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Dec 5, 2013

Koch Brothers, ALEC Are Political Sociopaths

Right as Dr. James E. Hansen introduces readers to a new report on Climate Change [in sum it does look good for our grandchildren], comes a report that the Koch brothers-funded ALEC plans legislative assaults including "proposals from six different states for cuts in public sector pensions, campaigns to reduce the wages of government workers and eliminate income taxes, school voucher schemes to counter public education, opposition to Medicaid, and a campaign against regional efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change."

See also New Guardian Docs Show ALEC Misled Press, Public.

Feb 3, 2013

Scott Walker: The Phantom Governor

Used to be in Wisconsin, listening sessions and facing the people of Wisconsin was an acknowledged duty of elected officials.

Failure to adhere to this political ethos likely meant you were voted out.

For example, in Wisconsin's second congressional district, we lost Rep. Robert Kastenmeier (D-Madison, 1958-1990), a truly great public servant but one who didn't spend enough time in the district.

Now, comes Scott Walker.

And a new manner of disengagement, and embrace of anti-public billionaires like the Koch brothers, Diane Hendricks and AIG's Hank Greenberg. The Wisconsin people?

Ignore them, says Scott Walker.

Walker has transformed the Wisconsin Office of the Governor page into a personal propaganda sheet.

Walker jets around the country, this weekend in Nebraska, ignoring the Wisconsin people.

Walker refuses all non-scripted encounters with the people.

Walker refuses press conferences.

Walker has set records for jetting around the country raising money from out-of-state monied interests.

Walker's administration actually sends armed police to the homes and workplaces of Wisconsin citizens to issue citations for singing in opposition to selling out our state.

Walker stonewalled the Milwaukee DA's office and forced a criminal John Doe probe.

Walker maintains a criminal defence fund but won't face the Wisconsin people to explain.

Walker's top aides have been convicted of stealing from military veterans.

One can go on.

The question remains how long can Walker get away with this?

How about coming back from Nebraska, cut back on your time out of Wisconsin, and talking straight with the Wisconsin people?

We deserve nothing less.

Apr 18, 2012

Scott Walker Keeps Sucking up Koch Brothers Money Out-of-state

Scott Walker = John Doe
Update: Koch gives another $1 million to pro-Walker GOP group

What's good for the Koch brothers is not necessarily what's good for Wisconsin.

But Scott Walker continues to jet around the country at Koch brothers-funded institutions, taking out-of-state cash to make TV spots to lie to the Wisconsin people.

The Capital Times reports:

In recent months, he has traveled to California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and other states to address Koch-tied groups
No apologies from Scott Walker. No explanation for why he is not in Wisconsin talking to the Wisconsin people. Just a whole lotta money.

Scott Walker's "personal time" must be getting even higher than before. One Wisconsin Now made a state open records request, and discovered Scott Walker is on a schedule akin to permanent vacation on the taxpayers' dime—make that permanent personal time.

Walker can only hope at this point to keep out-of-state, get as much money as possible, fund his recall campaign and criminal defense fund; and if more news breaks on Walker's criminal dealings, Walker can always keep whatever money he doesn't use in his campaign fund and use it for whatever he wants.

Feb 12, 2012

Running on a Mandate Is Small-d democratic in Wisconsin

Kathleen Falk
Rejecting the Scott Walker politics of dropping "bomb(s)" on Wisconsin citizens and strong-arming secret agendas onto our families, Kathleen Falk comes out and makes a pledge and seeks an electoral mandate.

That's representative democracy. 

In fact, the Wisconsin Recall movement is precisely a demand for representative democracy and a challenge to secret agendas such as Scott Walker's and his many power grabs and deals on which he refused to campaign, knowing he would never obtain an electoral mandate from the Wisconsin people.

GOP writers reject Falk's open approach to campaigns and public policy. "Personally, I tend to hew to the philosophy that the fewer hard-and-fast pledges a person makes, the better," writes the State Journal's Chris Rickert.

That's Rickert's right, but it sure isn't democratic.

A more democratic notion of candidates' seeking office is running on clear and open agendas, obtaining electoral mandates, and then governing for all the people.

There may be several excellent candidates running to replace Scott Walker. Rejecting his secretive and corrupt brand of electoral politics is precisely the first step in moving forward.

Jan 14, 2012

Koch Brothers State Sen in Wisconsin Gets Recalled

Fitzwalkerstan - Used to be Wisconsin

The organizers of a recall drive against Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald say they have gathered enough signatures to recall a major Koch Brothers ally. They held a press conference Friday.

One local citizen, Lori Compas of Fort Atkinson, started the recall against Fitzgerald on her own, working so hard that the effort became the perfect companion story to the successful recall of Gov. Scott Walker, to be announced Jan. 17.

By Giles Goat Boy

Recall organizers still have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to increase their margin to help fight off any challenges from Fitzgerald.

This is the one they said couldn't be done. The Democratic Party and United Wisconsin both passed on this opportunity, so one local citizen, Lori Compas of Fort Atkinson, started the recall against Fitz on her own.

For more go to

UPDATE: Go here For good background on how wedding photographer Lori Compas and her dedicated volunteers pulled off this major shocker.

I grew up in Fitz's district. My parents still live there (and signed the petition!) Let me assure you, this was no easy task. Fitzgerald was considered to be in one of the safest Republican districts in the state. The anger is real, my friends. The anger is real!

And the recall is real, Senator Scott Fitzgerald. You dismissed it, you laughed it off, now you are flailing about filing frivolous complaints with the election board claiming they got the deadline wrong. Save it, loser. Time for you to hit up your out-of-state corporate sponsors for some campaign donations. The days of FitzWalkerstan are numbered.

UPDATE 2 (hat-tip stcroix cheesehead): More from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I love this part:
Fitzgerald filed a complaint with election officials Thursday arguing the collection of signatures must end Friday, rather than Saturday, because recall organizers have just 60 days to gather signatures.Election officials -- backed by the state Department of Justice -- believe signatures can be collected through Saturday because the 60-day clock did not start to tick until Nov. 16, a day after Compas registered her committee with the state and began collecting signatures.


"That's a kid not winning Monopoly throwing the board up at the end of the game," said recall volunteer Sarah Hammer, a Fort Atkinson nurse.
UPDATE 3: Just returned from the noon Solidarity Sing Along that we have been holding every weekday at the state capitol since March, 2011. As is our custom on Fridays, we sang outside today. It was a balmy 20 degrees with brisk northwest winds and a light snow. Lori Compas was still in Madison after her press conference and stopped by to give us the news personally. From where I stood, she looked to be about 5'3" tall and maybe 110 lbs. Charming and polite, too, but obviously as tough as anyone in Wisconsin this past year. Her voice was a little raw, but we heard her loud and clear and gave her a sustained chant of "Thank You! Thank You!" Here is video of Lori at the Sing Along:

Meanwhile, a lifelong Republican also spoke at Friday's press conference: