Jun 12, 2009

Fraidy-Cat Wisconsin Dems

Update: It's 5:54 PM and State Rep Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon) is babbling about the lack of "olive branches." C'mon all Democrats, the GOP is just trying to make you look bad. Wake up.

Pick your favorite metaphor: Herding cats, convincing your girlfriend that falling asleep on the couch is healthy, or unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Not easy.

The task of closing the deal with a simple majority of Democrats seeing the big picture and voting for the budget—while telling Milwaukee talk radio and assorted GOP critics to crawl back under their undisclosed rocks—seems impossible at times today, talk around the Capital campfire reveals.

You can bet the Republicans would not have too much trouble lining up their people were the legislative roles reversed.

Glenn Greenwald recently observed that eight years of fear mongering has traumatized "the American national character, turning much of the citizenry into a weak and easily frightened herd, where the mere mention of the word Terrorist -- or Muslim -- sends people into spasms of fear and blind submission."

The same can be said of a handful of Democrats in the legislature who recoil in fear at every angry grunt from the Wisconsin White Party and their shills.

Man-up dudes, there's a party this weekend. You don't pass a budget by 6:00 tonight, you don't even deserve a beer.

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