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Dec 5, 2012

GOP Going Soviet in Wisconsin; Across the Nation

"The three-dimensional map above by Princeton
Professor Robert Vanderbei displays votes
county by county, using purples, instead of just blues and reds.
The creative display of his z-axis also provides a visual sense
of how many voters turned out in the locations.
As Kyle VanHemert's article,
'Infographic: A 3-D Map Of Where Votes Were Cast Most'
at Fastcode design explains:" '... In metropolitan areas, columns
shoot up like neon skyscrapers; in flyover country,
it's typically more of a low-rise affair.'" [Democratic Strategist]
Update II: Walker backs down, reverses stance.

Update: Scott Walker now says he meant "job creation," not ending same-day voter registration in his recent public statement. Easy to confuse the two, Scott. There's politicians, and liars and then there's pathological liars. 

After having gerrymandered the states to the furthest extent possible to elect Republicans; having obstructed (often stopped by the U.S. and state constitutions) the votes of millions, now Scott Walker and his conspirators in the Wisconsin legislature announce their intention to end same-day registration on voting day, urging other states to follow.
In Pennsylvania, likely to be followed by other states, Republicans want to change the Electoral College rules now that Republicans appear to have little chance of ever carrying this state on popular support.

Notice that Republicans are not calling for a new scheme that would give the presidency to whomever might win the most votes nationally.

Feb 13, 2011

On Gov Walker and Political Lies

Update: Stop Gov. Walker's anti-democratic, anti-family power-grab!
Here's the Big Five Republican lies:
  • Working families with a state employee are responsible for budget deficit
  • Collective bargaining for working families is responsible for budget deficit
  • Wisconsin seniors, rural citizens, blacks, browns and working families are engaged in massive voter fraud
  • Modest population growth (same number of congressional seats now as last 11 years) requires radical realignment of all Congressional, State Assembly and Senate districts in a scheme that just happens to favor Republican incumbents [you'll hear more about that beauty in the coming months]
  • The University of Wisconsin system needs to be run by a bunch of Republican politicians
Gov. Walker, when you target Wisconsin working families because they don't like your politics, you use the machinery of government in the same manner as Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy.

Knock off your political paybacks and political lies. Get back to the economic state of emergency for Wisconsin working families that you told voters is your top priority.

Wisconsin citizens do not owe you and the Republican Party political allegiance. We can vote for and work for whomever we damn please. It's called: Democracy.