Aug 28, 2009

GOP Buys Up Ron Kind Net-Domain Names

The Wisconsin GOP won't have U.S. Atty Stephen Biskupic around to do their dirty work in the 2010 election.

But they don't need him to take the low road.

Here's a sign of the campaign we should expect.

Apparently, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is buying up the Internet domain names to trip up a Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse) run for Governor in 2010.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin's mob has reserved the following sites: ( ( (

What do these guys think they are accomplishing by this cheap stunt?

Is the GOP really that afraid of a fair and open election? Pathetic.


  1. MAL,

    Make a phone call to DPW HQ. Ask them when they purchased in 2004 what they were doing?

  2. If the Democratic Party did this, as you assert, they deserve the same condemnation.