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Aug 28, 2009

GOP Buys Up Ron Kind Net-Domain Names

The Wisconsin GOP won't have U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic around to do their dirty work in the 2010 election.

But they don't need him to take the low road.

Here's a sign of the campaign we should expect.

Apparently, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is buying up the Internet domain names to trip up a Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse) run for Governor in 2010.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin's mob has reserved the following sites: ( ( (

What do these guys think they are accomplishing by this cheap stunt?

Is the GOP really that afraid of a fair and open election? Pathetic.

Jun 13, 2009

Assembly Passes Budget; 5:07 A.M. GOP Says NO

Update V: Democratic sources say the members stood together in torpedoing the many GOP budget amendments.

Update IV: State Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison): "After months of public debate and scrutiny, during an incredibly difficult economic crisis, I am proud to say we passed a budget that holds true to our values. This budget makes tough spending cuts, protects working families from tax increases, and preserves our commitment to job growth, health care, education, and public safety." - via WisPolitics

Update III: WisPolitics: Assembly passes its version of the budget after all-nighter. All Republicans vote 'no,' see roll call vote at WisPolitics. On to the Senate where Democrats hold an 18-15 majority.

Update II: The three people cited in the Gallup poll on the leaders of the Republican Party: Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Newt Gingrich top the list with 29%; 46% of Republicans say they can't name a leader or asserted there isn't one.

Remember Linda Blair’s reply to ‘who are you?’ in The Exorcist: "Eno-on-ma-I." Translation: I am no one.

Maybe we should get GOP star Bobby Jindal in Madison to perform an exorcism on these guys. Seems fitting for these nihilistic strangers possessed of strange personalities, mean-spirited inclinations and anti-social tendencies.

Update: 4:59 A.M. and the GOP says ... No.

From the Democratic Convention last night in Green Bay, Tom Kertscher of the Journal Sentinel reports:

‘I don't think anyone knows what (Republicans) are offering’ on issues such as education and health care, [Gov.] Doyle said. ‘All we have been getting from them is the same refusals and the tired political tactics that go nowhere.’ ... As for the budget cuts, 'Wisconsin Democrats know it takes hard work, not playing politics, to go forward,' Doyle said.

At the Capitol the GOP picks off a few Democrats and at 1:00 A.M. Saturday, one could watch Wisconsin Eye and the Grand Obstruction Party blocking the people's budget.

Maybe the budget should include less money for health care, less public education, and more government control over women's bodies. That might shut the Republicans up and get this thing passed.

The GOP is digging its hole deeper. Women, Latinos and working families will not forget.

Jun 12, 2009

Fraidy-Cat Wisconsin Dems

Update: It's 5:54 PM and State Rep Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) is babbling about the lack of "olive branches." C'mon all Democrats, the GOP is just trying to make you look bad. Wake up.

Pick your favorite metaphor: Herding cats, convincing your girlfriend that falling asleep on the couch is healthy, or unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Not easy.

The task of closing the deal with a simple majority of Democrats seeing the big picture and voting for the budget—while telling Milwaukee talk radio and assorted GOP critics to crawl back under their undisclosed rocks—seems impossible at times today, talk around the Capital campfire reveals.

You can bet the Republicans would not have too much trouble lining up their people were the legislative roles reversed.

Glenn Greenwald recently observed that eight years of fear mongering has traumatized "the American national character, turning much of the citizenry into a weak and easily frightened herd, where the mere mention of the word Terrorist -- or Muslim -- sends people into spasms of fear and blind submission."

The same can be said of a handful of Democrats in the legislature who recoil in fear at every angry grunt from the Wisconsin White Party and their shills.

Man-up dudes, there's a party this weekend. You don't pass a budget by 6:00 tonight, you don't even deserve a beer.

Rational Budget Talk from Jonathan Chait

Jonathan Chait injects some reality into the national budget debate—applicable to the Wisconsin budget debate.

Chait, one should note, famously wrote of the early Bush-Cheney budgetary statements: "He's [Bush] lying," and that deficits and mounting debt were sure to follow. Chait was right. And he's right again.

From The New Republic:

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column pointing out how strange it is that President Obama is being blamed for huge budget deficits, when the projected deficits we face are entirely due to policies he inherited. In my column, I cited this paper by the Center on Budget and Policy priorities, which found that Obama's budget would reduce the budget by $900 billion over ten years compared with keeping current policies in place.

Yesterday David Leonhardt of the New York Times took up a similar question. Leonhardt looked at the budget from 2009 through 2012, and tried to figure out what had changed in those years since 2001. He found that the business cycle accounted for 37% of the higher red ink. More than half came from legislation signed by President Bush. Seven percent came from Obama's stimulus bill, and only three percent from his regular budget.

It was an admirable and serious article. A good sense of how serious can be seen in the contrast to a Politico story that ran the same day. Politico concerned itself entirely with the perception that Obama is responsible for the new debt without bothering to explore the merits of the perception. It ran quotes alleging as much (GOP Sen. John Cornyn: 'This was not an inherited situation. This was a matter entirely of this administration’s and this Democratic leadership’s making') without pointing out that the allegation is demonstrably false.

This debate such as it is sounds familiar in Wisconsin political circles with the same malarkey emitting from the GOP and its shills.