Feb 10, 2016

Wisconsin Senate Republicans Ban Voter Registration Drives

Update: See GOP Still Tampering with Our Democracy by State Senator Julie Lassa.

Wisconsin Republicans really, really would like it if you would not vote. Leave voting to the Republicans.

Republicans' latest anti-voting rights bill is Senate Bill 295, passed along a party-line vote yesterday.

The bill would "(eliminate) the position and responsibilities of special registration deputies," halting voter registration drives of disfavored citizens, (Legislative Reference Bureau).

SB 295 is being fast-tracked to the state assembly for passage and eventual signing into law by Scott Walker.

Both Wisconsin legislative chambers are gerrymandered to elect Republicans.

Since gaining power in the 2010 mid-term election, Republicans have passed numerous anti-voting laws designed to obstruct minorities, the poor and younger voters from casting votes, and reshaping Wisconsin elections to benefit Republicans.


  1. I think your closing sentence should be amended. 'reshaping Wisconsin elections to benefit Republican Politicians.' The registered Republicans are just as screwed as everyone else, just less aware of it.

  2. This reminds me of when Florida Republicans were fining HS Teachers $1,000 for turning in Voter Registrations after 48 hours, rather than give them 2 weeks as was previously allowed. The Florida Republicans said that was to shut down on "Voter Fraud", when there was ZERO evidence of Voter Fraud ever resulting from submitting New Voter names 2 weeks after they were registered.