Jun 20, 2016

Wisconsin's Scott Walker Refuses Listening Sessions

Scott Walker has left
his suit
Scott Walker's effort to rebrand himself fades like a cottonwood seed blowing across a park as public disapproval numbers persist.

The spectacle of Scott Walker blaming everyone from protesting Wisconsinites to the corporate media for his failure in job creation, comes with Walker's assurance he's now hearing "positive things" from his numerous "listening sessions" held around the state, (Opoien, The Capital Times).

Scott Walker lied.

A problem with this claim by Walker, (contra Gov. Chris Christie), is the fact Walker has held zero listening sessions as defined by answering unscripted, townhall-style questions posed by Wisconsin citizens unvetted for political loyalty to Scott Walker as the price of admission.

Used to be in Wisconsin citizens did not have to declare political loyalty to anyone before they could ask questions of public officials. Now, we live in the age of blacklists and Republican corruption, (Door County Pulse), (Mal Contends).

Walker's definition for a listening session is invitation-only, no press, and no dialogue,(UrbanMilwuakee).

It was no surprise to read a heavily polluting industrialized ag. factory owner John Pagel was invited by Walker to a February 'listening session' propaganda event in Kewaunee and Pagel pronounced himself "impressed" with Walker.

Some of the questions from Walker-vetted guests at the listening session:

What’s good about Wisconsin and your community?

What do you want your community to look like seven to 10 years from now?

And what can be done to ensure that vision? (DeFour, Wisconsin State Journal)
Tough room.

As gleamed from Walker's aborted presidential campaign last year, when Scott Walker offers a non-sequitur as a response to the rare question to which he replies in public, it means Walker has just tried to think on his feet.

Facing rising disapproval numbers, the last thing Walker can deal with now is being seen as incompetent on top of corrupt.

When Walker lies about listening sessions, it would help Wisconsin for the corporate press to report the fact Walker is lying.

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