him.

Of course you do. Corrupt GOP governors need to stand together.

From Politico:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that Chris Christie should remain chairman of the Republican Governors Association, despite calls from some quarters for the New Jersey governor to step aside in light of the traffic scandal dogging him back home.

Walker said he and Christie spoke the same day last month that Christie held his marathon press conference declaring his innocence in the scheme to slow traffic on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retribution. Walker said he believed Christie’s explanation then – that wayward aides executed the traffic jam without his knowledge – and has had no reason to doubt the New Jersey governor since. ...

Jan 29, 2014

Chris Christie Held 100-plus Town-hall Meetings; Scott Walker: ZERO

Scott Walker denied being
"directly involved" in Walker's
retaliation against college student
Killer piece in the New York Times on the corruption of the Chris Christie administration.

Kate Zernike and David W. Chen paint a portrait of a self-consciously corrupt group of Republicans.

Things got out of hand with Christie's people who got a little too full of themselves, creating an enemies' list and using the machinery of government to endanger the health and safety of perceived political enemies: AKA the people of New Jersey.

Before anyone in Wisconsin yells this sounds like Scott Walker, consider this fact:

Christie held "frequent town-hall-style meetings — more than 100 in four years," Zernike and Chen report.

More 100 town-hall-style meetings in four years.

Scott Walker by comparison has been in office going over three years, and has held zero town-hall-style meetings, and shuns any unscripted face-to-face meetings with the people of Wisconsin which Walker sees as enemy territory.

I mean this is Wisconsin, not the Ukraine and Walker insists on a traveling with a heavily armed caravan of state troopers.

Zernike and Chen write of Christie: "Staff members in the governor’s office created tabbed and color-coded dossiers on the mayors of each town — who their friends and enemies were, the policies and projects that were dear to them — that were bound in notebooks for the governor to review in his S.U.V. between events."

Walker has a list, the Recall Scott Walker list that he uses against political opponents.

Walker is so petty that last summer he appointed and then withdrew the 18-year-old college student appointee to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents after it became public that the student had signed the Recall Scott Walker petition that drew almost one million signatures.

An embarrassed Scott Walker then denied knowing who he appointed in the first place, denied he changed his mind and then denied having been involved in changing his mind.

Walker appears every bit the sleazy character Chris Christie is, but at least Christie faces the people while Walker hides.

Here is some video of Walker first denying, then refusing to answer questions about what he just did.


Told you Scott Walker is a lightweight.

Walker will never be a serious candidate for the nomination for president of his own party.

But at least Christie, whose own presidential aspirations were just destroyed by corruption, faces the people of his own state and takes questions.

Scott Walker hides.

Oct 24, 2013

Scott Walker's Economic Development Corp Takes Hit in National Report

Creating Scandals Instead of Jobs: The Failures of
Privatized State Economic Development Agencies
Mike Ivey in the Capital Times:

A new national report is harshly critical of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. ... WEDC was created by Gov. Scott Walker to replace the economic development duties of the former Department of Commerce, including offering loans, grants and tax credits to private business. But the agency has been fraught with problems, the report charges, including misuse of taxpayer funds, exaggerated jobs claims, conflicts of interest, excessive executive pay and lack of basic oversight.

Jun 23, 2013

Scott Walker's Presidential Run Looks Improbable

From left to right: Tim Russell, Scott Walker and Brian Pierick
"Don't think for a minute that Walkergate or its effect will end ... ." 
I don't believe Scott Walker is going to run for president in 2016.

All Walker is going to do is pretend to run, and suck up as much money as he can from out-of-state interests to defend his abyssal jobs record after unequivocally promising in the 2010 campaign that Wisconsin will have 250,000 new jobs at the end of Walker's gubernatorial term.

As of early Summer 2013, Walker is at some 49,000 private sector jobs, no where near coming close to meeting his 250,000 jobs promise by the end of 2014, with Wisconsin bringing up the rear for job growth among its border states.

Put aside the fact that the national press would look much more carefully than the Wisconsin press has at the machinations of WalkerGate and Walker's aides stealing money from veterans.

Put everything aside that we know about Walker's extremist, Tea Party-crazy ideology, and the growing currency of the Walker image as a petty, vindictive politician.

The heavies in the GOP know they cannot go with this crazy hick—way too much baggage, horrible optics, and the guy is a lightweight. 

See, for example, the shot at the above-right of Scott Walker (center) next to Walker appointees, Tim Russell (convicted of embezzling from veterans) and Brian Pierick (convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a charge of child enticement was dropped in a plea deal).
By June 2011, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney all had announced the formation of their respective presidential exploratory committees, a necessary early legal and political public step toward a formal declaration for presidency.

If Scott Walker were re-elected governor in November 2014, he would be forced to effectively declare his candidacy for the presidency by announcing the formation of his presidential exploratory committee within some seven months after the gubernatorial election.

No, Walker is going to go the way of Sarah Palin—live off the taxpayers, then get out, and grab a job trading in on his extremist posturing and Ayn Rand ideology that trashed the state of Wisconsin.

Apr 17, 2013

Wisconsin GOP Circulating Eight Election-related Bills

The Wisconsin GOP really wants to solve the problem of voters voting the wrong way.

John Peterson has the story on the GOP war against representative democracy, and I wish this were hyperbole, as the GOP currently is circulating eight election-related bills (memos until April 25), as the party of Scott Walker seems to have forgotten Walker's 250,000 jobs pledge, and instead is focusing on rigging elections.

The GOP bills would, as has been noted around the Capitol, eviscerate local control over elections with a host of GOP mandates onto local communities.

For example, the GOP has long systemically lied about voter impersonation fraud.

Yet, the GOP wants to hit early voting (AB 54) in an effort to impede voters in one bill, though this list of early voters in a given election presents an easily verifiable paper trail, and for a hypothetical voter impersonator an indictable record.

The GOP does not care about voter impersonation fraud (it doesn't exist); it cares about obstructing voters in an effort to grab more power over voters and local communities.

This flurry of GOP control over our local polling places continues a rapacious power grab by the GOP, with little editorial comment around the state.

Currently, eight memos are circulating for more GOP mandates and micromanagement of community control of the polling place. Here's one:

DATE:                    April 11, 2013
TO:                          All Legislators
FROM:                  Senator Mary Lazich
RE:          Co-Sponsorship of LRB−0123, equal party representation at polling places

DEADLINE: April 25, 2013 at 5:00PM

Under current law, polling places are staffed by election inspectors nominated by the two major political parties.  This ensures each party has trusted workers at each polling place in case problems arise.

This bill requires, insofar as practical, each party have representation on each specific job within the polling place for each job requiring two or more people.

Please respond to this email or contact my office at 6-5400 by April 25, 2013 at 5:00 PM to sign on to this legislation.

Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau

Currently, polling places are staffed principally by election inspectors.  Unless
a municipality decides to increase or decrease the number of inspectors, there are
seven inspectors at each polling place.  With certain exceptions, the individuals who
are appointed as inspectors at a polling place are drawn from nominations submitted
by the political parties whose candidates for president or governor received the most
votes in the area served by the polling place at the preceding general election, with
the party whose candidate received the most votes entitled to fill one more position
than the other party.

This bill provides that whenever two or more inspectors are required to perform
a function within a polling place and both parties that are entitled to submit
nominees have done so, the chief inspector must assign, insofar as practicable, an
equal number of inspectors from the nominees of each party.

Jan 17, 2013

Scott Walker's Chief of Political Police Targets Veterans

David M. Erwin
Chief of Police
Wisconsin Capitol Police
Update II: Erwin-Walker citations (some 125) against political opponents are being dismissed by the bundle.

Update: Innocent man arrested after Capitol Police mistakenly arrest one black guy, thinking he was another black guy. Capitol Police screwed up the arrest, after which Walker's DoA put out a press release reading in part: "A tragedy was avoided and our Capitol remains safe because of the actions of our officers yesterday." No apology yet from Walker, the DoA or Erwin.

Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin is some piece of work.

Erwin has been shamelessly violating the First Amendment rights of Scott Walker's political opponents since joining Walker's regime as Chief at the Wisconsin state capitol.

Now, Lou Kaye reports, Erwin and his band of go-along police are targeting veterans at a Madison capitol Sing-Along.

Kaye has two videos at the link above.

Erwin has declined to explain the actions of the capitol police in any detail, and has pooh-poohed First Amendment concerns.

Dec 28, 2011

Scott Walker on Fox Draws Groans

Few are buying Scott Walker's line of BS any more.

Few have forgotten that Scott Walker is a scheming, corrupt liar.

This is the same Scott Walker who attests on tape to being willing to sacrifice 1,000s of working families for purely political ends.

Mar 27, 2011

Scott Walker Regime Requires Inattention and Despair from Citizens; They Won't Get It April 5

Update: NRO: "To win, GOP officials say [David] Prosser will need to draw strong numbers from emerging conservative pockets in Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, and Racine counties. If voters from these areas don’t show, but liberals pile into voting booths in Dane County and Madison proper, Kloppenburg could cruise to victory."

There's talk voter turnout in the Spring election (April 5) will be massive, perhaps rivaling the November 2010 election featuring a U.S. Senate and gubernatorial race.

The 2010 general election turnout was nothing to write home about: Half of eligible voters did not cast a vote, giving Scott Walker a 52-47 percent victory that he mistook for a mandate from God.

Still, it beats the typical Spring election, twenty percent turnout in a good year. Citizens tune out.

In 2010, a mere 26 percent of eligible Wisconsin voters cast their lot for Walker with the disastrous consequences that may be averted thanks to the furious and newly politicized Wisconsin families.

But the people who didn't voteor voted for Walker expecting something differenthad what Walker needs: Inattention, apathy and despair. He won't get that this election.

As for policy misunderstandings and expectations, Walker isn't fooling anyone any more. And neither is the GOP stooge, David Prosser.

This time voters are tuned in.

Prosser Equals Walker

The results from 2010 paint an unusual electoral picture.

The two most populous counties, Milwaukee and Dane, gave Walker an electoral thrashing: 61-37 percent, and 67-30 percent respectively. Together, Milwaukee and Dane counties comprise a full 25 percent of the statewide vote.

But that was not enough to defeat Walker though historically a Democrat carrying Milwaukee county with the above margin spells victory.

In the post-Walker-served-three-months political era, the anti-Walker margin will increase in Milwaukee and Dane counties where Walker first launched his blitzkrieg before declaring war on the rest of the state.

In the big statewide race between the Walker-loving, child molester-protecting Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, and the facts-and-law candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg, there is ample cause for optimism.

Consider Fond du Lac, Dodge and Portage counties.

In Fond du Lac and Dodge counties combined, Walker carried 65 percent of the vote. I guarantee you this performance will change substantially for the Walker-supporting GOP hack, David Prosser whom even his right-leaning hometown newspaper refused to endorse.

In Portage county, Walker carried 42 percent. Prosser will not come close to that figure in April.

Sixteen state senators are the object of recall campaigns.

This means in a phrase: People know. They're paying attention and are engaged.

It's what democracy looks like. And democracy is a horrifying image for the likes of Walker, Fitzgerald, Hopper, Prosser, Darling, the whole miserable bunch of autocrats, liars and hypocrites.

Look for the defeat of the Walker-loving David Prosser to herald the recalls of the Republican Eight. Then next year: On to Scott Walker.